Anyone doing Nutrisystem with back problems?

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Hello all. I've seen a few others out there dealing with back problems, and for many of us it was a contributor or factor in our weight gain. It is also a challenge when it limits your mobility or presents chronic problems and limits or prevents exercise. I just needed to reach out to some other people who might relate to what I'm going through. If that sounds like you, please feel free to post here and we can help each other with our daily challenges or need to vent...

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Your question was: Anyone doing Nutrisystem with back problems?.

For me, I had stuggled with weight most of my life, and had finally gotten to a good point and maintained for a good while before I got injured. I used to workout an hour 6 days a week, both cardio and lifting. It helped me keep from gaining and also I was in pretty good shape. Then all that changed, and I used food as comfort through the pain, boredom and frustration. I got to a point where I knew I had to do something, which ended up being NS. Taking the weight off has indeed helped with my recovery and therapy. But there's a long road to go...

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I have a degenerative disc at L5 (lower back). Because of this, I cannot stand or sit in one place for long. If I do, I end up with the disc shifting and pinching the nerve or compression, which in turn causes sciatica (extremely painful) I have had the disc herniate and had to go through a lot of physical therapy to be able to move properly. The only exercising I am able to do without too much strain is walking and targeted muscle strengthening. Unfortunately, walking requires me to be standing upright and I cannot do more than about 15-20 minutes a day. I have felt an improvement since starting Nutrisystem in March and losing just over 13 pounds.

Hopefully, I will continue to get better as I lose the weight. Only those of us with back pain/issues understand the intense pain involved, especially the sciatica...

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Roorat, my surgery was around the same disc, which actually ruptured, plus I have degeneration on 2-3 other discs under and above. I tried 2 years of PT and chiro before I knew I would have to give in and have surgery for any relief. It's a battle every day to get stronger without pushing too hard. Sometimes I just feel so fragile and have to be so very careful of how I sit, stand, walk and for how long. So I can relate to what you deal with...

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I haven't had to resort to surgery yet, thankfully. What kind of surgery did you have? I've been told by others in my situation that they have had the "bad disc" fused with nearby discs to prevent shifting. I am very afraid of having to go under the knife, especially when dealing near the spinal cord. The only things that help with the pain are/were Vioxx (which they took off the market ) and my TENS unit (portable electrotherapy). I wish I didn't wake up in pain every day and not have to worry about how I bend or lift anything - I'm not supposed to lift anything over 15 lbs and I've had to forget about doing anything like waiting in a line for anything or going to an amusement park (can't ride anything anymore and I can't walk too long). Maybe, once I lose the intended weight, I'll be a little more flexible and strengthen the muscles I need to...

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Welcome cusp! Hang in there. The key is not to let the pain and frustration make you turn to food for comfort. That was and is my biggest challenge..

Roorat, my surgeon wanted to stay as conservative as possible so he just removed about half the disc and wanted to see how that worked for me. No fusion yet, but if I reherniate or the pain gets worse that may be the route I'll have to go in the future. So far he's very pleased. But I still can't lift much over 15 pounds, and have to be very careful bending. It's been 9 months, and they say I have 6-12 more to go with PT before I start to feel less fragile and be healed. The key is I'm not in the pain I was.

I rarely have to take anything for pain anymore. But no more roller coasters for me either.

I do have to say that my injury was one of the worst they'd seen, and the guy I had is a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic who sees the worst of the worst. I was very lucky to live where I do, or I might have just kept suffering becuase it is scary to have them cut so close to the nerves. I wanted to be sure I had a good surgeon, and mine came highly recommended through a friend with connections there. Because it was so severe I'll never be like I was before the injury, but I'm better than I was before the surgery. And with the degeneration I have... Who knows what is down the road. They say that very wise and old souls pick a life of hardship for their turn on this world to learn more, so sometimes I think I must be a very wise and old soul...

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Sounds like you are quoting something from my Wicca books I've often wondered the same thing about myself - wonder what's in store for me in my next incarnation or if I get to hang out in Summerland..

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Some days you have to find the positive in what you're going through so you hang on to yourself and can keep going...

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Very true - I try very hard to maintain the positive attitude and when I start to complain too much, I meditate and try to imagine how much worse it could be, then I focus on the good to counterbalance (Yin/Yang). I also ask The Goddess/God for guidance a lot..

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Who else out there is lurking? Please post and jump in, and don't feel like you have to discuss your condition if that makes you uncomfortable. We're just here to offer support and understand the challenges.

So I overdid it this weekend. It's frustrating to be feeling good one day, and then boom! The back starts talking and you know you pushed it. All I did was empty the dishwasher. Too much bending again. I think part of my issue is I want to contribute to the household chores, and feel awful that my DH has to pick up so much slack again. I'm not a slacker on that front, and it's hard to sit and watch and not help...

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Right there with you Dekcat - I always get the odious chore of doing laundry and my usual amount was nearly doubled this weekend (my son had a weeks worth because he was out of town on a job)! I thought I was doing good until I tried to get out of bed yesterday morning. I was hobbling like a lame horse and was having a lot of lower back pain. It still hasn't improved much, but it's getting there. Sometimes, I just forget and do chores, like you, and end up regretting it the next day At least I got to take it easy all day yesterday thanks to DH pampering me for the day...

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I just wanted to say I was born disabled (Muscular Dystrophy). I also have had spine surgery when I was 15 yrs old so I do have lots of back pain. I am unable to exercise..

NS still worked for me, just by following the food plan..

Good luck!..

Comment #11

Thank you very much for the encouraging words, we all appreciate it...

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Been thereexactly right around this time last year. L5-S1 severe herniation. Did PT and two epidural cortisone shots. The shots relieved the pain for 1/2 a day. That was it. I was on so many pain meds I couldn't even stand it.

I couldn't sit or sleep; could only stand and walk. After six months of this, I was a pale and frustrated zombie. Had the moderately conservative surgery (laminectomy? Not sure of the official term, but they shaved back the bad disc) and didn't even spend the night in the hospital. I felt a million times better immediately..

I have lost 50 pounds on NS, which has helped, but I also continue to walk about 45 minutes a day, five times a week. I know I must keep my weight down, or else some of the other discs (which are also starting to deteriorate) will also go kaput!.

Sorry for Debkit, who knows this whole tale of woe already..

If you have any questions at all, let me know. I have given an abbreviated version here so I don't bore anyone...

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Hazel, I saw your story right after I joined. It helped me believe I could do this..

Heidi, I'm glad the surgery helped! That's pretty much what they did for me, but my disc was much worse. I'm glad you didn't wait as long as I did. And congrats on your loss! 50 pounds is my goal, and I'm getting closer each week.

Who else out there is having success on Nutrisystem in spite of their situation? We can do this people!..

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Me!!!! I had severe back problems; same disc (L5/S1) operated on 4 years apart. First time cut most of the left side off, next time cut the right side off. Doc said drop some pounds you'll feel better. Two years later and down almost 120 pounds I feel great! Back is awesome, I run 3 miles 4x a week, lift weights and no longer take any medication for type II diabetes. Feeling good! Have a good weekend all!..

Comment #15

I am glad that I gave you hope!.

Yes YOU can do it!..

Comment #16

This is great! Other people who can understand my issues. I was injured on the job in November finally had an MRI in Dec only to find that I had degeneration in...ready?...L3-L4-L5-S1. Yeah me 3 levels...sigh. So...severe activity limitations, pain, physical therapy and meds. Pool therapy is WONDERFUL btw. lol But the inactivity brought on about 40 pounds.

Until then I've got a few weeks to get started on this and that seems a good thing. Positive thoughts to us all-cuz there's no LUCK involved in getting our health back...

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Roorat / Decat Sorry to hear you have such severe issues with your back!! Hang in there and stay very pro-active with your medical care! I have muscular issues with my back and once in awhile get pings from my nerves but nothing like what you folks describe!!My Husband has gone thru 3 back Surgeries and was up and back to work 6 weeks later!! He is in the construction business! He is a twig also, So I believe losing the weight will surely help us all! The point I was going to get to was chose your Dr very carefully, My husband got well and stayed well for years now because the 2nd Dr to take care of him knew his stuff!! We are both 54 now and he does have days he may get stiff or sore but not remotly like anything before surgery!! So anyway if you do have to go that route, choose wisely and take heart! Get well soon!!!..

Comment #18

Faeth, I wish you best of luck on your journey! Nutrisystem does work even without exercise. I totally understand what you're dealing with. Being so inactive really packed on the pounds for me, and this has gotten me back to my pre-injury weight-and beyond! Don't let the pain dictate who you are. Hang int here!..

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Cusp, you will get there. I know steroids promote weight gain, but I'm not sure what impact dieting has on preventing and reversing that gain. Hopefully the counselors can help. Luckily I was only on them a week after surgery. Never again if I can help it!.

I was so happy this weekend-I got to do some weeding! My flower beds are staring to look less like weed beds, finally. The back was sore Saturday afterwards, but not so much yesterday-I took it easier on myself after Saturday doing too much. It's hard not to overdo it, but I'm learning.

How's everybody else?..

Comment #20

100% OP to date...would say 110% but still struggling with the water...but those bottle size packets of powder make it easier. 1/2 packet gives it enough flavor to make it more palatable-so 2 flavored and 2 plain is the goal..

Son gave me 24 hours of uncomplaining labor for Mother's Day so I plan on having him weed for me cuz my gardens are looking like weed patches too! Today is a day or rest: per physical therapist. Tomorrow pool, W-land, Th-P so the rest of the week is a step up in activity for me! Yea!!!.

I was also reading about the WII walking thread on the boards. Anyone here use it? Is it adjustable to accommodate my slower pace? Opinions plz! It sounds fun (I'm a closet gamer so it has appeal.)..

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Cusp, just hang in there and keep trying. It's all we can do. It isn't easy, and it's tough mentally as well as physically. The pain can really be exhausting, but you have to find things that keep you positive or can give you a smile. Sometimes that can make such a difference on a bad day...

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Halfway to Friday! I'm looking forward to a warmer weekend here. I may try playing putt-putt for the first time in a couple years. As long as I bend with my knees and swing with my shoulders, I may be okay. It's one of those things my DH and I loved to do that I really miss. How is everyone else doing this week? Everyone staying on plan?..

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I doing great still. Off to land therapy in just a couple-gotta eat first lol. I have GOT to endorse a product I just bought last of the extension grabbers! OMG I can pick things off the floor inside and out without the additional strain. Oh...and a dustpan on a stick...I don't know what they are really called but you see ppl at amusement parks (and prolly fast food joints) using them all the time. My neutral position is bending BACKWARDS so any forward motion aggravates by back. These have helped me SOOO much...

Comment #24

My aunt got one of those grabbers too and has been raving about it. I need to go get one for myself. Where did you find yours? I think she got hers at Aldi's. Bending is the worst option for me too, so I try to avoid it. It's amazing what I can pick up with my toes to avoid bending over!..

Comment #25

Thanks to my OTC friend Aleve, I am doing pretty good this week. I am avoiding those "chores" that cause my back/sciatica flare ups and trying to walk around or change positions more (it's not easy at work since I am cubicle/phone bound)..

I seem to be in a "holding pattern" on my weight loss, but as long as I'm not gaining, it's ok - - - for now...

Comment #26

ROFL...haven't tried the toes yet although I have done the dang from the foot routine. lol I got mine from Home Depot in the garden tool section. Yup, next to the shovels and hoes. I've also seen it at my local grocery story-Wegmans. But I like the Home Depot one because it seems sturdier and the tips are magnetized (!) so you can pick up nails with sturdier. lol.

SO just got back from PT...OMG I never knew I was so STIFF! 45 minutes of stretching exercises...gentle stretching...and I was sweating. Pft. And they incorporated this 5 lb. ball to make some of them harder...HARDER??? Really? Let me do it without the weight first! LOL So my homework is to do that routine at home daily now. Whatever it takes to get back to work in my opinion...

Comment #27

Faeth, glad PT was good. I'm not able to stretch much yet till my nerve regenerates, so I can only imagine how tight my muscles will be by then. And yes, my right foot is my third hand. Cat food bowls, band-aid strips that fall to the floor, clothing, shoes, pretty much anything I can wrap my toes around within reason. Whatever works!.

I'll have to check out the Home Depot version of that gripper. Magnets might be handy in the kitchen..

Roorat, hopefully the scale will move soon. Sometimes the body just has to catch up with itself. The smaller I get, the slower it comes off now too. Just hang in there!..

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I don't know if mine is related to the fact that I'm getting smaller or the fact that I'm getting older combined with being female..

Comment #29

Hello to everyone! Just checking in to see how we're doing heading towards the holiday weekend. Anyone traveling or trying to figure out how to stay on plan with the festivities?.

I did some more weeding over the weekend and overdid it by the end of Sunday. It does catch up with you. However the yard is starting to look good again, so it's worth it as long as I'm okay the next day. Soon I'll be caught up with 3 years worth of weeding, and it will get easier to keep it up now that I'm mobile enough...

Comment #30

Try not to overdo! I'm sure those weeds will wait for you if you spread out the chore. Do you use any herbicides (i.e. Roundup) to keep them at bay? There are places in my yard, under the trees, where the only things growing and green are the weeds.

My only plan for the weekend is to enjoy the time off from work and taking it easy. Let us not forget to honor our fallen and missing soldiers...

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