Are the scales at VitaminShoppe accurate- the ones in front that you pay 50 cents?

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My first question is: Are the scales at VitaminShoppe accurate- the ones in front that you pay 50 cents?.

My next question is: Any help would be appreciated!.

I have some deca-nan to start as a first cycle..

Due to the work patterns I do away from home I can only do a 4 week cycle when I'm home..

Im 23 and been training for 6 years,I know how to eat and train hard..

I was just looking for a little boost without contaminating my liver with strong pills..

I was thinking of running deca-nan for 4 weeks at 600mg a week,400mg (2ml) on the monday and 200mg (1ml) on thursday..

Ive read about the sex drive side with this but know a few people who say it increased theirs..

Even if you guys dont fully agree with this type of cycle,will it do me any harm to run it..

If I do it what pct will I use and when would I start..

Much appreciated..

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Your question was: Are the scales at VitaminShoppe accurate- the ones in front that you pay 50 cents?.

Yes mate your quite right, so take your last injection on the day you go away. I don't think PCT will be needed for such a short course. Have some Nolva on hand just in case you get itchy nipples...

Comment #1

Thanks alot mate!.

I will give it a go and see!.

But in future,what would you recommend for a short course like this?.


Comment #2

Imo there would be no point in running deca for 4 weeks it will just hit your system and you will be off it.

You may as well just run dianabol..

Comment #3

I've run a short Deca only course..

Gained 9lbs an only lost 1lb of that when I came off..

If it were me, in this situation, I would do 200mg EOD..

Or if you have a 10ml vial (at 200mg/ml) then I might look at Mon, Thur, Sun, Wed, Sat, tue, Fri, Mon, Thur, Sun..

This give 10 evenly spaced shots over a 4 week period..

At the end of the day, if 4 week cycles is all you have to work with then you just gotta make the best of it..

Just give it a try and keep an track of the progress you make...

Comment #4

I didn't think deca gyno would be cured by tamoxifen. Deca is a 19nor steroid and gyno would be caused by prolactin not estrogen. Correct me if I am wrong but that was my understanding of it...

Comment #5

Thanks alot guys!.

I'll do what neil suggested!Ive got 12 shots so maybe start with a 400mg shot and end wth a 400mg shot!.

Thanks again!..

Comment #6

Your correct tam25..

Nolva on cycle will excacerbate sides from 19nors (deca).you need caber or letro as a precaution or if you think you may be prone to gyno. Better to keep it at bay than treat it when it flares up imo. Even though you are running it for only 4 weeks deca is known for shutting you down hard so a good pct will be required I think.

Think 4 weeks is way too short for an injectable cycle but if thats what youve got to work with I would try and get your hands on a shorter ester test, like test prop or if your set on deca then npp. When anyone asks about deca only cycles I always remember this one comment, think I read it on here..

"You may be familiar with the term 'Deca d1ck'?It is what happens when your wedding rifle is reduced to the size of a 2.99 cap gun from Pound stretcher!".


Comment #7

Thanks for the comments!.

When you say it will shut me down,even on a short course.

So do you think I should run 20mg of nolva for the 4 weeks I'm taking!.

What about tribulus and stuff?any of that help?.

In future,would suss be a better option for a 4 weeker at 500mg per week..


Comment #8

Test prop would be the better option. As long as you don't mind alot of pinning...

Comment #9


The only thing with test prop is the hairloss issue..

What can I take to combat that?.

What dose of test prop for 4weeks and what and when pct?.


Comment #10

Sust is just a blend of test so hairloss would be an issue, I have a thick head of hair and there is no hair loss in my family so never really looked into the hair loss thing that much...

Comment #11

Is there anything I could run beside deca-nan to prevent shutdown?.

I was thinking of biotest tribex?..

Comment #12

Fresh dog, dont run the nolva on cycle, save it for pct. Any anabolic compound will shut down your natural test production, but deca is known for shutting it down hard, thats why a good pct is needed. Something like the following would be suitable starting 3 weeks after your last shot..

Wks 1-4 Nolva 40/20/20/20 (dosages to be taken ed).

Wks 1-4 Clomid 50/50/50/50.

Also I would run HCG 500iu x 2 per week, two weeks prior to pct and two weeks into it.

For future cycles as I said previously I would run test prop cos it is a shorter ester and gets into your system a hell of alot quicker, only thing you have to inject every day. As far as your hairloss concerns, run finasteride (propecia) along side the test at 1mg per day and you should fine. Would dose the prop 75mg per day and for pct nolva/clomid using the above protocol will be ok..

Have you started the deca cycle by the way?..

Comment #13

Thanks for that richtries!.

No I cant start it till I get home again,which will be next month!.

If I can get the deca nan to a friend then I will buy test prop instead!.

The test prop which I can get is 100mg shots,would one of these do eod for 4 weeks?cheers..

Comment #14

Ive just read that propecia is legal and fda approved,.

So may I ask where the cheapest place to get it is??.


Comment #15

Is there baldness in you family? If not don't worry about hairloss...

Comment #16

Im starting to go already,wouldnt mind posponing it for a

Comment #17

Prop is best shot ed, keeps blood levels stable thus less sides. If you shot 100mg eod that would be a total of 1500mg over a 4 week period, thats not enough. Depends how many cycles and your stats but you could shoot ed for 700mg per week. Not sure best sources for fina??..

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