Anyone on Nutrisystem weight 150 lbs?

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Looking for someone arount 150 lbs. and wanting to lose 20-30 lbs.?..

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Your question was: Anyone on Nutrisystem weight 150 lbs?.

I am at 156 today (1 week in) and my goal is 127 by the end of May...

Comment #1

I'm at 152 and I'm trying to get to 130-135...

Comment #2

I started at 135 and have lost over 20 pounds. It is slow but it is easy!!! the plan works!!..

Comment #3

October 1st 2009 @155.

Now, 140......slow, plateaus,etc...but I am thrilled!!!! I want to get to 130....I am 5'2"...not sure I can/should try to go lower..I am 52 and female..I will be thrilled if I can get to 130 and make it stick!.

Sandy in IL..

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Hi, I am at 158 trying to lose about 30-35 but I have very hard time with snacking, eating bad comfort food and hectic schedule so really bad eating habits. This is my highest weight. I tend to snack and gain 10 lbs in two weeks and then it take FOREVER to get rid of since turing 35, 5 years ago. I am not likely much help as a weight loss buddy...

I tried another weight loss program over a year ago but only lost maybe 10 lbs and another 10 in the following weeks after being off the program.... Its all back and more now. I quit the other cause it annoyed me having to meet with the person weekly and get advice when I know what I did was wrong.....

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Great, have been looking for you guys, 'cause everyone who loose 5 lb., a week have lots of weight to loose, so couldn't relate. It was discouraging when I lost an average of a lb. a week. I've lost 14 lbs so far. planning to get around 125. Getting ready for my 10th anniversary...

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Congratulations on your weight loss! I just did my weekly weigh in, it's my first one.... and I lost 3 pounds this week But it was my first week... so I think most of it is water weight...

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I am in the same boat, trying to get to 125, weigh about 154 (haven't weighed myself yet for my weekly). I am expecting it to go slow, also. First week lost 2 pounds...

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I started in late September 2009 and was 147 at the time. I am only 5' 2". Anyhoo...I have lost 9 pounds so far...but it is coming off. I am just a slow looser. Some weeks I loose 0.5 pounds or none at all, but don't get discouraged. Folks with more to loose will loose more in the beginning.

Before I started I was about 150 and I tried to do it myself by eating healthier and working out...well I would maybe loose a pound a month so I will take my 0.5 pounds a week on NS! Plus, I even gained some weight over the holidays...but it's gone again..

Just stick with it and you will be fine. Good luck!..

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I started at 152lbs in April 2008- by Oct 2008 (6months) I weighed 116lbs- lost 36 lbs in 6 months. Now I am trying to lose some of it theat I gained back. Best wishes. Stick to it and you'll lose it in no time at all!!!..

Comment #10

Nice to hear that. I'm having trouble sticking with the program. I love the food, it's just that it's not my original diet. I'm Indian, so miss that spicy flavor and take a bite here and there just to get that little flavor I'm used to with my whole life. I really want this to happen. Crossing my fingers.

Let's see......

Comment #11

Add the flavor. I add curry powder to almost all the meat dishes and the chicken soup..

Stock up on garam masala, corriander, and cumin. Buy fresh cillantro in the grocery store.

Add chopped onions and fresh cillantro to the tomato dishes. You can also add some fat free yogurt.

For your lunch salad, make a fat free raita. - that is your dairy and salad servings...

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HI - I am in the same boat, Pretty much weight the same and want to loose the same. I weighted myself after my first week (today) and was really disappointed b/c I didnt loose anything I'm wondering if I did something wrong or if the program isnt going to work for me. Lost of people say they loose 5 pounds in the 1st week...

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Don't get discouraged, this program works different for everyone. If you stick to the program you will lose the weight...

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I'm 156 and would like to be 135 or 130. I'm 42 and 5'6". Only problem is that I am still waiting for my food so everyone is ahead of me. I likely won't be ablel to start until February 2nd or so.

I have a midway goal of losing 10lbs by March 6th as I'm going on a trip. I sure hope I can lose 2 lbs a week. I know the less you have to lose the slower it goes...

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Morning All! We are all about the same! Babygrl - your story could be mine - I snack and gain 10 lbs fast! I am at 154 today and 12 days in. I started at 159. I weigh daily - always have when I am trying to lose - it is just what works for me..

I am feeling a bit leaner thru the stomach though so I decided to measure today even though I was going to wait until I was a month in - I lost 1/2" in my waist (31" now) and 1" in my hips (40" now.).

We are all about the same weight - what do you think about posting our inches and watching that loss too since that can make you feel as happy as losing pounds on the scale when the inches are decreased?.

It seems most of us want to be somewhere in the 125 to 135 range as well. I feel best at 127 so that is my goal. I am 5'5"..

How are you all doing?.


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Wow !! Congratulations , I started in April, only thing is I didn't stick to it, been on and off. Did you do it without any cheats? I'm trying to find some backup so as to think that if I really not cheat at all it might work. I got my new shipment, if I don't do it right this time, I'm gonna stop. For 5 shipments in 7 months, 14 lbs. I thing it's too much.. Help....

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I'm at almost 150 (started at 183 in September) and headed for 125 by June, so I'm right around where you are now.

You can add all the flavor you want and also get creative with your add-ins. For example, I really love wilted spinach - I add in garlic and 2 tsp of low-fat parmesan (free) and eat it at least once a week with dinner. You could easily spice up your side items - veg, protein, etc with Indian flavors and also add spices to the entrees themselves to make this work for you!!!!!..

Comment #18

You really have to decide you're going to make it work, not see "if" you can make it work, you know? It's 100% a decision, not a wait and see.... You CAN make it work if you set your mind to it. Believe me, I do cheat now and then (more often than not lately, but I'm getting a grip and kicking up my exercise, too), but on the whole I'm committed to making it through to my goal no matter how long it takes. You can do this!!!!..

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Parmak - I seldom cheat - in the first 12 days I cheated once and ate some chocolate chip cookies - but I didn't let it stop me I just stayed right on track and kept moving forward. The good thing about Nutrisystem is you can have all the kinds of foods you crave so you really don't need to cheat - and you have to make yourself believe that. You have to be conscious of everything you put in your mouth so you don't eat mindlessly. You can do it!.

I agree with Carolyn -you have to decide this will work for you. I honestly believe that this (and any weight loss program for that matter) will work for anyone IF it is followed. People that say it doesn't work haven't given it 100% for long enough. One lb is equal to 3,500 calories so you can see it takes a while to burn up to that deficit - which is why the average weight loss on any program is 2 lbs a week.

Keep on going ... take it a day at a time - it WILL work!..

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Thank you for your support. I really need this. I should have looked up on online support. I think that's what is missing in my commitment. I mean, my husband does support my decision but he just agrees with me in this matter so that I don't get mad because he didn't say what I wanted to hear. Thanks once again.

I need to TALK about this. Ateast I'll start with online if not with friends and family...

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That's the ticket, right there. Stay online and talking about it. You'll get lots of support, ideas, and motivation!!..

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I started on Jan 4th. I am 5' 5" and start weight was 155#, I want to get to 130. So far so good. I have not cheated. I weigh in on Mondays. I didnt do measurements but found that my clothes fit better already. Slow and steady!..

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Hi, I'm at 150 lbs, but started the plan last week when I was 149.4. I gained weight my first week. I'm so depressed about that. I want to lose 20 lbs - I'm 58 yeears old and can totally relate to everybody here who is is the same weight loss category as I am...

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In the past I gained/lost a larger amount of weight but when I joined Nutrisystem I was 155 wanting to lose 25 pounds.

It worked.

Sometimes I didn't lose anything at all but I stuck with it. Since maintenance I've had "emo-eating" gains but made sure I got right back on track. THAT is the key sticking with it when you don't lose and getting immediately back on track if you snack-gain or emo-eat...

Comment #25

I have been on Nutrisystem for 2 weeks with no cheating and even logging my calories but I've only lost 1 lb! So disheartening. I'm starting at 156lbs and 5'6". Just want to lose like 10lbs. SUCH A SLOW LOSER! I've done a metabolism test to get a read that my resting metabolic rate is 1500 cal/day (based on breath analysis). I'm eating 1200 so it's just not adding up: shouldn't I be losing more?..

Comment #26

Keep it up Ladies! Giveasmile - thanks for sharing with us. It is people like you that have made it work that keep those of us going that are trying to reach a goal!.

Ammrsmom - keep plugging away. I have heard many stories like yours. The end result is still the same if you keep doing what you are suppose to - losing the lbs..

Parmak -how you doing?.

Judi -you don't look 58!.

Everyone else - let us know how you are doing! As for me, I hit a road block the last few days and did good all day but then lost my mind in the evening. I haven't weighed for a few days and think I will not until Monday when I have had a couple of faithful Nutrisystem days. I don't know what happened to me - I had 12 PERFECT days then seemed to lose my mind! Now I feel like I am starting over ....but I am going to do this so I just hopped right back on. I think a lot of it is I am getting down to the food I don't care much for so I don't really look forward to the meals and don't enjoy them when I do eat - I customized my order that is coming in a week so that should really help!.


Comment #27

Hi all. I'm still stuck at same 144-145. I think I have a wierd thing going on.I'm stay at home mom with a 1st grader and a 3 yr. old. So basically doing nothing that keeps me occupied mentally. On the other hand, for my 3 yr.

Then 6 evenings I'm out for my older sons classes. So physically I'm occupied but still thinking about food or cooking for the family, So having hard time staying on the program.

So what about you all? how about exercise part? How's that going?..

Comment #28

Parmak - I am stuck to .... 154 again this morning and I even got in a good workout yesterday! Ugh! I am not quitting - it is just so slow. I have lost 6 lbs in the same amount of time my husband has lost 18 lbs!.

You have little ones at home - there are challenges no matter what stage of our life we are in. They just change as the kids get older. ;-) My boys are 17 and 15 and there are so many days I wish they were the age of your kids again!.

You can do this - you are almost halfway to goal! How awesome is that!?.


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I started 2 weeks ago, weighing in right around 145lbs. Week 1, I lost 3.6lbs but I just weighed in for week 2 and I've gained 1.4lbs!.

I haven't cheated at all, I'm eating ALL of my required foods (averaging 1100-1200 cal day) and I'm exercising 5-6 days a week..

Any ideas? It's very discouraging to see that number go UP when I've been working so hard!.


Comment #30

Blondie -just keep at it - like someone said "you down a lot up a little, down a little, up a little, down a lot ...." - the end result is you are in a downward spiral and as long as the line on the graph is moving downward you are doing good!.

I like to look at a weight loss graph like a stock market graph (just opposite in direction) - it is moving in a slant downward but the line isn't going to be straight - it spikes up a bit every now and then. Does that make sense?.

You can do it!..

Comment #31

What keepitsimlpe1 says makes sense, but practically it's hard to accept the fact that instead of doing things right, results are not what we want. I feel the same way, it took 2 yrs. to gain this much weight, but want to loose 2 lbs a week. At least stopped gaining more.

I started excercise again from today after six weeks. I use treadmill or the 10 minute trainer dvds. It did bring down the numbers but not on the scale, on the measurement tape. So started again from today. Will update after a week. Will definatly check inbetween.

Keep in touch you all......

Comment #32

I am still here Parmak! I'm not going anywhere ... just chugging along! Not out of teh 150's yet but I am NOT giving up! I got my new box of food today that I chose so I am really excited - it is hard to eat when you are eating things you don't reallly care for!.

How are you doing?.


Comment #33

Thanks for being there. I thought I again am alone, didn't hear (read) anything from anyone for couple of days. Anyways, I'm also still at 144 lb. As I said I added 10 minute trainer dvds since monday, will measure next next Thursday. Will definatly post the result. Am really excited and hopefull this time. Also sticking to the program 99% will be 100% tomorrow...

Comment #34

I am at 163 and would love to lose 30 lbs. I have never been this heavy in my life. I could always take the vacation weight off in a snap now that I hit 45 it is so tough. I am brand new..just started on Tuesday so would love all the support I can get. My biggest challenge is my family (cooking one thing for them and than eating something else, very tiresome but my boys must eat) and social events. I have a wonderful group of friends and it always one thing or another...what about that glass of wine??? will it do me in LOL..

Comment #35

Parmak - I am anxious to hear about your 10 minute trainer workouts! I have the videos and have never used them so keep me posted! 144 .... I would love to be there right now! ;-).

Dfkelly - glad you got started. When I started 3 weeks ago at 159 I was also the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I gained the last 10 lbs in December alone (I am not kidding!) and I was naive enough to think that I wasn't gaining "real" weight - that the scale would be back at 149 overnight like it was water weight or something! I have found it it was REAL pounds that still aren't off! How old are your boys - I have 2 teenage boys 17 and 15.


Comment #36

HI everyone. I am in my first week of Nutrisystem and am very excited. I know it works because my husband's aunt lost 30 pounds in about 3 months and she looks great! I want to lose 25 pounds. (30 would be incredible) I have always been a size 6 until the last few years. I started traveling for work and eating room service every night did me in. I like that I can pack the Nutrisystem food in my suitcase!.

I started last Saturday at 152. Can I join in this groups chat??..

Comment #37

Of course new girl - welcome! There are just a few of us left it seems but it is nice to have people with similar goals to keep each other accountable. I am in a size 6 now at 153 but I don't feel good so I need to get back to my closet of 2's to feel like myself!.

Even though I track my weight and set a weight goal - I really believe it is more about how you feel and we all know what "size" we feel good at!.

NS does work - I believe any "diet" works if one will just follow it! I love Nutrisystem though because I am not hungry and I really don't mind the food!..

Comment #38

I am 5'5 so if I weigh under 125 I feel good. I eat mostly out of boredom, and I love sweets and junk food. I am 4 years older than my husband, and he looks young for his age, so when I am this size, I feel like I look more like his mom than his sweetie. LOL..

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Keepitsimple, I had those dvds since april '08 but never did it either. I did for 10 days once only 3 months ago, and it did show the changes. So I started 5 days ago, thought didn't add treadmill like last time, will let you know next Thursday. I'm right now trying not to get on scale, I use to do in couple of times a day. If I lose, I would eat a little as if it was okay, if I didn't I would be mad and eat a little. So trying to avoid it (not successfull though) but working on it.

Did you know , say you just brushed your teeth and finished with our morning round and weight yourself before shower and weight again after you finish your shower, it's differnt !!!! I take shower twice a day, so basically I got into weighting myself atleast 4 times a day. Trying to avoind totally untill next thursday, might get the scale out of the bathroom. Will definated let you know on thursday, but please anyone don't get into weighting too often. Not at all helpfull. See you all soon.....

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New girl - I am 5' 5" also and I am a size 0/2 at 125 - too thin if you want my mom's opinion! LOL 124 is the lowest I have been after having kids and that was about 6 years ago. My goal is 127 because then I have play room to stay under 130..

Parmak - you gotta quit doin that to yourself! LOL I do weigh once a day - as soon as I get up, after I go to the bathroom and before I do anything else! I don't put a lot of stake in the scale moving (i.e. - doesn't freak me out) - it just keeps me accountable to myself. It is nice when you see it moving downwasrd and if you have cheated and it goes up you can see that too and when you cheat again you are doing it more consciously. There is much controversy over the weighing and when, how often, etc. - I think it is just a personal decision..

I, too, have had the dvd's for a very long time- probly a year. So are you stacking the workouts like they recommend - doing 2 or 3 dvd's at ohe time? That is what I think is deceiving about the 10 min workouts - you really have to do more for good results! Let us know how you are doing! Are you doing the treadmill too you said? I have a treadmill and access to a full I have no excuse!..

Comment #41

Hi Again!.

I feel like I'm doing really well but I suspect I'm just not used to NOT being bloated but whatever. I feel better so that's what matters right now.

My starting weight was 155.4 and on the beginning of day 5 I'm 152.8 and I still have 2 days to go before the real weigh in. That's almost 3 lbs!.

Anyhow my trip is coming up March 6 and I'm hoping to be at least 145 by then...

Comment #42

I weigh 155 lbs. I used to weigh 180 and lost 5 lbs. just by exercising before I started Nutrisystems. That is what inspired me to start to diet. Since I started Nutrisystems I have lost another 20 lbs. So, it actually has been a 25 lb.

I have to lose another 20 lbs. before I will be at goal. I am exercising 30 minutes 3 times a week, sometimes more. I love the Nutrisystems food! I expect to be at goal by the sprintime. Good luck to everyone..

Comment #43

Friday - you are doing awesome! Congrats! It really is all about how you feel, though, - that is why we are all here! We know we don't feel good where "we" are, wherever that is! You will make it to 145 by Mar 6!.

Dorothy - thanks for sharing! I bet you already feel like a new person going from 180 to 155! That is great! How long has it taken you to lose the 20 lbs using NS? I seem to be losing slow and it can be discouraging but I will see it through!..

Comment #44

Hi everyone,.

I'm having a real low couple of days.I got the e-mail for my next shippment, I'm thinking to stop nutrisystem. It's just not working for me. I'm on and off this plan since 22nd April, 2009 thats over 40 weeks. I'm not able to continue, my 6 year old thinks I never eat the food that the rest of the family is eating and lately it's depressing. I'm at 145 lb since Thanksgiving, even excercise is not working anymore. I wanted to be at 125 lb since last October and maintain for my 10th Anniversary coming on April 21.

Keepitsimple, sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't even do my 10 minute dvds today, so I broke those 10 days routine too, Sorry guys to disappoint you.....

Comment #45

Parmak - I'm Here! I just couldn't get online much at work today - I was really busy.

I know Nutrisystem can work for you - think back to why you feel it isn't working. I know you say you have been the same weight since Thanksgiving but were you 100% every single day since then....thru the holidays...? I personally gained 10 lbs in December and I am still trying to lose those last 10 lbs - I could have started at 149 instead of 159!.

We can do this together .... you have the food and you have the workouts ... I will NOT be dissapointed in you if you will do just one thing for me .... go for 2 weeks without eating anything that is not on plan and workout out 3 days a week, you pick any 3. At the end of the two weeks we can re-evaluate. Please don't give up - there is a reason this isn't working for you so we have to find out why because I know it will! I know it!!!!!.

Isn't it so weird ...the food is good and there are some days (I am speaking from how I feel) that you feel like you could do this forever then there are the days you wonder why you are doing it!?!.

Are you in? Two Week Commitment? ;-)..

Comment #46

I'm at 155 and would love to get to 130. I lose 1 and then gain 2 and then lose 2 and gain 1. Can't seem to get the scale to move. I do great until I get home from work, and then I can't seem to quit shoving stuff into my mouth. Any good ideas to keep that from happening?..

Comment #47

Parmak -you still here with us? You can do this!.

Drkimmieg - It can be tough. I am working on the same 3 pounds up and down right now, too! It takes being 100% every day and physical activity. Are you hungry when you get home from work and that is why you are eating or is it a habit you have had and are having trouble breaking?..

Comment #48

I started Nutrisystem for the same reason! I travel, by car, for work and I got tired and fatter on drive thru food and grabbing too much food at the grocery at night. I LOVE that I can pack a weeks worth of food and take it with me!! I head to the grocers for my fruits, veggies, misc add ons. THIS is working for me and I feel so much better for doing it..


Comment #49

Sorry keepitsimple to reply late, we had powercut because of weather, I'm 25 miles from DC. Anyways, I'm not done with Nutrisystem yet. I don't know why but reading your message gave me hope again, you are right I didn't give 100% ever to this plan, it's not hunger or Nutrisystem food, it's just that this is not my regular diet, so I miss my food so I take a bite here and there when I cook for my family. I cook 2 meals everyday for the family, we eat out maybe couple of times a month, so lots of Indian cooking everyday..

Again side tracked. So lets do this together. 2 weeks 100% Nutrisystem food, exercise atleast 3 times a week. I already took the scale out of my bathroom. Only thing is I want to start from Monday, I'm out this weekend. But Monday for sure.

Thanks again for the support.

Who else is with us for the next 2 weeks? Lets do it......

Comment #50


Where did everyone go? keepitsimple, newgirlfrompittsburg, friday2007,dorothy12345 ? Who else did I miss? How is everyone doing? In for Monday ? Starting 100% Nutrisystem guidelines.....

Comment #51

Hi Parmak! I am SO glad you are still with us! I am here and I am with you 100% starting with you Monday. I was reading the post of the lady that had had no junk food for 4 weeks and I was wondering how that would really feel! I do real well - but I haven't gone 4 weeks without ANY cheat at all ever! That has to feel awesome! So we will focus on 2 weeks first to get to 4weeks!.

I hope some of the others join us - but if not, we will do it!.

As for your daughter .... she needs you to be happy and healthy and my boys have seen me eat my own food different from them for years. They just expect it - and now it is pretty cool because my son is upset on the nights I don't steam fresh veggies because he wants them! We eat everything the same except the main dish - I eat my Nutrisystem and my family has pork chops, steak, chicken, a casserole.....whatever I fix with all the sides that I eat!.

I want to get under 150 .... I was at 152.4 this morning. I stayed on plan today except I had popcorn tonight at my son's basketball game, not enough water today and because of the popcorn skipped my Nutrisystem dinner..

Let me know how your weekend is going!.


P.s. - you are getting pounded with snow if you live near DC - what is your forecast like for this week? Is the weather going to clear up?..

Comment #52

Hi my name is Frith. Can I join in too. I would like to do the 2 weeks and exercise program with you. I am on day 5 and haven't cheated yet, which surprises me! My weakness is icecream and wine (not at the same time!!) but I have been enjoying the desserts, I like to have my sweets after dinner. I am 150 and would like to get to 135. I will weigh myself on Sunday.

Not sure how I will handle it. I have not eaten out all week on purpose so I can keep on the packaged food. I need to learn more about what to supplement the meals with as I don't think I am eating enough. Keep running out of veges and getting sick of broccili with everything ha ha. I am doing the 30 day shred on Comcast Exercise channel ....

Comment #53

Kiwi - that would be awesome if you joined us! I think sometimes it is just hard to never have a small bite of something off plan and then one bite leads to another! I have gone I think 5 or 6 days straight before - you are doing great!.

You will do great tomorrow - just decide what you are going to have before you go out. What was your starting date? That is great that you have an exercise program going already - that definitely helps!.


Comment #54


So glad to hear from you. Kiwifrith you can definately join, everyone is welcomed. Our weather is clearing up, a little snow again on wednesday but that should be fine. I'm in Atlantic city for weekend. My husband has to work here so we are just gonna hang out at the hotel room. Bought all kid's dvds and wii with us.

Hopefully will not eat other foods now. Feels like vacation to me, never went out for no reason in the past 10 years. so might as well enjoy with my sons. Tomorrow having Valenline dinner anyways, waiting to eat pad thai for 2 months!!!.

But Monday, lets start. I think I'll gain a bit, by then. So I'm gonna do 2 10 minute dvds and 30 minutes of treadmill, 10 glasses of water and ALL of Nutrisystem food, I usually skip fruit/veggie to make up the calories.

Kiwifrith have you tried those veggie medley from green giant. It's like 100 calories which I replace for 3 veggie servings and 1 fat serving. I but those from bjs so never run out of it. Try it. Specially with carrots,broccoli and peppers. What do you say keepitsimple?..

Comment #55

I am so excited to do this right and have you guys to hold me accountable! I haven't lost but 7 lbs but I put on a pair of my size 2's today and buttoned them! Now....they were too tight to wear and I had the muffin top goin on so I won't wear clothes like that BUT a month ago I couldn't even pull them over my hips! I have followed more closely this past month than a couple years ago but I had 5 or 6 cheat meals thru the month - and not just a "little" meal but cookies, pizza, loads of cals in those meals. I KNOW we are going to see great results .... and I am finally getting over my sickness and feeling like working out again!.

I bought a steamer and we love it - I throw all kinds of veggies in there with some pam and seasoning - but it takes about 35 minutes so I use the microwave steaming bags a lot if I am in a hurry. They are awesome! I will check out the green giant veggies. Are they frozen and then get steamed in the micro? I need to get to the store. I am low on everything for my add-ins..

That sounds like a wonderful weekend away! I haven't done that in years, either! How far away from home are you and how old are your boys?.

I am making a plan for my workout schedule to - I have to find a way on my school days to get it in. I have been doing the Wii Walk It out and Love love it! I have walked 15 miles or more this week with it!.

Check in soon!.


Comment #56

It's nice to hear from people who are in the 150's! I started the program about 4 weeks ago and weighed 156, I am 146 as of today. I am loving nutrisystem it's so easy to follow! good luck everyone! )..

Comment #57

Hey, I am 2 weeks in. I started at 151 and my goal is to lose 32 pounds. It has been surprisingly easy to stick with this program and I am already noticing that I look different. I lost 3 pounds my first week and my second weigh in is tomorrow. Unfortunately, I let Valentine's Day get the best of me. After not cheating for 2 weeks I did today.

I'll see what the scale says tomorrow and start the week strong. Today proves for me that a buddy to cheer on could be a great thing...

Comment #58

Courtney- that is awesome! I started at 159 and 152 this morning - was 4 weeks yesterday. I haven't cheated much but several meals - never a day! I am feeling good now and we have a "pact" here 100% for 2 weeks starting today! I don't think this plan is hard either so I don't know why I have had a few outside meals .... but the nice thing is it doesn't throw you off where you have to start over again when you do that it just slows the loss a bit!.

Style - you are doing awesome as well! You want to join us for 100% being perfect? Not that we won't carry that afterwards but it is an achievable goal then we will set another!..

Comment #59

Hi everybody!.

This place seems like an awesome support system for those starting in the 150's, and I'd love to join :].

I'm around 150, and my goal is 125-120. I'm 5'4. Just a little about myself. I look forward to sharing this journey with you all! Good luck! :].

Edit: Can anybody tell me how to add the weight ticker to my posts? The help is appreciated!..

Comment #60

Style and Kiwi -you still with us!? Who else is still here and joining us for 2 weeks 100% NS? We are breaking big goals into small steps!.

Thsutleo - welcome! Yes, it is awesome because we are all working for a similar goal - started in a similar place and going to the 120's or 130's!.

So I am just over 4 weeks in and have lost just over 8 lbs as of this morning - but I measured (did I already post this?) at 4 weeks and I have lost 1 1/2 inches in my waist and 2 1/2 inches in my hips! Yahoo! I started walkingt with my wii about a week ago and I think that has also helped..

Parmak - you still here!? Check in with us!.

We are on our 2 weeks of 100% Nutrisystem food and it is a good thing because last night I grilled hamburgers outside, homemade french fries.... and they smelled sooooo good! BUT because I had to be accountable to all of you I ate my Nutrisystem burger and cheese puffs....and it felt so good to be in control when I finished. I thought to myself, "My tummy is full and I feel good .... but that was a close call!" It is so easy to talk yourself into just "one" meal off Nutrisystem .....

Everyone have a great Nutrisystem day!.


Comment #61

Thusleo - I haven't added a ticker yet either so not sure how to tell you to do it! There are lots of directions in the threads though so do a search and you will find it! I just have my signature set and I decided to post my monthly weight instead of weekly or current. As long as I see a loss every month and that number is getting smaller I will be happy!..

Comment #62

Hi everyone,.

Glad to see more and more people joining us. I had a perfect Nutrisystem day yesterday for the first time, and you r keepitsimple, it was totally becuase we are accountable to each other. that really helps.

Thsutleo, for the ticker, click on anyone's ticker that will take you to the other website then create your own ticker, when done, there'll be a link at the bottom, add that to your signature...

Comment #63

Keepitsimple, That's exciting about your results, feels soooo good right? It's funny how sometimes it's so different on the scale and the clothes, but clothes makes us happier as you can SEE it. Keep it up.... So how is this Wii walk? Is it just a walking routine or combination of different things. I have treadmill, but sometimes it's boring depending on what I can watch on TV 'cause I do it at 6:00 a.m. so have to keep it low volume which sometimes doesn't work. Anyways, can you tell me about the Wii?.

You'll find green giant veggies in the frozen section, ready in 3 minutes. I really like it, also because I don't know how else to eat my veggies except this or salad. Give me some ideas. Today I had it with my 3 egg white omlete. Now for dinner will have salad or V8. Not many ideas about veggies here.

I'll be in everyday now. Back home. We were 150 miles away from here. I had fun watching ice age, lightning mcqueen,baby's day out with my 3 and 6 yr old boys at the hotel. Its my 2 days going as 100% Nutrisystem really very excited. See you all tomorrow.....

Comment #64

I started at 141, can I still join in? I started 12/16/09 at 141, and now 2/16/10 Im at 129. I have about 15 more pounds to go, so Im half way there.

I love Nutrisystem because it works so well...

Comment #65

Hey I'm new this is my 3rd week, started at 155lbs goal is 135 or more, but the 1st week I lost 6lbs and for the past 2 weeks I have gained a pound and I'm so fustrated, though I'm glad to find this chat room that fits my specifics, and parmak and keepitsimple's comments are discourged to say the least, is it because I'm young or I sometimes eat less than required?.

Also is there a way to eat hummus? the food guide says I have to be over 100lbs over weight to eat it, but I LOVE it...any subs I could make once to twice a week to eat my favorite food? is that smart?..

Comment #66

I just joined yesterday and I'm waiting on my food. Can't wait!! I'm at 147 and would love to get to's hoping to lose 27 pounds!..

Comment #67

You need to stay away from things that you should not eat.

And it sounds like hummus is off the plan. if you have gained the past 2 weeks, you are not following the plan exactly. there may be lulls in your Nutrisystem journey, I stayed the same weight for 4 days, and I did not go off plan once, but then I started losing again, and have continued to lose, the only times I gain are when I go off plan.

You might consider putting hummus on hold for a bit.

Dont you need something to eat with the hummus, such as chips or crackers?.

They are another no no. You dont need them.

Once you are well on your Nutrisystem journey, perhaps you can have your hummus once every other week. But know that when you eat your coveted hummus, you will gain. and working so hard all week, just to enjoy a snack, and see that weight go back up, well it may be worth it toyou, but you might think twice about it.

Its all up to you ...

Comment #68

Well I havent gone away from the plan at all the whole time. I was just asking...

Comment #69

Has any gained weight? I gained 2 lbs and then lost it but so far like everyone said going very slow...

Comment #70

To everyone not losing much only one thing to say. I was or am in that category too. It took me more than 14 weeks to lose 14 lbs. and I was very disappointed too. Last week I even called to cancel my shipment but then postponed it for 4 weeks as I had that much food because of the holidays. Now after we started this 100% Nutrisystem for 2 weeks I'm really hopefull.

I think that's the key, we either eat a little bit of something & then compensate it with skipping a meal or fruit/veggie..

Thanks to keepitsimple, she came in at the right time to encourage me and I continued NS. Lets all stay away from our favorite food for 1 week check the result & in the mean time think about what we want to eat when we see the result till then hold on to that favorite/weekening food...

Comment #71

Good morning!.

I am so excited you are all here! Of course you can join us!.

Parmak - glad to be able to talk to you everyday and that is awesome you had a great weekend! You still have small boys .... enjoy that, as mine are 17 and 15 and what a ride it is!.

The Wii is a gameing system .... have you heard of it? I got it for my boys but I have to fight them for it now that I am doing the Walk It Out game! There is a whole thread on it in the General Forum and I think it is called Wii Walk It Out .... read all thru that then let me know what I can help you with. All I know is it may not be as good as lifting weights but it has gotten me off the couch! That has to help something rather than just sitting on my but! My boys laugh at me!.

Eek - just keep following the plan and you will lose. A few ideas, maybe log your calories in the online tracker for a few days to make sure you aren't eating too much of the "allowed" foods. Also, I like to compare weight loss to a stock market graph .... just think over the months if you look at a graph it the arrow will move up at a diagonal ....but it won't be just a straight diagonal line .... it will have spikes in it that are up and down but the general direction is an upward movement. Weight loss is like that but the directional arrow is moving downward ....

The important thing is that it is moving down at a steady (be it slow or fast) pace. Does that make sense? Keep it up - you can do it!.

Abby - It is hard to give up foods we love and maybe once a week you treat yourself to a bit of hummus .... if you can eat just a bit. I, personally, would rather have none of what I love than a little bit (like I can't eat just one chocolate chip cookie) and I know that about myself .... but some people can. It isn't going to stall your weight loss unless you do it often. Just my opinion.

You just need to evaluate yourself and ask yourself if it does slow your loss a bit is that okay and is it worth it?.

Ashley - your food will come soon and just read on the boards and get ready. How tall are you? If I can recommend any one thing that is DON'T eat now like this is the last time you will ever get real food. Start trying to get healthier as you wait. I literally gained 10 lbs from the beginning of Dec until I started Jan 14th and I am still working on that 10 lbs .... I started at 159 and I would be so much closer to goal if I had started at 149!.

Anita - you are doing awesome - you are losing steady and will be at goal in no time! Glad to have you here with us!.

So I am curious ..... when we all reach goal what size will we be and why is it important to us? Let's find our "reason" here so we can stay focused!.

Parmak - I bout had another slip last night .... I made baked chicken, REAL mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade bread .... for my boys for dinner and it all looked so good! BUT - like you, because I was accountable I didn't! Yea!.

Veggies .... I can hardly eat canned veggies since all I have had since Nutrisystem is fresh ones! I usually steam them in my steamer but I LOVE the Ziploc or glad steamer bags. They steam veggies in 3 minutes and are awesome! I spray them with pam and seasoning of choice. I do a mixture usually and throw in what sounds good .... broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, bit of onion for seasoning...Last night I tried roasting them in the oven and my son and hubby loved them. They were good - I just did my mixture, sprayed with butter pam and seasoning and put them in a glass cake pan, turned after 20 minutes and they were really good too! I may never go back to frozen or canned veggies!.

Anyone else still with us?.


Comment #72

Hi everyone Frith here! Sunny day in California, have just done my Jillian Michaels workout and really should be getting ready for work but wanted to check in here. I weight myself on Sunday and have lost 5lbs yah! During the week I weighed myself constantly and sometimes I went back to where I started, very strange ... but hopefully the scales are correct! I am going to try and only weigh myself weekly from now on so I don't get discouraged. Thank you for the tip on the veges, I will go and buy some of those. Sounds good. I did go off a little over the weekend, we went to a set dinner at a restaurant and I did order the fish, but it was swimming in a delicious lemon caper sauce which I am sure had 1000 calories, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My husband is not on the diet, and he says he has lost 3lbs ... ha ha ... I think because I am not serving him (and me) up icecream every night :-).

Keep up the good work everyone,.


PS I live in beautiful California and we have a pool. For the last couple of years I have not felt good in my bathing suit, this year I want to walk proud and look good! So that is my motivation for losing the weight. I am 48 and 5'4"...

Comment #73

Oh Parmak and others - along the steamed veggies line - I read about putting sliced apples in the microwave steamer bags - I am going to try that with some cinnamon and splenda on them - I bet that is yummy!..

Comment #74

I am hoping to start tomorrow if my shipment arrives! I'm right about 150 now, would like to get down to around 120. I'm 34 and 5 feet even, I'm a single mom of 4 kids, so the challenge is on!..

Comment #75

@anita wow 18 pounds in about two months?! what an inspiration :] do you exercise as well?.

@parmak thanks for the tip :].

@keepitsimple1 thanks ill look around. and 8 pounds in a month thats incredible! gah I can't wait to get my package! :P..

Comment #76

Wow! Finally I thread for me! I started at 175 and after 6 weeks am down 14 lbs. I'm almost 30 and my goal is where I was at 21 (135) as per the advice of my doctor. I think my ultimate goal is to be healthy. I have high cholesterol and BP genetically, so extra weight doesn't help the situation.

I have put on weight this week, without straying from the plan one bit. It was a little upsetting to weigh in on Sunday and see that number go up instead of down, but I am accounting it to muscle? Is that crazy?..

Comment #77

Does anyone think that it is a reasonable goal to lose 20lbs total in 2 months...i planned out financially just to do 2 shipments but since I'm not losing regularly like yall know, should I start planning a 3rd month?! I feel I dont want to limit myself, but at the same time I feel I have or will hit a platue for weightloss and it would be a waste, any ideas?..

Comment #78

Hi Abby, I am a newbie but I have a feeling that a goal of 20lbs in 2 months might be really hard to achieve? I know what you mean about the financial commitment. Can you wait until you are well in your 2nd month before deciding? What week are you in? I am only in my second week and I am going to take it month by month. I want to lose 15 lbs (at least!). It seems from what I am reading that the first week you lose a lot, then it slows down. Are you exercising regularly? I am doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, she promises results in 30 days ... might be worth a try? It's only a 20minute workout but you sweat!..

Comment #79

Hey kiwi, I'm today marks the beginning of my 4th week, I guess I thought the pounds would simply melt off, I guess that was a little idealistic, oh well, yeah I should prob wait till end of month two to decide if it's worth it and yeah I'm excerising a lot, unfortunatly I cant get those dvds like hers cause I have had previous knee injuries, but my trainer and I have set up a butt kicker workout! I'm about to go the gym pretty soon actually, I guess I'm just bummed I couldnt even lose 1-2lbs like I thought..

Comment #80

Eyeampilar - I have high cholesteral too. I am trying to get it down without medication and I know eating healthy and losing the weight will do it because it did in 2004 when I lost 30 lbs..

I think you can easily lose 8 lbs a month - 2 lbs a week on AVERAGE - which means some weeks a couple more some less.

I also have bad knees but I have adapted and still get an awesome workout also..

I am at 151 now and my goal is 127 by the end of May. I plan to do one month of Nutrisystem after I reach goal so that I can ease back into real food and not overdo it. I do NOT want to ever go thru this again! I remember saying that last time and here I am ..... Ugh .... granted it took 5 years but I don't care! This is crazy!.

How is everyone else doing?..

Comment #81

Ok, keep it simple, thanks so much for the encouragment! I think youre right though, I prob should plan to do the 3rd month so I dont ruin everything when id be so close to the goal weight, and am not ok with that....beach season calls! yeah I have had to adapt and modify the workouts as well so I dont get injured again, but still the same results, but I do do yoga dvds that are easy on my joints as well as workouts with my trainer... and 2lbs a week would be ideal I will let you know my results hopfully successes!..

Comment #82

Hi ,.

I have similar reason to lose weight. I had gestational diabetes twice, family history and now pre-diebetic so my doctor wants me to go down to 120. I actually started at 165 lbs. Did a little by myself and then joined NS. Today I'm at 145. Still have 20-25 lbs.

Anyways, how is everyone's program going. Still in 100%? I had a little slip yesterday had a garlic bread. Then didn't had my lunch entre. 4 days into this and still weight the same, so today I entered all my food in the online log and guess what? I was eating less!!!! Also I tend to eat less in the day then eat 2 proteins together around 4:00 pm as a burger(just the patty) then won't be much hungry for dinner so have V8 instead of fresh veggies.. all very messed up. Also I didn't realized that since I didn't want to have artificialy sweetener, I was supposed to reduce my sugar in my morning tea (talked about this to the counselor 2 months back) did do that either.

Hopefully all this will bring me back on track.

The reason I wrote all this is to tell you all to please keep checking on yourself. Sometimes we don't even realize where we went wrong. Try to use the online log for food and check the start-up package guidelines. That's when I realized my mistake.Hope to help someone...

Comment #83

Thats me! I started at 150 trying to get back to my goal weight 130!..

Comment #84

The week is almost over!!!! How is everyone doing?..

Comment #85

Hey all! Parmak thanks for sharing! I have considered doing the online tracker I just hate taking the time. When I was discouraged a couple weeks ago that was my next step, though..

I had a slip up yesterday but right back on today and going strong! I am not going to weigh for a few more days.

I have had a super busy weekend and gone sunup to late night - didn't get home until 2 a.m. this morning from my son's basketball games last night! It is snowing like crazy, freezing and I have to go back to work tomorrow.

It will be another busy week and a challenge for me because I will be gone so much. My boys start district basketball and games are tues night, wed, night thurs night, Friday and Saturday -on top of work every day. I will do it though! I put on dress pants for parent-teacher conferences last thurs that were so tight I almost couldn't wear them when I started and I could get my hand clear to my leg thru the waist!.

Hope everyone is doing well .... let us all know!.


Comment #86

Awesome, keep it simple, I think it's kinda ironic your screen is completely opposite of your lifestyle! but I have some good news too, I finally got on the scale this morning for the first time in a week because of discouragement and I have finally started losing again after my first week's success, another 2 pounds yeah! I'm ending my 4th week and I guess I am pretty proud of myself, my sister told me I should be since it's not likely to keep the weight off if I would have lost more than that, you know? and I too have bought some "dream of fitting" clothes for summer, a bathing suit and some size 6 shorts which both are not close to fitting but I'm gonna keep trying them on so I can keep myself motivated! ill keep yall posted..

Comment #87

Abby - awesome work! Ya, I weigh every day but if I have a bad day I have learned to just not get on the scale the next day!.

Funny you comment on my screen name! My life is so much more simple now than the last 6 years - up until August this past year I was working over 70 hours a week, a wife, two teenage sons, driving over 5000 miles a month with one job and teaching full time was my other job! That is when I gained all this weight! There was just no time to workout (I was barely sleeping a few hours a night!) and it was just easiest to run thru a drive-thru...

Comment #88

Abby, Feels great to see that number change right? How exciting.. Keep going....

Keep it simple, I know how it feels to wear same clothes only feeling better. I lost a total of 20 lbs. and took out my old clothes, my close family thinks I started dressing better and look way better, in realty they were in my closet for 7 yrs. !!! Since my boys are getting a little older, I take just 5 minutes to dress porperly and change my earings and that's it, they think I changed a lot.

!!! But it's fun and exciting. I don't work, so I kind of got laid back when it came to getting ready. I mean even in grocery store what r the chances that I'm gonna see the same person next time, so never took time to get ready. Now I get ready to even drive my son to school. The point is even inbetween your son's games, make sure to take a second look in the mirror even if it's same clothes or same everything. You'll feel the difference.

By the way, I wasn't able to do 100% either, so I'm not gonna check my progress for couple of days too.... but will keep posted.....

Comment #89

Parmak - thanks for the awesome words of wisdom! You are so right - I do that a lot in the summer when I am not going to work everyday! Now that I am in school I dress up every morning.

I don't feel too bad after a rough weekend and a couple meals off plan - but I hopped right back on yesterday and know that I will be on all week! I think I will get back on the scales tomorrow .... maybe not until Wed. It is so nice - my dress pants today are really loose - I can't remember if they are a size 4 or 6 but I actually had to break down and buy them when all my others got just too tight to wear and they were getting tight when I started NS! There was no way I was buying more in a bigger size .... that is when ordered NS!.

Keep us all posted!..

Comment #90

Hi all, I'm around 150 now, but would like to get down at least 20-30 lbs. I just started the plan last week. I like the food but it is tough eating these tiny meals I used to do ww and lost 50 lbs, but I gained back 15, so I'd like to lose that plus. Does anyone else drink wine ? I like to have about 2 glasses per week and am wondering if I have to cut it out ? Thanks, Meg..

Comment #91

Welcome Erin!.

Where is everyone else at in moving the scale down? I haven't weighed since last week but was at 151. I will really feel like I am getting somewhere when I get into the 140's because from 149 to 159 I put on from the beginning of December until I started Jan 14th. Because it went on so fast (and it was so stupid of me!) I think I am still in denial about those pounds! LOL.

I am 5' 5" and 41 yrs old - fighting my age every way I can! LOL I am currently a size 4/6 and will not stop Nutrisystem until I can wear my closet full of.

0/2's! I have two teenage boys, 17 and 15 and I am a school teacher with a master's degree in school counseling. I know to get into that size I have to weigh in the upper 120's so that is my goal!..

Comment #92

Yes I know how you feel! I am losing slowly too, about a pound a weekI weigh 155 now but want to weigh 135-140. Just stay determined and know that if you are losing slowly it will all eventually come off and more than likely stay off since you didn't lose it quickly!..

Comment #93

Hi all! I am a newbie!.

I have been reading all your posts yesterday and today and it has inspired me. I just placed my first order! I was hoping I can join your group! I am at 155 right now and want to get to 140. I won't get my food for another week, but am looking forward to starting!..

Comment #94

Welcome Jessica!.

Mrs Johnson - we would love to have you! I am glad we have helped you! :-).

You can start before your food comes from reading, joining in like you already have and increasing your fruit, veggies and water and decreasing your sugar, fast food and non-diet soda! I went on a huge binge of fast food and sweets after my order but before it came and I am still working on that 10 lbs! I totally regret it! I started at 159 - that was my highest weight ever and I knew if I didn't do something it would just keep going up!..

Comment #95

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