Anyone do the 4 & 2 Medifast plan?

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I'm going on 10 day vacation in about a week, and I was wondering if there really is a 4 & 2 program. I've read where people have referenced it, but I haven't come across anything where Medifast actually recommends it..

I would like to do it, if it will allow me more meals with my family on vacation and will probably keep me from going overboard, but I want to know more..

Anyone out there do the 4 & 2 plan? Any vacation ideas for making Medifast work are also welcome..

Thanks Everyone!..

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I was able to eat smaller portions for two meals and split my lean and green. I still did 5+1, but I split the 1 lean and green into 2 so it was like I was doing 5+2. The 4+2 is the same rules as the 5+1 except that you are eating 2 lean and green meals instead of 1. This means you are also getting a lot more calories. I think I saw a post from Nutrisystem that said it would boost your calories from 800-1000 to 1000-1200, but I am sure they would have more info if you ask them. It wasn't worth it to me to modify on vacation for that big of a calorie difference..

Things I did to make Medifast easy while traveling was to take advantage of the coffee maker in the hotel room. I used that to make coffee and/or tea and mixed in the hot drinks. Coffee for my first meal and decaf coffee/tea for my last meal. That left only 3 meals to contend with for the day. I cooked ahead some muffins and ate those and I also used bars. I didn't want to mess with dishes, so I didn't do shakes, oatmeal, or soups while I was gone.

Bottom line, it is fully doable to stay on plan during vacation with out a lot of hassle if you take advantage of the circumstances you will be living in. If you will have access to a kitchen in your room, maybe you won't have to limit your choices and can take a variety of foods. But staying in a hotel and eating homemade muffins, bars, and hot drinks mixed into my coffee and tea was really easy for me to do..

Good luck...

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I did 4&2 while on several business trips and a vacation.... basically I'd have my regular L&G at a restaurant for dinner, but also would have either a salad with protein (meat or tuna, my own dressing) for lunch OR an egg white omelette with veggies for breakfast.

I pretty much maintained or lost a little on this. Nutrisystem told me if I wanted to actually LOSE, I should do a 3&2, but I found I really wanted that extra Medifast meal while everyone aroud me was pigging out!.

If you want more details or ideas, do call Nutrisystem before your trip!..

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Great info Gatita! I was just splitting my lean into a salad and a few ounces of protein for my lunch and having the balance at dinner. I wasn't too worried if I ended up with extra veggies since they are so lo cal, but 3+2 sound really doable especially when you have to be in meetings and eat meals with others 2-3 times a day like at a conference or something..

I will tuck this info away for a time when I might need it..

Take care...

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I did the 3+2 and the 5+1 both on different vacations and family outings. I took supplies and made plans to do 5+1 but depending on circumstances sometimes used 3+2 instead.

Really the only thing you need to watch is your carbs so that you don't go out of ketosis. Vacations are supposed to be enjoyable too so go with whatever works best with your situation. I even did 3+2 and 5+1 on different days on the same vacation depending on what we were doing that day. I still lost on both vacations and enjoyed myself too!!.

Take some muffins/cookies/bars for easy quick grabs and ask for a microwave and fridge in your room if possible..

Have a great time!! Let us know how it went...

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I almost always did a 4/2 or 3/2 when travelling (I'd usually do the 3/2 unless I was really hungry). I often brought my magic bullet with me on vacation, too - especially if I was driving.

My normal hotel meal would be coffee with a cappacino added. I'd make a cup of strong coffee in the room's coffee maker, mix up a capp in my shaker and then add it to the coffeemaker and let it heat up a while. I'd add some splenda and 1/2 & 1/2 if I had stolen some from a coffee shop. I would usually bring along bars and some RTD's (RTDs need to be packed in checked luggage). In the summer, I might get an iced coffee from a coffee shop and mix it with a swiss mocha or choc shake.

Its really pretty easy to stick with Medifast while traveling, just plan it out... Remember your water! And bring along exercise clothes for the hotel gym..

Good luck! And have a great vacation! Becki..

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Hey LaLa,.

I do 4/2 when I travel. I think it is a great way to stick to plan and keep yourself in check..

I do have one question tho, LaLa, where does someone who lives in the Bahamas go on vacation??? Alaska?? LOLOL!!! Sorry, couldn't resist.....

Have a great time!!.



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