Anyone get rashes or leg cramps from Medifast?

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Hello, I am new here. I just started the medifast plan yesterday and I am already getting a rash on my body and I did have leg cramps in bed last night. I never get leg cramps! Has anyone else gotten these side effects and if so, do they go away and how long until the rash goes away.

I saw on the medifast webside under side effects that you can get both these side effects. So I am now convinced these symptoms are from the diet. And I only started yesterday! I just want to be able to stay on this diet and lose my weight, as no other diet seems to work! Thanks!..

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I never heard of that, but if you read it in the Medifast web-site under side effects, then I suppose it could be from the MF. If you cannot get more information on the extent of the damage from these side effects I would stop until you talked to a DR. Maybe you are having an alergic reaction..and that will only get worse as you consume more products. Sorry that is all I can suggest..Jo..

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I get leg cramps all the time. I have been taking more calcium and magnesium to see if that will help. So far I'm getting control before they get painful. I went on recommendation from the big blue nutrition book not nutrition support tho. So I'm not recommending it but it has lightened it up for me. Blessings Diane..

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No rash here... But yes, on the leg cramps. I've had the tendancy to get leg cramps my whole life and bananas always fixed it. Obviously bananas aren't on plan, so I upped my potassium. But there are lots of causes for leg cramps, I just know that lacking potassium is MY problem.

I would recommend calling Nutrisystem (faster than leaving them an e-mail).

Good luck!..

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Leg cramps..

Stick a bar of soap under your fitted sheet. Doesn't matter what kind, just unwrap it. Mine went away for the longest time. They reappeared one night.. and I found that the bar of sap had fallen under the bed. It is an old wives tale and they don't know why it it does!..

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Potassium often was a reason for me getting leg cramps. Like the other poster, I ate bananas to get rid of the cramps. Perhaps adding potassium-rich foods to your diet for your L&G?..

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