For those on Medifast, have you lost with other diet programs?

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Hi everyone,.

I'm curious if anyone has seen that. My kit comes tomorrow and I've been spending SO much time reading about the plan, what to do, how to do it, letting my family and friends know about my new lifestyle, etc..

But the biggest reason is that I want it to be fast...well, faster than ww was anyway. I did WW from February through last week and only lost a total of 15 pounds. I would lose 3, then gain one, then stay the same (this was being PERFECT about journaling, fruits and veggies,etc)..

Anyone go from sluggish losses on other programs to quick ones with this? I'm really excited but worried that maybe it will be more of the same....



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I never lost fast on ANY weight loss plan other than MF. I lost super fast at the beginning, but I was also super big. I had bunches of no loss weeks, but those were always followed by bigger loss weeks. My total weight loss averages out to about 3 pounds a week, but of course, that's an average - I had HUGE losses for the first 3 months or so, then it slowed down some.

The overwhelming sentiment I've seen on the boards in my time here though has been that people lose faster on Medifast than anything else they've tried...

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Hi Emily,.

I'm doing way better on Medifast than I ever did on WW. I think even though I stayed within the parameters or WW, it was too much carbs for me. Also it is so much easier than WW, because of the food prep, so I have more patience with sticking to the plan, and have more energy to do other things to keep my mind off food. I don't feel like a fast loser compared to some here, but I am continuing to lose each week and am very satisfied!.


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When I was on Weight Watchers, I was on it for about 10 weeks and my lowest weight was 211 (down from a start of 231).

On MFast, I started a little less at 221 after having quit WW, and after a week and a half I'm back down to 211.

I'd say you'll be okay..

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I think this is the easiest and fastest diet I have ever been on! I have done Jenny, Nutri-system, WW, diet pills, Atkins you name it! You are young and will lose fast - this is really easy - because you really can't cheat unless you want to! WW gives you too many choices and then you take more "bites" than you should - Jenny and Nutri get you hooked on carbs - especially deserts! Atkins will stop working for you after a while- This is so easy to take to work! really easy to go out with friends - lean and green for your out with friends meals! You'll do great!..

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I did WW for about a year and I lost 60 lbs. I got sick of constantly obsessing over points, fell off the wagon and gained 40 of it back within the following year. I lost 60 lbs on Medifast within the first 4 months...and now almost a year later I've lost 126 it's definitely faster for me!..

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Hi everyone!.

Just cruising the boards and forgot I'd posted this. Happy to report that, as of day 7 I've lost 9 pounds!!! So incredible. I'd gained back 4 of the 15 I'd lost, so I'm now at 205.4. I can't believe it - I haven't been this size in 4 years! I love this program (do I sound excited? lol)..

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I lost 10 lbs in 2 months on WW & starved all the time! On this the 1st 8 days, I lost 9.5 lbs! And other that the first few days, I am really not hungry at all! Medifast is such a terrific program!..

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I agree with everyone else. I did WW for 10 months and lost 10 lbs. In the first 2 weeks I've lost 7.2 and it was easy. No obsessing about points or what to eat. I also like being able to have dinner with my family every night. WE will do great on this plan...

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I was on WW for 20 weeks and lost 25 lbs.

However I lost 25 lbs in SIX WEEKS on Medifast...

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Hi guys,.

Wanted to jump in (I'm the one who started the thread) and say that the lack of hunger is a HUGE plus with MF. On WW, I was always so hungry, even when I'd try to have more protein. On MF, I'm hungry after 2-3 hours like clockwork, when it's time for another meal!.

Also, this was my 3 week weigh in and I'm down 14.2 pounds - ONEDERLAND!.

So if anyone else is reading about Medifast and wondering if it's faster or easier than WW, I have to say the answer is yes..


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Emily, I'm exactly the same. I read on here that some people never get hungry, but I do-every 2.5 to 3 hours! And once I have my Medifast meal, my body is satisfied. I've also noticed that "hungry" doesn't mean the absolute miserable, starving, stomach growling, feeling ill hungry that I used to experience...just a little "It's time to eat" alarm bell.


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