Are there any good testosterone boosting stuff at VitaminShoppe or VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: Are there any good testosterone boosting stuff at VitaminShoppe or VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: I have been doing a lot of research on steroids and PCT for about the last 2 months and I am now ready to start my first cycle. This is what I was thinking about for my 1st cycle. Please give me any suggestions if you think I should change something or add anything. I am really looking to just put on lean muscle and shed some lbs. Should I add some test pro to this cycle?.

Week 1-6: 40mg ed of Anavar.

80-100mcg ed of Clenbuterol - 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

PCT: Day 1: 300mg Clomid.

Day 2-7: 100mg Clomid.

Day 8-14: 50mg Clomid.

Please give me some suggestions on this..


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Your question was: Are there any good testosterone boosting stuff at VitaminShoppe or VitaminShoppe?.

The PCT is not long enough but then the doses are a little high for a var cycle with such low will see very little from 40mg of Var a day as a man.....

I assume you have choosen Var because it has low side effects this is true it is not as harsh as some other orals but in the same light it is much milder so the doses should be raised I would go up to 60-80mg ed....

Please do not link to sites that sell prescription meds...

Comment #1

Yeah, the reason I am doing Clen and Var is because I am just looking to put on lean muscle and harden up. I would not be opposed to adding some test into this cycle as well. Can someone give me a suggestion for a cycle that includes Var, Clen, test...and then what the appropriate PCT therapy should be??? Any help would be great. Thanks!..

Comment #2

Var is good if your stacking it with another compound IMO, unless you compete or are ripped to feck then var wnt do alot for you, especially at that dosage, also your pct needs to be longer, even if it's only an oral course...

Comment #3

Getting hard is diet related you can diet and drop fat on any type of test I am thinking you are trying to harden the physique(dropping fat) by steroids and not thinking abpout either diet or cardio......

Comment #4

Test E would be good to add in for a first cycle..

Comment #5

Even in my best shape there is some fat on my body that I just can't get rid of (lower abs). Plus I have been hitting a plateau in my workouts. I am looking to make some gains and lean up. I know how important diet and cardio is. I used to wrestle in college. Never touched the stuff, I have quite a few friends who have had great results with different cycles.

I am not looking to get huge. I have a big frame already. I just want to lean up and get stronger. If anyone thinks that doing a cycle will not accomplish these goals, please let me know. I just want advice since it's my first time.

I just want some sound advice on adjusting a cycle. Thanks again...

Comment #6

Without sounding like a wet blanket,unless youre at youre gentetic potential doing a cycle aint the answer..

Do a cycle by all means but not just cos you`ve it when youre into PB territory-sort youre diet and training out and you`ll get far better gains from the cycle.

Dianabol 1-4 weeks.

Test e 1-12.


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