Anyone using in Chicago?

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My question is: Anyone using in Chicago?.

My 2nd question is: I have been with my bf for 1 yr and a half. and we do love each other. yesterday was new year eve, so we planned to walk and shop in shopping mall. We made appointment to meet in some store at around 1:00 pm. He went there first cz he said he would help sb to repair computer. (He did this b4.) I got to that store at 1:04 and called him to ask how long it would take him to get here.

After 20 mins, I called again, still nobody picked up. Since it was almost lunch time, and I did not wanna stay in the store waiting for long time. Then I called at 1:40, this time his cell rang once, then I am 100% sure he turned it off purposely, cz after one time rang, it went to voice mail. So I planned to leave the store and walk around myself. Be honest, I was really sad and mad: if he was 20 mins later and did not call me, that was ok; or if he thought he gonna 40 mins late, he just spent 1 min to call and tell me, then I could make further plan.

Around 1:50pm, he called me said he would come to the store within 10 mins. He hugged and kissed me and invited me nice lunch. I told all my feeling to him, he said he did not notice the time (I think it is bullxx, in normal way, if sb made appointment with sb else, he or she will check the time when he thinks it is almost the appointmenting time.) He said I cant be mad with such small thing. So my first question is : if things happen to you, what is your reaction and feeling? I mean b/w bf and gf.Then we did have nice shopping and enjoyed the time. Yet one time when we ate sth in a restaurant, and I went to bathroom.

It is normal to call friends for him, but why immediately turned off when he saw me around. I usually do not check his cell phone, although I know some ladies do so. While this time, I really cant hold it. When he was sleeping, I took his cell phone and went to bathroom, I wanna checked whether he really called his friend. cz I knew this friend name.

However, I FOUND HE CALLED A GIRL WHEN I WENT TO BATH ROOM 2ND TIME. I do not mind he calls his friends, no matter female or male when he is with me, but WHY HE DID THIS DURING THE TIME I WENT TO BATH ROOM??Then I checked his message: ys, he sent and received several messages from that girl, such as: Hi, hny(I think it means honey, right?) c you soon; I drop you ; ..., some message looks normal, some I do not understand: such as pay for insurance rate; we have to solve the problem, wait for judgment, tickt, sth. I was shocked, cz although I kinda of had prepared for things like this, I still cant believe it happens on me.I have not talk about this with him directly, cz I do not he will tell me the truth. I do not understand if he really has no feeling on me, why still treats me so nice when together? (Pl do not talk about sex stuff, it is not the case here). And he does love me and help me much.

Also, one time I think it was 2 months ago, I felt sth not normal, and asked him, we talked long, he did give me explanation and his attitude was so sincerely. If he really dont cherish the feeling b/w us, why he did so? I did remember that girl's cell number, I am not sure whether it is a good idea to call her. I am thinking she may tell sth my bf will not tell me.Pl tell me what should I do, thanks!..

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He did not know I checked his cell, so I cant talk with him directly for this stuff. thanks..

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I suppose the anger and frustration caused by waiting for him in the mall (I know how exactly that feels & I can't take it either from friends or spouses) have made you over react maybe a little bit. so calm down, relax & then talk to him without mentioning you've controlled his cell. just talk about the female instinct that makes you feel there's something he's not telling you & mention his suspicious behaviour without making a fuss, very softly & cool, casual conversation. I wouldn't call the girl since you don't know what's going on is of what nature. keep an eye on him, but don't let this become an obsessive mistrust.


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I did talk with him calmly when later he invited me for lunch. I said I do not want to argue with him, I have to speak out all my feelings. He said he is so sorry for such late, yet he also said this is not such a big thing, I should not make small drama. I said I can understand you busy, but it is such bother to just spend 1 min to call me in advance?? Even not answer my call? When I checked his cell phone, I found he did not call that friend who he planned to repair computer for that morning. I think in normal way, if A and B make appointment to meet some place, around the time they meet, it is normal to call each other to confirm. I wann ask him all, but I really doubt he will tell me the truth, he walways said I worry much and sometimes make small drama.

I think this make sense...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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