Are the Medifast eggs any good?

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I like the Maryland Crab Soup and Beef Stew but haven't tried the eggs or Minestrone Soup...can anyone tell me if they're good or not? Thank you..

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I don't really care for the Minestone soup but that is just me. I haven't tried the eggs yet...

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I like the eggs! I use them when I want a big breakfast but don't want to use my all my LG. I'll make a veggie omelet with them. There are also some recipes on that board that use the eggs. Order a box next time and give them a try. I try to order one new product with each order...


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I tried the eggs. I HATED them. I don't know if there's any way to doctor these up (I tried LOTS of no avail). But each to their own. I do fess up - I did microwave them, which is probably my mistake. But to each their own...

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I agree - I HATE THE EGGS !!! I have 3 boxes of them - Don't have a clue what to do with them !!..

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I only use the eggs for recipes ...I tried them but just couldnt handle them...there great when you make the flat bread tho now I use them only for that : ) As for the soups I love the Maryland Crab ..The minestrone and the Beef stew you really need to soak for awhile or it's to crunchy ...Good luck..

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The eggs are really good. You just have to make them a special way. Make them the night before, that is mix them, the night before. Put them in the fridge. Then when you cook them in the morning, either in the microwave or on the stove (which is best!) they will have a consistency more like eggbeaters. The grainy, gritty taste is gone. Play with them, but be willing to eat what you make! This stuff is too expensive to waste!.

Also, I usually just do them as a scrambled egg, then add FF cheese on top and/or salsa. I think they taste just like eggbeaters, then.

Good luck!..

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How do you make the flatbread with the eggs?????????.



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My daughter thinks they stink up the whole house something fierce...but they do taste like the egg beaters. Since they are a Medifast meal I would utilize them by doctoring them up if you don't care for egg beaters. I just bought some laughing cow cheese from Costco yesterday (RF) so I plan on putting that and some hot sauce on my eggs for lunch. I should saute up an onion but it will cost me a condiment or veggie. I'll check into it a little better...

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What are recipes for the flat bread with the eggs?..

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Take any cream of - soup, mix in 3T of eggbeaters (or Medifast eggs, I guess) and 1/4 tsp of baking powder. Mix in a bowl to smooth consistency and then nuke for a minute and a half. The bowl you use will dictate the shape- I use a small soup bowl and it comes out english-muffin shaped. Slice in half and add whatever -.

Add a T of water and spread out on a plate - microwave for 2 minutes and you'll have a flat bread like a tortilla wrap. Cook another minute (watching carefully!) and you'll have chips..

MF eggs? I like them - they have to sit for a while to rehydrate. I found mixing like hell just didn't cut it. I'm happy with the microwave method, or making an omelette stove-top. Very similar to eggbeaters...

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I love the eggs. Just plain ol' eggs by themselves. You have to let them sit for a while after mixing (at least 10 or 15 minutes, I'd say) to get the graininess out of them. I always cook them on the stove with some butter-flavored Pam. Then add salt and pepper. I think they taste like real eggs!..

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I have the eggs everyday for breakfast and sometimes for another meal as well (if I'm in the mood for 'food' instead of sweet). I mix them up ahead of time, leave them in the fridge for at least a 1/2 hour, cook on the stovetop in a pam sprayed pan. I spray with some 'I can't believe it's not butter' spray when they're nearly done and serve with a RF Laughing Cow wedge and some Pace salsa, I think they're very good this way, hope you do too!.


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I like them. I mix them in the MB along with a little Garlic Garni (I use the low sodium one) and Molly McButter and let it sit in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes. Spray the pan with PAM and cook them up like regular eggs...

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I love the eggs. A little can't believe it's not butter and a dash of salt and some pepper. I could eat them for every meal!..

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I like the eggs.... add a little seasonings and some egg beaters to fluff them up. They work great for me on the run!..

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I had the eggs this morning. I thought they were ok for a change. Next time I make them I am going to use part of my vegetable servings and have them with mushrooms...

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I also find the eggs OKLet them stand a bit before cooking and doctor them up with herbs or chopped veggies and s&p. I can't stand the minestrone and thank goodness it's now being discontinued!..

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Don't waste your money on the eggs! They are NASTY!!!..

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The eggs by themselves are horrible. But, what I do is make them about 1 hour before I'm ready to eat them to let them soak AND I add a half cup of Egg Beaters to them. I also add some onion powder and some Molly McCheese to them and scramble them in a pan with some Pam. And if I want an omelet I will add a slice of Veggie Cheese (soy product found in the veggie section of your local store) and some fresh spinach, green and/or red peppers. AND, I have some Morning Star Farms veggie bacon slices that are mighty tasty! I take this extra off my lean portion for the day also..

I have this every Saturday and Sunday for breakfast as that's the only time I have to fix myself a "real" breakfast...

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