Anyone with high blood pressure doing Nutrisystem?

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I'm concerned about the sodium content in the meals. I have high blood pressure and watch my salt intake. I am waiting for my first shipment. I'm on the silver package which is supposed to be lower in sodium. Any advice?..

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Your question was: Anyone with high blood pressure doing Nutrisystem?.

I'm on the Silver Plan. I just went through and checked out the amount of sodium I had yesterday from Nutrisystem meals alone. I had a soup for lunch which had more sodium than the dinner meal. You can read the nutritional info when you order and select the ones with less sodium. My Nutrisystem meals came in at 1500 mg of sodium. To that would be added the amount in the add ins which are primarily fresh and thus lower in sodium...

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Thanks for writing. I really appreciate your input. I know the Counselor's are helpful, but I like hearing from people that are actually on the program. Have a nice day. Fran..

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I am a silver age NSer - I medicate for high BP which has now been lowered ... I have also been able to stop cholesterol med. All thru my Nutrisystem journey to goal my blood work has been fine - even better than that. I have not been concerned with the sodium content, figuring if I just followed the Planner & drank enough or extra water - I would be fine. And that seems to be what happened. I do limit some high sodium add-ins like hot dogs, pepperoni, jerky, etc to just once in a while...

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Since you are on the silver plan which is supposed to be lower in sodium I think you will find you will be OK as long as you drink LOTS of waterI think the key is to hydrate all day and not try to see how fast you can get the required amount of water in. I really try to spread mine out and drink it much like I would take medicineon schedule. I never leave the house without a bottle of water in my hand and try to drink it wherever I go. That also helps me not pick up a diet soda somewhere. Again, WATER is the key, in my opinion! I take bp medication but my bp has gone down since I started Nutrisystem and I fully expect to be off of the meds the next doctor's visit. Good luck and welcome...

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Hi. I am on Silver plan also. I lost 9 pounds in the first three days which I know was due to water retention from the salt content in my food prior to NS. I am presently on 4 meds for my high BP. I have begun to have changes in my BP for the better. I look forward to the day when I can reduce the amount of meds that I need to take.

This was recommended to me on another site. I really helps to shift the extra water retention. Enjoy your new health...

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I went for my follow up. Dr. said it's a whole different person. He was going to put me on BP meds. That was his plan anyway...But after 3 weeks of NS. BP is normal.

Sorry Doc....

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Take if from someone who WAS, and no longer IS on BP meds....with the weight loss, the BP will come down. Just like gg4000 said!! It's a GREAT day when you get to come off the meds! Just keep your eye on the prize, and follow the menu plan book, checking off those items as you eat them, and all will be well!..

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I recently had my semi annual check-up which was appx 1 mo anfter starting NS. During the in-take they checked my BP 104/60. It had been running 140/90 even with my meds. I was taking Lisinopril HCTZ and Norvasic.

I had been experiencing so light headed-ness so the Dr cut my dosage of Norvasic in half. After a week I was still lightheaded so I was taken off the Norvasic alltogether. Next the Lisnopril..

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I'm on the regular Nutrisystem Mens plan. Even with my add in's ( At times, I even use a splash of low sodium soy sauce in my stir fry veggies ) I'm at or below the the daily recommend sodium level..

I've lost 46 lbs in 13 weeks. I've been on HB meds for two years. My Doc. took me off the pills last month! My BP is running around 125/70. Was 140/90..

I know everyone is different. Some peoples BP is high for other reasons then sodium and weight.

To make a short story shorter, given your in good health other then your weight, the sodium in the Nutrisystem foods and add in should be no problem!..

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Thank you all for writing. I appreciate all of your input. I should receive my shipment tomorrow. I would like to add you to my friend's list, but don't know how. One of you already's on my friend list and I was happy to have her ask me. If any of you would like I would ask you to tell me how to do it or maybe you can set if up from your site.

I am going to need your support. Thanks again and have a great evening. Frangeo321 (Fran)..

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I've been on BP meds for 20 years or longer. It's controlled but always something to keep an eye on. Since I've been on NS, it has gone down and down. I've been taken off one med already and going back in June to see what else the doctor wants to adjust. The sodium is evidentally no problem for me, at least...

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No guarantees, but you may find that with loosing weight your bp will decrease. I went from 2 bp meds per day (with bp still on the high end) and gradually as I lost weight was weaned off of both of them. Now my bp is actually a little on the low side (90/60) with no meds. One of the many benefits of Nutrisystem and getting to a healthy weight..

Best wishes,.


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