Anyone find a decent guy on

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My first question is: Anyone find a decent guy on

My next question is:  .

There is a co-worker of mine who had been flirting with me (and I with him) relentlessly for months. Other co-workers told me that it was pretty much common knowledge around the office that he was interested in me and so hearing this bit of info, I decide to tell him how I feel. He expressed to me his interest in me as well and told me he never acted on it because we work together and he didn't want to make the environment uncomfortable if things did not work out. But, we decided to hangout outside the office and to keep it quiet. He finally asked me out for today, but told me that he may have to work (which was true) but he would let me know when our manager got back to him. He wound up sending me a text last night telling me he didn't have to work but that he had a paper due (he's in college) on monday and that he was going to stay in for the weekend. I was not really surprised because I kinda of figured this would happen, but I am completely confused as to why, if he is intersted in me, is he not jumping at the chance to spend time with me outside the office and away from our coworkers' eyes?.

I kinda fear several things may be happening here:.

(1) It's one of those scenarios where he likes me when we're together, but when we're not, I couldn't be farther from his mind..

(2) He's just nervous about being with me in a new setting like that..

(3) He's interested in another girl as well..

I also should mention that I also think that he may be testing me. See, last year, our department had a Christmas party. I showed him the flyer and asked if he were going and he said he would go with me if I went. I told him I didn't yet know if I were going and that I would let him know. As the date using got closer, he asked me about it again and I told him that I may have other plans that I would get back to him. He told me that even if I decided not to go, that we could still meet up the day after (a saturday) and do something together.

So I told him okay. I don't believe I told him that the other plans was a date, but in my mind, I decided to go on this date using and then since he offered, we could go out on saturday. But when I tell him that I decided to not go to the party and that I would still like to meet up with him on saturday, suddenly, he was busy and wanted to take a raincheck. So I am kinda thinking that perhaps he is doing what I did and trying to keep me on a string a little. I mean, why invite me out when you knew ahead of time that you had a paper due? Do guys do things like this even when they genuinely like a woman? What could be going on in his head? Is he just not that into me even though he says he is?.

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Your question was: Anyone find a decent guy on

I agree. Don;'t be reactive and obsessed by what may or may not be going on in his mind. Just get out there and invest energy in meeting people who will meet you half way..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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