Anyone know the best way to make a Internet business websites like

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My first question is: Anyone know the best way to make a Internet business websites like

My next question is: How long should someone wait until they should date using again..especially if they recently got out of a relationship (thru of 7-8 months?  I just don't want to ever do the same mistake twice, but are you then cheating yourself of meeting anyone else in your life?  I know some of you have been wondering the same thing, or have been there..i need the info..please let me know..


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Your question was: Anyone know the best way to make a Internet business websites like

Your mind and heart is telling you you are not ready to date.  Listen to that inner voice, it's very wise.  Take this time for yourself to grieve and heal.  Get to know yourself, pamper yourself.  Start doing things you like and want to do.  There is no set time when a person is ready to start dating (online dating with again, it's depends on each individual.  You will know when it's time.  You are very wise to know that you are not ready at this time.  Good for you!.



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It's when you heart and mind are reasonably clear of the pain of this last relationship..

It's when you can have an open and positive feeling towards dating (online dating with and don't feel the need to unload the pain of your last ex..

When you feel fresh again, when the past feels like the past.


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Each person processes grief in different ways. There is no set 'time' to get over heart break. The heart always knows best but we often let our heads tell us otherwise..

I usually equate heartbreak to breaking a leg. You have the initial and intense pain in which the broken bone gets immobilized. Then the cast comes off but that leg is still far from healed. If you attempt to run on it, it would crumple beneath you and cause serious reinjury. What you have to do is rehab that leg for a while - strengthen it with proper care and guidance. As you grow stonger, yes, you do try out some stuff and you find out rather quickly how strong that leg is in the process.

You just cannot break a leg, take off a cast and then run a marathon. You cause major pain trying.  Intimacy and loving relationships should be looked at as marathons - not the sprints many women try to make them be.  You have to train consistently and diligently to run a marathon - just about anyone can run a short distance.  It takes patience and perserverence to run a marathon.

So, your heart is still broken. YOu are barely out the cast and haven't started rehab yet. Now is the time to be tender and loving and nurturing to yourself. Take yourself out on dates and treat yourself the way you want to be treated by others.  learn to LOVE YOU first and foremost. Build friendships and do things in groups. As your heart heals, you will naturally find yourself wanting to be more visible and 'out'.

Don't be afraid to date, but get over the ridiculous idea that the next man MUST BE a serious relationship. At this time, you should be looking at dates as 'practice' . date using without expectation. date using men you might not normally go out with and be clear in communicating what you want and where you are. Its fully ok to tell a man "I'm still a little tender from my last relationship (thru and for now, I'd rather not get serious" You will know when you are really ready to BE intimate with a man - you won't throw allow negative thinking to cloud your vision! .

You should also use your rehab time to get really clear on what you want in your mate and your relationship. Know your deal breakers. This is what helps you 'strengthen' your heart.

YOu are fully ready for intimacy with another person when you can be open and honest about what you want and need with another person.  You aren't 'afraid' of bieng hurt - you accept that love has risks and you are willing to take them because the payoff is so great.  In otherwords - you don't talk yourself out of or inot a date, a man, or a relationship. Rather you know what does and does not work and speak your truth to yourself and him..

If you are still witholding any part of yourself from a potential date, your heart is telling you STOP.  You cannot change the past, you can only learn from it. It has no place in teh present or future. If you are guarding yourself, you aren't ready to  be intimate.

The more you are willing risk intimacy and vulnerability with a man, the more you know you are ready to BE in a relationship. If you hide your feelings, what you need or want for any reason, it's very clear you have unfinished issues..

Always listen to what your heart tells you - it will never lead you astray.


Comment #3

It's good to take some time to figure out what went wrong, to heal, grieve, etc. before diving back in. It's a reflective step back in order to more successfully move forward.


Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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