Anyone else met their perfect partner on

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My first question is: Anyone else met their perfect partner on

My next question is: My boyfriend and I just broke up about 3 weeks ago after 2 interesting fun and rocky years.  We bought a house together so now we are rooming together until he can buy me out and I can find a new house to buy so it tends to be a little akward but not terrible.  I am looking forward to dating (online dating with and meeting new people again but I've met two men that are CRAZY!!  I am not kidding, it's almost like roles have reversed for men and women or they are just insane..

I met one guy and he seemed really nice, he sent me 3 dozen roses to work (a little much) but I felt like he was just trying to make a statement at the time.  So, the weekend after that, I was out with my friends and I told him that he and his friends could come meet up.  They did and I am standing at the bar talking to him and this older man (mid 50's) comes up to me and is just being drunk and kind of hit on me.  This guy who I initially thought was a great guy, stepped over to him and beat the crap out of this man.  I am not exaggerating either, he was full of blood, I had blood on my arm, my friends had it all over thier clothes and I would not be suprised if that man needed plastic surgery.  The bouncer threw my guy out of the bar and needless to say, I have not returned any of his phone calls because he obviously has issues..

Then I meet another guy out a couple nights ago and he is very persistant.  He calls all the time, text me all day and always says things like call me when you get out of work or come over and watch a movie, or wanting to do something.  Granted I met him 3 days ago but he is already smoothering me!  Maybe it's just me but I am getting completely frustrated because I honestly don't know why I attract pyscho or clingy people. .

Please someone give me some hope!!    What is it with these men?..

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Your question was: Anyone else met their perfect partner on

Don't worry there is hope!! I'm living proof.  I thought no one would want me after divorce, but I dated anyways.  I went through a few loosers myself before I found my really really great BF!!!  One guy didn't show me his true self for like 6 months and then decided to show me that we could only do whatever he wanted and I had to agree with everything he said.  Well - that was not gonna work - at all!!!  I was thinking what a waste of time.

Well the next guy was hitting on me before the break up.  But he didn't stop, so I went out with him only to find out he was in the middle of a divorce.  Well I was divorced and didn't want to be a prud, so didn't think too much of that at first.  What a disatered he ended up being.  I even tollerated him getting drunk and then being sick in my bathroom.  Boy was I stupid..

I was about to kick the dating (online dating with stuff into the back of my closet for a while when my best friend and our hair dresser started to work a wild plan for me to meet one of the hair dressers friends.  I resisted for a bit and then said what the HE!!.  He's been my BF ever since.  He's a single Dad, so things have moved slower and I'm so glad!!!  I know him and not just the surface.  I'm happy I found a good man.  You will too!!!.

Good Luck,.



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No kidding, dating (online dating with is supposed to be fun..

You probably just ran into a little nasty weather out there - things should clear up...

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LOL! You are complaining that men are giving you 3 dozen roses and too much attention?.

Wow. No man has ever given me roses not on Valentines, not for a holiday, and not on my birthday. You must have something men are attracted to since you get so much. Why can't you appreciate the fact that men want to impress you? No man has ever done those things for me. You should be greatful...

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What I was saying was YES I was definitly flattered!  Until he turned out to have an anger problem.  I think he was just trying a little too hard, he wanted to show me the sweet him, not the psycho him.  That's all.  All my girlfriends told me he was compensating for something, should of listened! ..

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