Anyone cheated during Nutrisystem diet?

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WELL, I was REALLY hungry today and just had some regular pretzels and lite cream cheese .... do any of you ever have a "slip up" day ???..

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Your question was: Anyone cheated during Nutrisystem diet?.

Thanks Pam - I will get back on the horse ... you made me laugh !!!..

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Ya just gotta get right back at it!!.

It's an ongoing "process" to change and manage daily behaviors. Not a flick of the switch. Always refocus ASAP after a flub up..

If you have predictable food demons, write them down and knock managing them off one at a time with your alternative action plan for each of them.

Make the demon food list shorter.

(Honestly I still haven't figured out how to manage the pretzel demon after 3 years on Nutrisystem but I try to make the visits as infrequent as possible!).

Keep at it!!! Good luck to ya!!.


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Do some math... how many calories did you use on that? You probalby didn't do as much damage as you think you did as long as you didn't get carried away.

They do make FF cream cheese and there are also the Nutrisystem pretzels, next time have those on hand and you have a perfectly legit snack...

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Gee, I "plan" my slip-ups - so I am wondering, are they still "slip-ups"?..

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Agree with all the above!!.

Since reaching goal, I have had several slip ups..and gotten back on the following day without beating myself up..Hope they get fewer and farther between until I am done with that! (emotionally driven slipups!!)..

Comment #5

Who me?! Slip up?..

Of course, I did and probably will again Hey, we're only human, right?.

Remember the adage, "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again"? That applies to every oops..

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I haven't had any real slip ups, but I did eat Nutrisystem Soy Chips and a Nutrisystem dessert in one day. That shouldn't throw it off too bad, right?..

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Honey I just fell off the wagon this weekend. However, tomorrow is another day...

Comment #8

Fat free cream cheese and pretzels is a slip up? I thought you were gonna say you had a dbl bacon cheeseburger & fries or something. lol..

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I had a "slip up" last weekend...I wish mine had just been pretzels and cream cheese! I had steak, crabcake, fries and a beer while visiting family out of state. I put on 2 pounds (well-deserved) but two days after being back on Nutrisystem faithfully the 2 pounds came back off... The moral of the story...just get back on track and keep on does work!..

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I fell off the wagon and it ran me over!LOL.

Ya just got to start again and go a little further down the road..

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I wouldn't beat yourself up too bad. I agree that I was expecting something much worse also! I'm planing a minor "slip" for mother's day dinner. It's my own butt on the line, literally, lol!..

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