Anyone having cholestorol issues even after dropping the weight from Medifast?

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I am wondering if there is a lag time in improvement after losing the weight or if they coincide simultaneously. I just got the results of my annual physical back and my doctor says my cholesterol is borderline high and she wants to monitor it and have me back in six months to review. She said frankly she was very surprised given how much weight I have lost and said "I can't give you my usual advice about diet and exercise because you are already doing it" I don't have a good baseline on where I was before I lost the weight because I have been very delinquent in being checked and haven't really had it done in at least 8-10 years (or the last time I was thin). I vaguely remember being told back then that it was a little high, but chalked it up to not knowing to fast before hand and having eaten food before hand. This time I did not eat in advance. I checked the numbers she gave me and they actually seem high rather than borderline (about 220). My mom, whose own cholestorol is fine, says that my grandparents(who were very thin) both had high cholesterol and my mom's sister who weighs about 110 lbs wet takes Lipitor so it is possible that this is simply an inherited condition...

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Yep to inheritance. Mr. Sz is in excellent shape (military special forces) yet takes lipitor to control cholesterol it is not remedied by his diet and exercise which are both excellent. (Edit to add: His parents have bad cholesterol.).

Sorry this doesn't directly address your query but maybe helpful?..

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I can't help either, mine was fine at 247 and is still fine now. It was considered 'perfect' when I hit 145 in April...

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I saw my doctor a couple of weeks ago - got off my BP medicine but my cholesterol is still not good. He said that it's probably genetic since, while I still have quite a lot to lose, it should have improved by now..

Actually, the woman I know with the worst cholesterol is as thin as a rake, exercises every day without fail, and is practically a vegetarian - her doctor says the same thing - genetic..

Guess we're just lucky there are the statin drugs to help keep it under control - and I am hoping for an improvement as I lose more - we'll see..

Congratulations on your great progress!..

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I would have to put my vote in the genetics column as far as why yours is still high. mine is perfectly normal, even though it wasn't when I started..

Stacy, what was your hdl (the good kind)? it's supposed to be at least 40. mine has always hovered in the upper 30s to 40, but this last time it was up to 49, which I credit the flaxseed meal in assisting...

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My HDL was 51 which was fine..

It was the LDL which was the problemover 170..

I am starting to fear it is genetic. I guess I will know for sure in six months when I go back agan...

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I remember being in my late 20's...weighing 110 pounds and having a cholesterol of 220. There is a hereditary aspect to it..

Over the years it went up to 313...with the Lipitor it went down to 165...with Medifast and Lipitor it is now 135..

I wanted to stop the Lipitor but my doctor does not want me to...likes my numbers now. I do get bloodwork every 3 months to check my cholesterol and liver function...

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Probably genetic in your case. Obesity is only one factor in high cholesterol..

My problem is hypertension. I was hoiping that it was obesity related, But looks like not! A 10% decrease in body weight is supposed to be enough to lower BP. Mine is now more like a 20% decrease in body weight, but no change in BP...

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Dang genetics!!! Hopefully science will soon conquer this one also. Even at my highest weight doctors would scratch their heads because my numbers were always so excellent. My sister is the one, on the other hand, who is thin and has to watch her cholesterol vigilantly..

I have no medical family history being adopted but so far looks like I did just fine in the genetic lotto...

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