Anyone had surgery after Medifast?

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I posted this question in another thread but, I received no replies. I'm on day 5 and have 108lbs to lose. I'm terrified of saggy skin and the possibility of surgery. Is there anyone out there whose lost over 100 lbs with no saggy skin? Anyone whose had to have surgery?..

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I have a total of 67 pounds to lose and I am worried about sagging skin. Especially on my stomach. I am putting cream on my tummy and legs (shea butter for weight-loss, stretch marks or pregnancy). If my skin sags, I will definately get surgery...

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I don't think you'll like my answer, but here it is anyway:.

20000000 people could respond. All of them will have a different story.

Every person is different. Age, genetics, habits, amount of exercise, etc..

What it comes down to, and what you have to ask yourself is:.

What do I want more? Fat or the POSSIBILITY of some lose skin..

If I had the answer for you, I promise I'd give it. But there is no magic bullet. Every doctor has different information. Every site you'll read has different information.

Just 6-8-10-24 months, you could share your story with someone new asking this question. Would you rather be there or still wondering? I only share this as this used to be a concern of mine, as well. But hell, I'd rather be slimmer with some sag than not.

Best wishes to you as you make your decision and begin your journey...

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I'm 60 75 pounds lost yes some sag do I care? not much will I have surgery? no way. I think a lot has to do with age. Old folks sag younger folks can rebound easier...

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Do some searching and you'll find a lot of threads regarding this topic. It varies by person. I've lost 147lbs and yes, I have a little saggy skin in my stomach (my arms and my legs look pretty good). It's not horrible, but it's not pretty either. I did everything in my power to try to alleviate it while I was losing (EXERCISE, STRENGTH TRAINING, lotions) and I think it helped. They also say it takes up to a year for some shrinking to occur.

And seriously, sagging skin is more attractive than unhealthy adipose tissue any day...

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THIS TOPIC IS A HOT ONE... There are quite a few threads that explore it at length. A search "Saggy Skin" will give you the opportunity to see a vast array of answers which are as varied as each of us are!.

I DO have saggy skin and will never wear a bikini but the trade off of 100+ pounds being gone, and looking good in clothes, and feeling great is more than worth it!.


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A lot depends on your age - I lost 83 .lbs when I was 26 & had no problem whatsoever with saggy skin - this time around that's not the same story - I've lost 60 .lbs so far & have a lot around my tummy - would love to have a tummy tuck, but finally decided to heck with it at my age. I've been exercising a lot & it just isn't going away - if you are young - you may not have the same problem. Just work at it. That's the only place I have trouble - but I've had children & a hysterectomy too. I think that makes a difference. I'll definitely put up with the saggy skin over the extra weight any day. Best wishes - D..

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Some great answers here,,,at 56 I would expect a bit of sagging, even if I had never been overweight to start with,,,our skin ages, and loses it's elasticity,,,the younger ones here stand a better chance of things going back into place the year or so after weight loss,,,it is very hard to predict what will happen,,but the health benefits from weight loss outweigh (no pun intended ), the looks of a bit of loose skin in my book anyday! Just be the beautiful person you are inside, and let the skin issue take care of itself.....keep your skin well moisturized, but don't fall for the firming lotions out there,,,those guaranteed to make your "ta-tas" look like you had a lift,,or your tummy to look like a well toned 25 yr olds...they won't work,,just go with a good basic skin moisturizer,,,,cocoa butter is old school,,but the best still in my book.....

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I have some sagging skin, but I'll take skin over fat any day of the week. I wish I would have started strength training earlier cause I think that would have helped, but I'm working on it now... I'd rather be a saggy size 6 than a tight size 16! Becki..

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I am 58. I have lost about 50 lbs. I have a lot of sagging skin. My tummy is not as bad as other areas. My upper arms, thighs and butt are a sagging nightmare. I am still happy for the weight loss.

I can sort of hide it with my clothes but would not be able to hide the 50 lbs. in clothes. Can anyone tell me why moisturizing helps with the sagging skin? I have not heard that before, but I will sure give it a try...

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How about a body wrap? Heck of a lot cheaper and safer then surgery and sure would make you feel better...

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I am 41 and have lost over 100 pounds. I have some saggy skin on my belly and thighs, but it is really not that bad and it is worth it! Don't worry about it - just lose the weight & deal with the skin later if you are unhappy with it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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