Anyone have green Medifast Diet recipes?

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I am on my 5th day and just got lectured on the nutirition support threads and I deserved it. I was never a veggy guy more like meat and potatoes. My wife on the other hand loves her veggies. I have tried some from time to time and never have they not turn my gut..

Question is does anyone have any recipes that will make the greens not taste like grass smells? I know it's going to be tuff to try to stomach them now since we are cutting out all the high cal and high carb dressing I could drown them in,but Like the rest of you I am trying to get the weight down and if some how I can figure out how to start eating veggies I know it will be for the best...

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Maybe you are a meat and potato kind of eater? if so, I would suggest the mashed really tastes a lot like mashed potatos. Here is how I do mine....

I steam my cauliflower...measure out a cup and a half. Then add 1 wedge of laughing cow lite cheese ( cheese can be taken from your lean) and a tablespoon of walden farms alfredo sauce ( which I don't like on the shiritake noodles so this is a good use for it) and mix it up in my Magic Bullet blender. I find that this is a yummy comfort food type of thing..

I also grill portabello mushroom caps and add a little grated lite cheese in the last 30 seconds...very good and not grassy..

Of course veggies are really good for you but if you really can't do might try the shiritake the forum for the advice. I personally really like them and they replace your greens for the day..

Hope this helps..

Good luck on your journey...

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Do you like any veggies? (And I don't mean corn or potatoes!).

A really easy one is the new Steamfresh veggies, I think Green Giant but not sure. Anyways they have a great Garlic Cauliflower, really good and easy..

As for the salad and dressing thing. I love South Beach Diet salad dressing. It doesn't taste like those other diet dressings. Also you might look into Galeo's dressings. They aren't available in a lot of grocery stores but I order them online. Just do a search.

Oh, I have also found that sprinkling a bit of pepper on the raw salad greens really helps!.

My fave recipe right now (and hubby hates veggies as much as you seem to!) Wilt spinach, add a can of mushrooms, a bit of pepper, garlic, maybe some onion powder. Then pour a bit of Galeos sesame dressing over top, sprinkle with a bit of parmesan cheese and man it is good!.

I know this is an adjustment but hubby is actually eating salad with very little complaint right now! I hope this helps!..

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I think I will give the cauliflower a try cause I love me some mashed potatoes.

To answer your question Pawp1, No only veggies I like are corn and potatoes although I did enjoy mom's zuchinni(sp) Bread, ahh but we can't have bread either.

I am also going to try the noodles just incase I can't get the veggies to work with me..

Thank you for your responses and I will let you know how it turns out...

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Try tossing veggies in FF Italian salad dressing and throwing them on the grill. I know it's winter but I still grill outside if it's above 25 degrees. A good combo is zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, asparagus. I would slice the zucchini length wise into 1/4 inch thickness. The grill kind of gives the veggies a steak like flavor. Mushrooms are the "steak" of vegetables, so maybe you could ease into veggies with them.

It makes any veggie taste amazing! Good Luck...

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Add chopped mushrooms, some tomatoes and little grated nonfat cheese to your scrambled eggs or an omelette... that way you can disguise them but still get them in!.

Also, what about fajitas? Grilled peppers, 1-2 tablespoons onion (counts as a condiment), and tomatoes along with your beef strips...

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I have lots of experience with salads and green vegetables. You will have to try different things to see which vegetables are most palatable for you. But as you go along, remember to use herbs and spices, but don't go overboard. Keep it simple. Basil is great on almost everything. I also use pepper and garlic granules (buy in health food store that has bulk foods - I like them better than powder) on everything.

I usually make my own salad dressings, but not everyone wants to go to the trouble.

The cauliflower recipe will definitely be good, but be assured it will not taste like potatoes to you, as a dedicated potatoe eater! It is a great substitute, however. Using parmesan sprinkle cheese on the cauliflower (and on other things, including every now and then on salad) works for me because a little bit goes a long way for flavor, and the calorie, etc. addition is small. Have you tried Zucchini lately by itself? It is great - it is a summer squash, so does not fit into the same category as the other squashes & potatoes. I like to steam my vegetables so nutrients are not lost, and they taste fresher - even frozen. Or in the microwave - quick, easy.

Stay away from canned vegetables if you can. They don't taste as good. Another thing you could try is the packaged frozen stir-fry vegetables. If you can't find ones that fit what we are supposed to eat (some have noodles in them), then you can make your own by mixing green beans, onion, celery, whatever other vegetables you have in the house. But don't fry - use spray stuff if you want, but I like to cook stir-fry with a little water in the microwave.

The same tricks as we use on vegetables can also be applied to meats, poultry, fish to keep them interesting. For fish, I either sprinkle stuff on them or I make a paste with a little worcestireshire sauce and spread it on. This way I do not wish I had tartar sauce. It is amazing what combinations will work. Last time, I put chili powder in with garlic & pepper & W. sauce.

Sometimes I use sage for a different flavor. Or basil..

Remember, once you get started, you might even like being creative. It won't always turn out the best, but it does not take long to figure out what you can do with food. Some of the best cooks are men.

Hope this helps...

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What about spaghetti squash?.

I sometimes have that or french green beans in place of pasta when I'm feeding the family spaghetti..

Also Mr. Day 5, you might be pleasantly surprised at the change you'll see in your tastebuds after a couple of weeks. Just take your "medicine" for now and wait for the change...

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I'm the same but have developed a love for good crisp salad with Galeos Sesame Dressing. I love grilled asparagus and yellow squash or any other vegetable for that matter grilled. I spray with Pam Olive Oil or butter salt and pepper and throw them on the grill. You can do them in the oven too but they are better grilled. Try cooking a couple of cans of cut green beans with a package of Goya Ham Seasoning. Tastes just like they've been cooked with ham! And, someone (thanks to whoever it was) posted a recipe using Portobello Mushroom caps with a little marinara or pasta sauce an ff cheese.

Pretty good but the mushrooms get really watery and I don't know how to avoid that part of it.

Hope these help!.


Comment #8

I've continued to use some of our favorite recipes and substituted veggies that are allowed - with fairly good results. Homemade beef stew, using extra lean stew meat - I use big chunks of Zucchini and Summer Squash instead of potatoes and carrots. The summer squash especially tends to take on the flavors of the seasoning and gravy..

I also use summer squash and mung bean sprouts in stir frys. They tend to absorb the Szechuwan Sauce and you manage to get your Green in without noticing....

Same thing for a Zucchini and Summer Squash Saute with Italian Seasoning and a sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese - you get the concept of italian food without the "in your face" feeling of Green Veggies. If you want me to send you any of these just let me know...

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I am NOT a veggie eater myself my grandpa grew corn and beans for DelMonte so I grew up eating only those two veggies along with potatoes However, thanks to QuirkyIQ's recipe collection, I discovered turnip chips YUM I eat them 2-3 times per week and my husband loves them too..

Peel and slice your turnips really thin, spray them with a little spritz of olive oil (plain EVOO or flavored - the balsamic is good) then lightly season salt and pepper, crushed red pepper garlic salt I tend to season depending on my mood. Then cook in a 450 degree oven for about 10 minutes each side watch them so you can get them as crispy as you want..

Currently my favorite seasoning is sea salt, then sprinkle a little vinegar on them just before eating..

You can also bake them, scoop out the middles and mash them they're pretty good that way too...

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Coleslaw with Galeo's dressing. Just buy the packaged cole slaw at your local supermarket. It's easy and delicious!..

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I would go out and buy yourself an Indian cook book. If you cut down on the oil (for some reason Indian food is drenched in oil) they have tons of really great veggie recipes. My favorite is Spinach cooked with either Beef or Chicken. There is also Beef with Couliflower, recipes for eggplant, okra, cabbage rolls that can be filled with lean ground turkey instead of beef, and a few others. Stir-fry is also great if you are careful about which vegies you choose for stir fry..

As for salads, try a vinagrette instead of the usual fatty salad dressing (there are also low calorie version that taste almost the same), and add some salt and pepper to your salad. To me, this isn't just some diet which I'm on, and once I finish I'll go back to how I ate before. Spending all this money for medifast (seems like a lot of money, even though it really isn't) makes me want to explore different foods and recipes, since I need to learn how to eat for the rest of my life too...

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I tried the cauliflower and that ain't happening. I am going to continue to try as I know it would be better for me. How long does it take for your taste buds to change. I am almost at the end of week 3 with 20lbs gone!!! But I still haven't found a veggie I can but down without that bitter beer face LOL. I will keep trying all your recipes and when I find on I can deal with I will let you know. Thank you to everyone who suggested a recipe...

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Do you like Fajitas? Green and Red peppers are on the list of approved foods...

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I am going to fire up the grill this weekend and try some peppers. What else do you like on the grill?..

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Portobello mushroom caps (the big ones - taste like steak w/a little seasoned salt on them), zucchini and yellow summer squash on skewers with either seasoned salt or marinated in some fat free Italian dressing.....

Of course, asparagus is the best wherever you cook it - you can skewer it - a bunch of stalks in a row, so it looks like a log raft - and then throw it on the grill - drizzle w/olive oil and a titch of lemon juice, then spring with fresh die for..

Good luck. I do salad every day because there are no good veggies in season here, so I will wait til I plant my big ol' garden...tomatoes, cukes, beans...peppers...ahhhhh...bring on the sun!..

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I have been thinking about you and hoping you liked the cauliflower...oh well! I do the portabellon mushrooms on the grill, with a little olive oil sprayed with a Misto Sprayer..then some cheese sprinkled on top...I know it is a cheat, but I use a very little bit of grated hasn't stoppped my weight loss yet. I alos love asparagus on the grill...but don't walk away or it will burn, you need to constantly turn itso that it becomes bright pink..

Another grill favorite thing to doof mine is the Reynolds Wrap Foil Bag....

I throw all of my begetables in there with my meat and throw it...literally...on the grill...everything is steamed and done so nicely.

Keep trying! Don't forget the shiritake noodles for the days you can't face the veggies..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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