Anyone using in Florida?

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My question is: Anyone using in Florida?.

My 2nd question is: So further to my previous thread.. here is the background of what happened...ok.. so just trying to figure out what this guy is thinking..We met online, he pursued me and finally I gave in and gave him my number. When we actually chatted, he was by far the best out of the few guys I have dated to chat with, and we hadn't met up until earlier last week. When we finally did, we got along great.. there were a few embarrassing moments before we left on my part, swore into the phone when I was trying to stop a call that was to him that was meant to be a text, blackberry dialed him.

He asked if I was diabetic and I said no.. then I found salsa on my phone, and we had a laugh over it. When I went to meet him, a drop of water fell straight into my eye and I couldn't see walking into the wine bar..we after all that seemed to have a good time.That was a Monday, Tuesday he called we chatted and he set up a date using for later on the weekend. I said call me later in the week, he said 'you have my number too', so far to date using he has made all of the contact. So I called him on Thursday, had a good conversation.

We later played phone tag to chat about later that night (he had a boys night, but we were set up to catch up later, if I was free). He called later that night, I was free so he came to my place.. we hung out, chatted, watched tv and had a good make out session.. he then left and this seemed good. I did mention to him my phone dials people sometimes with out me knowing...After he left I thought awesome I'll let him call..

I freaked out and sent him text saying 'sorry, wasn't trying to call you, my phone got stuck under my computer and dialed you. I suck with this phone'. I am now worried I've killed what ever was going to be.. not sure if he will believe that but it was the truth, and it's now evening and it happened this morning and I have heard nothing... I'm not going to call but I would just love some type of thought on this..

And move onto other... (which will suck)...Thank you for reading and hopefuly putting my mind at ease....

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I think you might be blowing it out of proportion. You sound a tad dingy (in a cute sort of way) with the phone. I wouldn't put to much alarm into it. Good luck! And keep us posted..

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You may be focusing ever so much on the wee bits, like the salsa on the phone, water in the eye, the oopsie calls, etc.Breathe. 1. Don't keep apologizing and therefore blowing it out of proportion, let it go jokingly as was suggested, but dont' go out of your way to draw attention to it.2. You already explained. Either he's a nice guy who's going to take this in stride and you'll have a good laugh over this in later years, or, he's just not cut out for a gal like you, either way, it's a win-win.3. You might want to learn how to use the keys lock on your phone '-) My boyfriend finally did, and unfortunately that means I don't get his phantom phone calls anymore, which bums me out; I was getting so used to them lolGood luck!.

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Thank you.. it's so true and the advice is very much appreciated.. it's funny because we have since spoke, all seems to be fine but he it totally pulling the guy retreating thing.. lol.. Anywho.. Cheers!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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