Anyone get saggy skin after weight loss?

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To be honest I've been hesitant to lose a large amount of weight due to a fear of the saggy skin I may endure afterwards. I have lost 18 lbs. on my own within a two month period, and am just about to start the Medifast program tomorrow; I am already seeming squishy & a bit saggy. I now weigh 250 lbs. and am looking to eventually be half of what I am now... I work out lightly due to time restraints, perhaps I need to spruce up the workout; but I wondered if anyone else has experienced or is experiencing this, and what can be or has been done about it. Thanks in advance...

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Many discussions about skin on these threads. Here is what I notice about my own body. I have been overweight for many years. Was even 30 pounds heavier than my start weight on mf. So elasticity, etchas been compromised. As I lose weight I get more of that squishy stuff you mention- but here is the thing.

It will take time for my skin and body to adjust and it may never be exactly as I would like- but that is NO reason to keep hauling all this fat around..

Just my opinion...

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I've noticed a bit of the swing under my arms (geez the places I'm losing weight... ) but I'm lifting weights, I've always been a nut about lotioning up (now I just add firming stuffs :P).

And to be blunt... I'm kinda of the mind that... if it comes to a choice between saggy skin and fat filled skin, I'm going saggy and it can just blow in the breeze.

I do tend to think tho, if we lose the weight, exercise, get happy with the lotions and Keep the weight off, most of the saggy skin will catch up... especially when there's some muscle under it keeping it in place. Just my 2 cents!..

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It seems to have a lot to do with age. I'm 43 and I lost 100 pounds. Right now I have almost no fat over a large portion of my body- after working out I almost have a six-pack going- but down under that is a pretty funky bulge of loose skin. The only thing that's gonna cure it is time and exercise (maybe...), or surgery. Can't afford the latter so I'm going with the former. And it's working, just slowly.

And I'm damn sure happier like this than fat in general!.

So I say loose the weight. You'll look better. You'll be healthier. Sweat the small stuff after. And if you have to, get the tummy tuck. I may yet...

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I have been told to wait at least a year after losing weight before deciding to do any surgery for loose skin!! I had my arms done and the scarring is not worth it I should have waited!!.

It's a good idea to give your body a bit of time to adjust plus exercise is helpful to tone up the muscles!.

If it is important to you - you will find the time!! I'm sure that as you lose the weight - exercise will be easier and perhaps even more fun!!..

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This is hysterical. It's normal; I've shared the upper arm swing with many who've also lost on Medifast. Most get thisbut I'm with FredProgGH: with clothes, no one sees it at all and it's better than geing fat in general!..

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Make sure you read the program materials. They recommend you don't exercise any more than you already do for at least 3 weeks into this program. You'll be on a very low calorie regimen and might send your system into a fat storing mode if you're exercising too much..

I have noticed that I have a lot of saggy skin but just yesterday my husband said he notices that it is firming up. I posted a note to the trainers here and they recommended some Vit E cream and time...the skin will firm up to some degree eventually. SHe also recommended some weight training (now that I've lost so much); it won't get rid of the saggies but will firm it up with some muscle underneath..

I agree so much with the others....a little (or a lot) loose skin instead of all that fat? Sounds like a good trade to me..

Good luck on the plan...

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Well, in the spirit of Science I rubbed Preparation H on my tummy tonight..

Pros: definite tightening of skin- no doubt about it..

Cons: I smell like a 'roid.

Conclusion: good for staying home and checking yourself in the mirror going "Yeah, I think that looks better!" All other times just wear pants...

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FYI Fred, the Prep H aloe gel version doesn't smell like roids LOL... But that's too funny!.

I use it on my eyelids and neck skin. Good for going out...

Comment #8

I love this, very humorous yet real. Happy2bfit please keep up the great sense of humor. It keeps us all laughing vs. crying at times...

Comment #9

Fred, I laughed so hard, I snorted!!! You are a hoot!..

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My experience has followed this pattern:.

(1) Lose a lot of weight > skin starts getting loose, Siobhan gets unhappy.

(2) Plateau > Siobhan gets unhappy about the scale, skin magically tightens up, everyone thinks Siobhan looks skinnier, while Siobhan frets about the stupid number on the stupid scale.

(3) Siobhan notices that she looks much tighter and smoother and thinks HOORAY!.

(4) The plateau breaks, Siobhan starts loosing weight again, return to #1 and repeat..

It took me 200 pounds to understand that pattern well enough to stop getting unhappy with the one or the other (the scale or the skin). Now I'm in maintenance, I can't believe how lucky I feel about the great weight loss and I am psyched that I have no hanging skin folds anywhere and everything's tightened up remarkably...

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The swinging arm thing is always an issue for us women. But next time look around at thin women - they have it also. I have a friend who has never been over weight and at 50 she has the swinging arm thing too. I agree, skin is better than fat!..

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As Susie says, yep... I've seen a lot of that lately... NY in the high 90's will bring out lots of tank tops it seems. I was actually almost staring at this older couple at the eye doctors last week.... both Very fit, outfitted in running shoes (with the legs to back them up), shorts and tank t on her, t shirt on him. She was in really great shape except for her facial skin which showed years of sun damage But other than that, he body didn't appear to have ever been larger than what it is.

There it was... so I'm thinking that maybe we just never noticed it on the thin folks... but it is definitely there. For me, I can only say I'm too busy perusing the men to think about looking at the women :P..

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Great job. I can't wait until I get to my saggy skin stage...

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There is an exercise that addresses that area. Use the lat pull machine and instead of pulling it down to work your lats, stand with both hands together in the middleYour upper arms are at your side and your fore arms are parallel to the ground. Push the bar all the way down and then take it all the way up (full range of motion). This will tighten your triceps muscles and consequently get rid of the flabby arm issue...

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Hi Sandie,.

My scarring has been very minimal after 35 days. My dr. did a great job!.


Comment #16

So I'm just curious, does the Preparation H really tighten the loose skin? Or does it just make it feel tighter?..

Comment #17

I believe it really tightens it. It certainly does when it's used for its, uh, intended application. But then effect is only temporary. Whether it begins to make a permanent difference over repeat applications, I have no idea...

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I discussed this with a couple of friends who are dermatologists and they both told me the same thing. Use vitamin E and keep working out as alot of the sag is caused by a layer of fat that is attached to the skin. They told me that the vitamin E will help with elasticity, they said keep drinking water because the skin being an organ needs hydration to stay healthy, stay out of the sun because of it's damaging effects and to target the problem areas with weight training to try and build muscle and burn that last layer of fat. They both told me that surgery should only be considered if the excess skin becomes a health/hygene issue as the surgery is fairly serious and the complications abundant...

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That's highly encouraging! I needed to know that I may be able to have a decent looking body after the long struggle to lose this weight once and for all. I've always wondered if alot of the "after" photos in success stories were people who also had tummy tucks, etc. Thanks for letting us know we can live free of sagging skin after weight loss without surgical intervention. U made my day!!..

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I'm very happy to report that the loose skin around my neck is much tighter now, after only two months of T&M... and I'm 50, so there is hope!..

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