Anyone very strict to Medifast?

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Hi everyone,.

I have been on the medifast diet off and on since the beginning of July. I have lost a whooping 10 lbs, and that is just in the last 2 weeks. Everytime I have anything in my life that I can make an excuse and eat off the plan I DO.

But not today!!!! I got some very heavy news about 5 hours ago, and I went to the fridge to make me some "comfort food", like I always do. I even have second thoughts and still talk myself into cheating. BUT not today. I did not eat anything, wrong. I turned right around and made me a Medifast meal of chicken and wild rice.

I told myself that a sandwich, ice cream or whatever I was going to eat would not make me happy and not to eat it.

I do have a question... I have been trying and trying to stick very strict to Medifast for the last 2 weeks. I am FREEZING!!! It is 95 degree's outside. has anyone else experienced anything similar?.


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Congratulations!! That was a HUGE NSV (nonscale victory!!) You were aware of your trigger and you controlled sheer will!! AMAZING...and you should be proud. It is NOT easy to self regulate...and you were successful!.

As for the cold....yes. I know many MFers who have experienced this including myself. I know there is a fancy schmancy explanation for it floating around, but I can't remember it! SOrry! lOL.

Way to go..have a great weekend!!..

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Hey Jenny, welcome to ketosis! Yes the freezing is normal. For me it conmes and goes but is mostly here to stay. It's a good sign things are going to be good on the scale..

WooooHoooo to you for not emotionally eating today! It's a huge accomplishment and you should give yourself a verbal reward or compliment. Now that you know you can do it, next time won't be so hard..

Keep up the good work!..

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Right ON! That is such a wonderful thing, you're in control of the food now!.

I think the cold thing is normal. I'm always freezing. I was driving around today and the thermometer on the car said 92 and I didn't want to turn on the a/c because I was finally warm enough...

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I am so glad this cold thing is normal. I thought my thermostat had gone out or something.

I think the next time my boss complains that she is hot from going through the change. I am going to suggest that she go on this diet.


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Awesome! Acknowledging what the problem is can be the first step to resolving it. Someone here has the best quote " I can eat whatever I want, or I can be thin" Excellent mantra, that..

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For me, the cold thing is a HUGE WELCOME. I've been suffering from hot flashes and night sweats (part of menapause) for several years now. I usually keep the air conditioner temperature at 71 degrees. But a few times I've actually had to change it to 75 degrees. Since going into ketosis, I've had fewer hot flashes and practically no night sweats. Just one more reason to stay OP!..

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Way to go!!!!! See Medifast really changes how we think and feel about food.....

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I agree, I am now almost always cold at work with any temperature that the AC is set at. I wear a sweatshirt over my tops and find that's sometimes not enough. It's crazy but true...

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GREAT Job! Keep up the hard work! You can do it!..

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Yes I was so cold, I guess I still am. For me it's just less padding so now I am cold (I am sure that isnt the medical explanation) but it makes me feel good..

Great job keeping on plan. It definitely gets hard sometimes...

Comment #10

Thank you for this post, I thought I was the only one..

Well done...

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I think these "NSV's" such as yours are better than seeing the scale go down. Shows that we are getting control of what made us fat in the first place. And shows us that when we reach goal we can stay there and not just rebound. I'm proud of you!! Keep up the good work!..

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I thought it was just me that was freezing. I shut the A/C in the bedroom and DH was like"WTH are you doing"? He said you would kill me if I did that!! I turned it back on and put sweats and a tee shirt on. Normally I would wear just a tank top n shorts. But yes I'm freezing lately! BTW, I "accidentally" left the bedroom door open...whoops,lol..

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WAY TO GAIN CONTROL!!!! That is a huge victory! Now you KNOW you can do it, so tomorrow if you have a tempted moment, just tell yourself "I did it yesterday, so I KNOW I can do it today!".

Good job!!!!..

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GOOD JOB on taking control of that evil demon! Now you KNOW you can do it next time if you really want to. Best of luck to you!..

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I am so happy for your decision.... It is the first step to completing your goal! I have no doubt you will make it!..

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Congratulations on you tremendous act of self control......I pray I can do as well when life, as it is apt to do, sneaks up on me and kicks me in the butt! Just got some awesome motivation reading this thread, though! Imagine, this diet may help to mitigate my hot flashes as well as get me to goal?!? Almost too good to be true, but I look forward to it! Anyhow, am on day 3 of program and have already lost 8 lbs! Unreal! I know it's alot of water, but so motivating...

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Good girl! What a trmendous step you have taken, in the right direction! You can lick this!.

Keep up the good work...

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What a great Non Scale Victory!! That is just awesome work, you should be proud of yourself...

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Awesome job in taking control of what you eat and of your life. BIG CONGRATS!.

As for being cold, YESSS I have noticed! I'm always the one who is HOT. I just assumed it was because I was losing fat..

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Welcome to the Medifast group!! 3 days and that kind of weight loss is awesome!! I'm new to these boards but not new to MF. I love the "belonging" feeling of this group. With each others' support, we can ALL do this and feel great!!.


Certified Health Coach.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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