Anyone out there take suppliments from VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: Anyone out there take suppliments from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Ok then, still not sure if I want to go down this route just yet but have got hold of some off a guy at the gym, but who I also work with. Now he isnt some dogy guy, he enters comps etc.. and is a big guy, but yes steroids and what have you..

But anyway, he has recommended this:.

2 tablets for 2 days..

3 for 3 days..

4 for 4 days..

5 for 5 days..

6 for 6 days..

7 for 7 days..

8 for 8 days..

And then lower this to.

7 for 7 days..

6 for 6 days.

And so on..

I have three tubs of Dronabol which contain 100 tablets each and says containing Methandienone 500mg..

He has also given me a pack of Tamoxifan which he has told me I should take after I have finished the course..

Any positive or negative replies will be much appreciated, to help with this...

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I can't see what taper up taper down would do apart from ensuring you have unstable blood levels throughout the cycle.....

Comment #1

Hi Mate.

Heres a lab result for dronabol by berich labs seem good to go,.



Comment #2

Ditto with the others mate... 6 tabs a day for 6 weeks would be a normal first dbol course.. you will need another box of nolva for pct though...

Comment #3

Right, firstly thanks to those who have replied. I know it's not the done thing to make these posts without being fully knowledgable of steroids! I have been using the links and information on this site which has been of help..

Im still unsure as to when I should be taking the nolvadox (as most recommend this) and how much of it and when!??.

I also know that these are not fake as two of my friends have had the same batch and used it with some affects! And also no problems although I realise everyone is different. Plus these chumps didnt take anything with it, which to me is not good. Hence why I use this site for help and guidance..

Thanks for the advice about the tapering, think I will use what has been suggested, say 6 tabs a day!.

I would appreciate if someone could guide me with the nolva, regards to when it should be taken, how much, and for how long etc...

Thanks again...

Comment #4

There are different ways to take the nolv.

Some people can take a high dose of an aromatizing steroid and have NO gyno probs at all,.

Some people can look at a tub of dianabol and get sore nipples!.

To prevent this some people take 20mg a day along with the dianabol all the way through.

If posible though people dont as it lowers water retention on cycle and lowers gains slightly because of that..

Then after your last day of your steroid start your PCT.

Look up on the forum for good pct there is lots of ways you can do it.

You still need to run pct if you use nolva on cycle aswell.

Typical pct with nolva would be say 20mg a day for 2 weeks..

Comment #5

Ok thanks for that. I still need and want to read up on it fully first and dont consider myself that knowledgable about it all, hence why I ask on here..

But can you tell me, what is PCT? As I see everyone writing it in posts but no one has explained it!!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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