Anyone had success with or bad experience?

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My first question is: Anyone had success with or bad experience?.

My next question is: This guy who I've been dating (online dating with for about 2 months just got back from weekend camping trip with his friends, I didn't hear from him all day Sunday until about 9:30pm and he texted me to tell me that he went down to the shore, it was a long story, but that he was alright. What the heck is that about? Is he losing interest in me? Should I believe him, I find it all kind of strange that a guy who was interested in me would pretty much not contact me somehow during the day to let me know what's going on. Also would it be ok to call him and ask him what's going on or should I just leave it all alone and let him go? Any advice would be helpful and thank you in advanced...

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Your question was: Anyone had success with or bad experience?.

Did you have plans or something and he blew you off?  Or did you know he was going on the camping trip?.

I guess I'm not sure why him not contacting you until 9:30 is such a big deal..



Comment #1

I guess I don't understand what the big deal is either.  Did you have plans tonight?  Did he say he would call at a certain time and didn't?  Why are you so concerned here?  He said he just got back and it was a long story.  Who knows what happened.  But if you freak out and get all accusatory asking him what's going on, that is going to look psycho and clingy and you have only been dating (online dating with 2 months.  The proper response here would be to say "Glad to hear you're back.  Hmm, sounds like you had an interesting time!  I'll look forward to hearing about your trip when you get settled back into things.  Chat with you later."  He is probably tired and just glad to be home afer a long weekend.  You calling him up will probably NOT go over well.  And as for the "should I just leave it all alone and let him go?"  ummm, huh?  What is to "let go" in relation to him?  Good grief.  It is one long weekend where he's probably tired and just wants to settle in and go to bed.  Don't you think you are overreacting just a weeeeeee bit?.




Comment #2

You're right I know I'm over reacting and that's just because I'm used to guys just dropping off the earth after a few weeks of I'm gonna take your advice and just not be a clingy person, I wasn't gonna call him tonight anyways it's way to late for that I was just spouting off questions. Thank you for your advice, I mostly just needed someone to vent to. Thank you for listening...

Comment #3

<<You're right I know I'm over reacting and that's just because I'm used to guys just dropping off the earth after a few weeks of dating...>>.

I don't mean this in a harsh way, but if you are used to guys dropping off the face of the earth after a few weeks, the common denominator here is you.  Maybe you are not making wise decisions in the men that you pick to date using and find guys who are in some way not available (emotionally or otherwise) to date.  Maybe you have gotten clingy and needy and pushy in the past with them and they bail.  Maybe something else is going on, but if you are always getting the same thing from different guys, it's almost always NOT the guys, it's something with you.  Even in the situation that is they are all in some way unavailable, YOU are the one picking them so maybe in some way, you sense that and do this to passively keep yourself from having to get involved..

So yes, calm down, take a deep breath and don't freak out with this guy.  Maybe shoot him an email tomorrow and see how the trip went but do NOT start firing questions off about what he meant or what he did.  And in the meantime, maybe look inside and see what it might be that might be causing these guys to bail. .




Comment #4

Depends on if he texts you or calls you a bunch of times over the course of the day or just a few - if you feel like he is doing something out of the ordinary, ask him about it, but don't freak out...

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