Are hot dogs allowed in Medifast diet?

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I want a hot dog bad can one be??? ( besides the na++).....

Will having one really hurt and how would one count it???.

Thanks in advance..

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Not on plan, you don't need it. Nice to want, but I want to reach goal more than a hot dog. What do you really want? Do you want to be on plan and successful or do you want to give in to every crave or desire? What's important in your life? Your decision. I've made mine...

Comment #1

Me too! I wanted a hot dog so bad...especially since the weather is warm and everyone is grilling outside!!.

I asked Nutrisystem and they said NO....boooo! No to even turkey dogs, chicken dogs (chicken sausage) tofu dogs...every single one! I guess the nitrates and sodium are high. But if you ask me those soups are so salty they have to be high in sodium!.

I guess it can wait until I reach goal!..

Comment #2

I used to work for Kraft Foods and I can tell you, once you've seen what goes into hot dogs and bologna, you'll probably never eat it again...

Comment #3

EOWWW....gross! Thank goodness I am not a hotdog/bologna/sausage kinda person! But MT is right, pick your battles and you want to lose weight and hopefully change your eating habits so you chose this diet. Yes the soups have sodium in them and so do the other Medifast products and that's because you NEED sodium in your body. Since the majority of your food in the 5&1 is from MF, then they provide the balance of sodium that you need. Skip the hotdog for now because let's face it, it's a WANT, not a NEED..

Comment #4

Oh you guys are to quick to respond! I even have the FF turkey dogs in front of me - I was going to give the nutritional facts BUT - thankfully I have your support and I will NOT have the hot dog - my family will..... I on the other hand will make my L&G as much of a "chef salad" as I possibly can and stay OP!.

Thanks y'all!!!!!..

Comment #5

True Story:.

Last Sept. shortly after starting Medifast we went to a company picnic. I did fine all day except I could not get the thought of the hot dogs out of my head. I too thought, how bad can it really be???.

So, I had one (1/4# dog, no bun) I treated it as my Lean for the day, I did log all the fat, calories and sodium and boy are hot dogs full of fat!.

The result was so not worth it, I did not get enough protein from that dog. I felt like crap for about 24 hours.

Haven't done that since...

Comment #6

I agree with all the other posters it is a craving that does not need to be fulfilled. For me and for so many others on this program a huge aspect of losing the weight and keeping it off is learning new ways to deal with wants, desires, cravings and the emotions to which they are often tied. You will only get stronger and more in control by not giving into every craving that rears it's head. Trust me when I tell you that saying no to oneself is very difficult at first, but it does indeed get easier and becomes 2nd nature when done often enough. Give yourself enough practice and time saying no to your cravings and you will also find that you are developing new habits and better critical thinking skills. You have to choose to have that hot dog or not to have. In order to make an informed choice, you have to look at all aspects of the situation: what good will it do you? What harm will it do you? Why do you want it? Is that want worth cracking an already brittle defense system, or is strengthening your will worth more than that?..

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NO DOGS !!!!!!!.


Comment #8

Well in the end..... I had NO DOG! Made my LG "chef salad" and watched It's complicated... It was a good night!!!! (and even tho Its not my weigh in day - it was.

A good sneak on the scales!!!)..

Comment #9

Congratulations in making the choice that was best for you!..

Comment #10

To me, a hotdog just isn't any good without the bun and some nacho cheese sauce..

I'd rather have an OP lean than a bun-less hotdog any day!.

But GREAT JOB resisting your temptaion!..

Comment #11

There are health food stores that sell soy based vegetarian hot dogs. It might be worth checking the label for "compliance". I wouldn't think it was much or any different than the boca burgers or grillers. Of course they will taste as much like a real hot dog as the boca burgers do a real hamburger (no similarity at all) but I've had them in the past (was raised on them...haha) and to my acquired taste, they are really quite good!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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