Anyone hungry and ravenous during medifast?

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Wake up ravenously hungry ready to eat everything/anything in site!? All parents please lock up little children (especially any covered in chocolate). LOL! I swear today is just such a day. I'm still OP but I am so busy talking myself out of eating everything that I can't get any work done! I am here to divert myself. Ugh, it is only 10:30 am!..

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Is it TOM? That's when I have those days. Sometimes I find when I don't give myself what I'm really craving on those days, I can't let it go until I have a little of what I was craving in the first place - chocolate.

If I try to substitute with healthier foods, I just can't seem to get enough and I feel completely out of control... until I finally eat a little chocolate. I have to be really careful not to go overboard with it, but it seems to tame the beast enough that I'm not going completely bonkers with the craving. Then I try to do an extra workout to burn the extra calories and carbs before they settle on my behind..

I don't know if that would work for you or not, but thought I'd share my personal experience. Good luck!..

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I am glad I live far far away from Calif....everyone run for cover and don't wear any bright colors that resemble m & m's..

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Hunger like that just might be a sign that you are getting ready to drop some lbs!!!! Embrace it...

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Yes, I have days like that too. I think it's when I drink diet soda that it does that to me. So I'm back to NO more diet sodas...

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Speaking of diet sodas they are known to slow weight loss. I have discovered that it is at least true for me.

June 13, 2005 People who drink diet soft drinks don't lose weight. In fact, they gain weight, a new study shows..

The findings come from eight years of data collected by Sharon P. Fowler, MPH, and colleagues at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. Fowler reported the data at the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association in San Diego..

"What didn't surprise us was that total soft drink use was linked to overweight and obesity," Fowler tells WebMD. "What was surprising was when we looked at people only drinking diet soft drinks, their risk of obesity was even higher.".

In fact, when the researchers took a closer look at their data, they found that nearly all the obesity risk from soft drinks came from diet sodas..

"There was a 41% increase in risk of being overweight for every can or bottle of diet soft drink a person consumes each day," Fowler says...

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You are so funny! Can you eat part of your lean a bit early today? I find that helps alot! And of course, water, water, water..

WTG on what you have lost so far, you are an inspriation...

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I think the stuff in diet soda triggers the munchies for me also. BUT boredom can really get me going. More so than stress..

Are you bored? I can give you a ton of reasons that I learned from my Momma growing up not to be bored..

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You could blame it all on the crappy air we are trying to breathe here in our area. I'm a little close to Placer county (which is where they say the smoke is coming from this time) than you are you. I'm blaming it on the dull headache I've had for two days so you might as well blame it for the craving to eat everything in sight! Hope you managed to get the urge under control. Just don't think about going out for a walk or jog in this weather...

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Caffeine triggers cravings and so does going over the carb limit by a little.. so if you had a lot off coffee / diet soda that had cafienne or even Tea... or if you pushed your Green a little bit 2 carby... that could be triggereing the cravings....

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