Anyone using from China?

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My question is: Anyone using from China?.

My 2nd question is: Well ill try to make this short I have been talking to this woman for about 3 to 4 weeks , and weve only seen each other twice and we only live about a mile away from each other , she says that she is interested and has introduced me to her parents and they seem to like me , she is busy with her job and school but she has time to hang out with her girlfriends but not any for me she says we only should see each other once a week , well in my response I just stoped talking to her for a day and she calls and asks if I'm mad I said no I'm fine , then I did it a second day and she was pissed cause I wouldnt talk to her lol, but she still thinks we should only see each other once a week so I'm just thinkin about saying forget her but only thing it's really hard to find a decent woman around here , any help or tips..

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I think there is a lot of information here that's missing.  When you said you didn't talk to her for a day, does that mean you just didn't call her?  Or does that mean you deliberately ignored her (giving her the "silent treatment") if and when you saw her? .

If it was the second, then I agree with the other poster that you are being immature and expecting a LOT out of a relationship (thru that is only a couple weeks old. .

If it was the first and you just went a day without calling her, then I think SHE is the one with the problem.  She certainly has a lot of rules if this is the case!  You must talk every day but you are only allowed to hang out once a week.  She wants to control things and do this on her terms and what you want doesn't seem to matter.  Going a day without calling someone at this point of a relationship (thru should not be a big deal  and if she freaks out about that, then goodness only knows what she'd do later on if you should screw up for real..

Regardless, there is some immaturity going on here on one side or the other.  If it's you, you have the option to stop being ridiculous and immature and act like an adult and speak to her when you see her and not "punish" or "test" her.  IMO, you should NOT have to call her every day if you've only been dating (online dating with 3 weeks and only been out a couple times.    However if SHE is the one being immature and controlling, you have to decide if this is something you want to deal with in a relationship.  In the first few months, people are on their best behavior so just imagine what it could be like down the road..


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She wants to take things slowly and not make you a priority in her life because she doesn't know you very well yet. Of course she has time for her girlfriends before you - They were there first and their relationship (thru is a lot more significant.If you respond to this by giving her the silent treatment and moaning that you can't find a "decent" woman then you're one causing the problem in this situation. You may "lol" about playing "I'm not talking to you" games but it's not funny. It's annoying and really childish.Based on your post and the way you respond to this woman I would really wonder if you're great relationship (thru material yourself. YOU are the confusing one...

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"she is busy with her job and school but she has time to hang out with her girlfriends but not any for me she says we only should see each other once a week"'ve only been out a couple of times, and you feel like you have a RIGHT to her time? She has a JOB and goes to SCHOOL...believe me, as a working student, that's a lot to deal with. As far as hanging out with friends and not you, well when I'm tired and sick of studying, I like to call up my best buddy and say "hey, you wanna go get some soup?" It's a LOT less effort than going on a date, where you have to look nice, be on your best manners, and shower (lol). Until she gets to know you better, you are a) someone she's dating (online dating with so she's not going to be casual about hanging out with you, b) not going to be a priority over school and work (not that you should EVER be a priority over her responsibilities no matter how close you get). It sounds like this girl is independent and self-sufficient and has a good head on her shoulders. If this is true, she's not going to put up with much more passive-aggressive game-playing on your part, and if she feels like she has to cater to you to keep you from being bored and lonely, I wouldn't expect her to stick around.Keep yourself busy, hang out with your friends, but don't play games and don't act like she owes you anything because she doesn't. And never EVER make a woman feel like she has to choose between you and her friends, because you will have 1 of 2 outcomes: 1.

Her friends will lose but she'll resent you for it forever..

***If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)***..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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