Are prescription weightloss meds better than ones from VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: Are prescription weightloss meds better than ones from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Can you guys help me out!!! iam not gonna mention any sites but could you guys give me a good source to get ma gear, I have seen a site mentioned on here and was gonna try but after looking at a few more sites, it seems that site has now been classed as a scam, or they get there stuff but is fake gear..

Wot are the things to look out for when buying from sites online.

Thanks for any help much appreciated..

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Your question was: Are prescription weightloss meds better than ones from VitaminShoppe?.

You cannot ask for sources on this site please do not do it again...

Comment #1

I wudnt buy online, why risk getting bunk gear or it not turning up.... try and find someone who can get good gear local :P..

Comment #2

Agree with cocobench. Maybe you should try and be friends with some of the "big" guys in your gym. If they do these things then I am sure they will help you ang give you some advise as well...

Comment #3

Good advice Bro.... Remember always come back and ask though, never belive what people tell you about gear till you reasearch, no matter how big they are!.

I know 21stone BB that use so much gear, and no feck all about AAS..

Comment #4

That's correct without having much knowledge on the subject (I do not do stereoids) I believe that whoever wants to start they should do their own recearch first as they are so many products available on the market and each work different depending on the weight, height and age of the person who wants to try. Please correct me if I am wrong on this!..

Comment #5

Correct ....

Never belive the "Hench" Guy In The Gym!.

AAS is Not miracle drugs, they do work but only if done correctly, thats why I'm here to help out, any questions dont be afraid to ask, if I dont know the answer then I'm sure I know someone who does..

Comment #6

The guy who I used to goto the gym with was my source and he supplied every one in the gym, but I have not seen him since he moved and he now uses a different gym,.

I train at a community gym which has been refurbd with a great free weights part, but you dont get many big poeple there, my guys was proberly the biggest he was even supply the guys that work there, buth since ive been looking online I came across this site thats sells ruffly the same stuff at the same price,.

Like cyp he use to get me made by la pharma not many over sites have this made by la pharma and I use to get the 10ml for the same price it is no this site, and he could get me sus n deca each vail is the same price on the site iam looking at, 100 tabs r same price too,.

The site am looking at has been mentioned on this forum, if you look you will find it, the guy in the thread said the stuff was real but it was back in 2005 so a lot could have changed since then, iam jusdt gonna try and see how it goes,.

To the mods - would it not be possible to put up a scammers list,.



Comment #7

You said that you used to buy from a guy in your gym. Don't you have his contact details? I think is best to buy from someone you know and you can trust!.

I think the mods say that posting sources is not allowed, but I believe Boyley's suggestion is great. Maybe the mods could put a section where people who have been scummed in the past can post the address (only the proven scum address) so that others will not have to go through the same. I am sure if this can be done or if it's against the rules but it would be a great suggestion!..

Comment #8

This could not happen incase someone tryied to use it to get back at someone, false allegations of scamming.....

Comment #9

True, sometimes it can be tricky whether someone's lying. But imagine if you have 20-30 or more people saying that they have been scammed from a certain website. I don't think all of them will be lying. That means even when people post their scum sources it would be down to each individual to think and act accordigly...

Comment #10

[quote=tassos81;237259]You said that you used to buy from a guy in your gym. Don't you have his contact details? I think is best to buy from someone you know and you can trust!.

The guy was going out with my best mates sister, but they split up and hes moved out of the area, but ive since been told is stuuf is not theat good I should stick to another type gear, as I had a few problems with the la pharma stuff, I want to find my own source so I can get bulk order (full cycle) another thing my guy didnt like doing was buy it all at once. il just keep trying till I find a good source but it will cost a few along the way.....

Comment #11

Ok, then I am sure people who know these things will give you a proper advise in terms of what you should be using.

From what I have read though, I don't think people are allowed to give you sources as this is against the rules of the site.

They can though suggest you the correct gear for you and I am sure they will do!..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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