Anyone with PCOS doing Nutrisystem?

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Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anybody else here has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)?..

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Your question was: Anyone with PCOS doing Nutrisystem?.

I was a PCOS girl. I had a total hyst in 2006. I know where you are coming from...

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I had PCOS and also had a complete hysterectomy in 2008. I had problems losing the weight before my hysterectomy and now after. I am hoping this diet will help me lose the weight...

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Hi ladies! I have PCOS, I ordered my first month of Nutrisystem last week and Im just waiting for it to show up! I am hoping that I will finally be able to lose the weight! I am 25 and was diagnosed when I was about 12. Im hoping that if this works I can keep the PCOS from getting worse...

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Actually yes....I have PCOS I am 35 and had it since puberty...

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Though I have had a total hyst. I still have the after effects of PCOS (increased facial hair, insulin resistance, and increased abdominal fat.)..

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Yah having this is a real treat...................NOT. Well hopefully this reduced carb diet, with the metformin will help me...

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Oh I hate metformin! So glad I am off of that (unless I try to have another baby). But my ab fat is killing me! I found a pcos diet from england when I was researching, but Nutrisystem is close (all glycemic index) and much less work. Let's all cross our fingers!..

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I started Nutrisystem and Metformin at virtually the same time, and have had NO trouble losing weight since. I assume it is a combination of the two, since when I went off plan for 2 weeks, I did not gain but I did not really lose. But I don't know which one is the culprit for my digestive discomfort. It has gotten much much better after the first month or so, but everyone once in a while, I have a DAY (former metformin users, you KNOW what I am saying....). But, I never ate this much processed food, so I think that isn't helping. I just had my LAST breakfast, so we shall see when I am not eating Nutrisystem anymore!.

Metformin can suck, but I think it helped me out alot. The downside is, I DON'T want kids, and being on the Metformin makes me more fertile, oh NO!..

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I have PCOS; I was diagnosed in Jan of 2007. My gyno put me on Metformin for 2 years, and still when I went back in 2009 my insulin resistance was the same. He told me that I had to get this weight off, cause if I didnt in 10yrs I would be a full blown diabetic. I am now taking care of my problem and he took me off metformin last year. He said that I could keep taking it or try to lose weight. I know I should have started the min I found out when I had, but I didnt, at least I am working on it now.

I have lost 31.4lbs in a total of 3 months time. I am happy and still moving forward. After I have lost 100lbs, I am gonna pay my gyno a visit to see what he says about me weight loss and to have my blood checked again to see where I am with my PCOS..

Keep up the good fight!!..

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I also have PCOS. I was diagnosed (finally!) about 13 years ago. I am not on Metformin because it just kills my stomach and there is no way I can even leave the house when I'm on it (I'm sure you all know what I mean! ) What has really helped me is taking cod liver oil capsules. Periods are like clock-work, which they have never been, EVER in my life. It has also lowered my BP to the normal range and helps tremendously with some of the other symptoms of PCOS that I have developed through the years (sporadic depression and pretty severe anxiety attacks).

This is the end of my 2nd week on Nutrisystem and so far it's going great and I have lost a surprising amount of weight. I finally have enough off that I can start exercising again. Before, I was so exhausted all the time that I just didn't have the energy I now have.

I wish you all the best of luck in getting the PCOS weight off! I feel like I have a new lease on life. I am happier and feel better than I have felt in a very, very long time. I am so thankful that I decided to give Nutrisystem a try...

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I too have PCOS, I was diagnosed in 2005. Since then I have tried everything from a dietian, to WW, to the insulin resistance diet. The most.

I could lose was 12-15lbs. I even went the metformin root taking 2000mg a day with little result except for my kidneys starting to hurt..

As an adult my weight has always ranged from 215-240lbs..

I have tried Nutrisystem before unfortunately it was not long enough to see results..

I was trying to figure out if the Nutrisystem for diabetes would be more beneficial for a person with IR. Also, wishing I could buy just one week of food at a time..

Guess I'll just have wander around the site for me information..

Good Luck to my PCOS friends..

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I, too, have PCOS. I was always irregular with my periods and we finally figured out what it was when I was in college. That was when weight became an issue. I have an 18 month old son who was a "clomid baby" (even though I hate using that term). I'm now on Nutrisystem to try to lose the baby and PCOS weight. I am trying the Nutrisystem for diabetics (even though I don't have full blown diabetes [yet]) because of the insulin resistance.

We're looking to try for another baby in a year or so and I started on the Metformin again to try to get my system going. I was doing fine with it after the first couple weeks of torture in the digestive system. Then I hit Nutrisystem and am having stomach problems again. I've temporarily stopped Metformin to get used to the reduced calories and can, hopefully, re-introduce the Metformin shortly..

Anyone have any tips for Metformin with NS?.

Thanks and good wishes (I don't think luck has much to do with this) everyone!!..

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