Anyone use My Alli and Medifast at the same time?

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I am thinking of using Alli while doing Medifast ( I need all the help I can get) However, before I commit I want to see what other's think of it. I read the Medifast book and it endorses taking meridia while on MF. I simply want to know what other's experience while doing both..

Did you notice a difference in weight loss? or waist of money?.


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Me, too I am curious. Meridia? Where do they sell that..


Comment #1

I misspoke it's Xenical (orlistat) not Meridia. Alli is basically the OTC version of Xenical...

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NS answered this a couple of months ago.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to take that stuff given the horrific side effects, but even if you don't mind that, there is really no benefit while on MF. Medifast foods have a low fat content naturally, and Alli blocks the absorption of fat to reduce your calorie intake, so it just does not really make sense to use them together..

Besides, Medifast works better than anything else out there on it's own if you stick to it as written...

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I tried it before I found Medifast and because I didn't have a high fat diet, it didn't do anything except empty my wallet...

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Follow the program and you will lose the weight. The program works 100%, but you have to work it!!!! There is no need to change it, there is no need to start taking other medications. Everyone on the board is different so I by no mean make a blanket statment but I myself didnt gain this weight over night so I dont expect to lose it over night, I have been dieting for since the age of 8 and I'm 34 now, would I love to be done and on maintaince next month, YES!! oh my gosh YES... but thanks to Medifast I actually found something simple, easy to follow, I eat my no cook, very simple meals and my L&G and I lose weight. Done. Medifast has taken all the guess work of points out for me, the counting of calories and carbs out for me for now....

But follow the plan you will be alright. we are in this together!!!..

Comment #5

Plus isn't Alli really pricey? Like $60/month's supply? And you have to take it for the rest of your life, basically?.

Based on the anser from Nutrisystem that Vie provided the link to, it doesn't sound like a good fact it sounds like a bad idea. Save your money. Medifast works...

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I agree with everyone else...skip the Alli and just commit to Medifast 100%. If you eat what is on plan, your fat % is going to be so low anyways...there won't be much point in taking the medications..

I know some people have had great success on Xenical and now Alli. And, for me...I think I know why it works. It scares people into sticking to their diet. (Disclaimer: Now this is only my opinion, if that wasn't the case for you...then I don't mean you. It is just how it seems to motivate people to me. mkay?) It motivates you because if you cheat and eat pizza and ice cream...well, the Alli will take some of the fat out of your diet and leave you with a big mess.

I guess it works for some people, but I just don't need motivation like that. lol.

I say...skip the Alli...MF is expensive enough by itself, and works..


Comment #7

I agree, no yucky Alli! You need a certain amount of fat, I add flax seed oil almost every day (so long as I'm picking the leanest of meats). Fat is very important, and this diet is very well balanced.

Good luck on your Medifast journey...

Comment #8

ALLI IS A WASTE OF MONEY. Before ordering MF, I had bought Alli. Didn't do anything for me. After I'd been eating the Medifast meals for a while, I went a week or so without really losing any weight with MF, so I thought I would jumpstart my weightloss with taking Alli along with my MF. Again, nothing. Medifast is healthier and is proven to work by women all over this thread and other threads on MF.

I threw the bottle of Alli away. Stick with MF. You will lose weight, and you will keep the weight off, the safe way and you'll feel much better. Good luck!..

Comment #9

Save your money for new clothes!!.

MF works 100% if you stay on plan 100%. You don't need that other stuff!..

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