Are there a lot of Asians on

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My question is: Are there a lot of Asians on

My 2nd question is:  .

Throughout the five years my fiance and I have been together, we've been able to see eye-to-eye 99% of the time.  Although we do disagree about certain things just as other couples do, we don't ever fight about anything because we're so rational and can at least see where the other is coming from..

Being avid outdoors-y people we have many common interests and would rather spend our time together doing something outside, or at least doing something together.  I have never been a fan of video games because they promote violence, they encourage lazy habits, and in my opinion they're a complete waste of money and time..

My fiance bought an XBOX 360; something that really surprised me considering the man he's been over the past 5 years- I never knew he could have ever become a "gamer".  Now, there is significantly less 'us' time, he's not as active, and I am afraid of what else the future holds.  The subject matter of the XBOX has caused many unsettled arguments; something we never used to have.  All I can say now is that I truly miss him and the possibilities of what this game system is going to do to him (even more, to us)..

I would prefer he take back the damned thing but I refuse to make him give up something he loves, no matter how much I despise it.  How can I suggest meeting half way or making a compromise?  I don't want to schedule playing times because he's not a little boy, but I can't seem to think of anything else...

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How long has he had the Xbox?  It's possible that if it hasn't been very long, he'll tire of it eventually and spend less time on it..

In any event, I would approach it from the other direction...rather than asking him directly to limit the time he spends playing video games, focus instead on agreeing how much time is reasonable for the two of you to spend doing things together.  Then let him decide how he spends his personal time (as opposed to couple time)..


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Not everybody who has video games becomes addicted to them. When you're not doing things outside, you must have some things that you like to do to relax like read or watch TV. I do agree that if all he ever did was play video games & never talked to you it would be a problem, so maybe you do have to come to an agreement about how much time he spends on video games as opposed to time spent doing things togetherdon't make it about video games per se. Try to get a compromise about how much alone time each one of you needs or wants...

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Sorry to disagree with another poster but it's pretty doubtful he'll tire of the Xbox any time soon, maybe only until the next game comes out but probably not permanently.Does he know how you feel? How many hours a day does he spend on it? When he's playing, does he ignore you completely? I don't think it's reasonable to come up with a compromise for how long he spends on the xbox. His time belongs to him alone. However, if you want to get results, you might want to try tackling this from a different angle. If you try to approach this problem by essentially telling him "I want to manage your time for you, we need to compromise about how much time you spend playing games" then he will feel belittled and mothered. BUT, if you have something specific in mind that you would like to do together, that is a different story. You may get a better response by coming up with ideas of things to do together. This also assures him that you want to spend more quality time with him, rather than simply getting angry that he's paying attention to something else.If you work with specifics, you may get results...

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My ex bf got a Wii and for the first month or so they were inseparable. By three months he barely looked at the thing. It really just depends on the guy...

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The thing is though, the Xbox is a totally different console. It's targeted to a different audience with different kinds of games. Yeah maybe it depends on the guy but XBox games are way more addicting especially if you play online...

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