Anyone buy a detox from a VitaminShoppe store?!!!!??!!!hellp!!?

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My first question is: Anyone buy a detox from a VitaminShoppe store?!!!!??!!!hellp!!?.

My next question is: Hi guys ive spoken to a couple of you before you gave some good advice, would just like your opinion again. this is my second course of gear (1st time I used deca on it's own 200mg every five days for nine weeks , I put on seven pounds but only managed to keep two)even though my diet is spot on.bench press before gear was 3 plates each side two each side for shoulder press(just thought i`d mention that before anyone said I dont train hard enough).Ive got test enanthate lined up I really want this to be the last time I use if I can so it's essential I put on and keep some decent poundage what dosage do you recommend ,would you take it with anything else?any comments much appreciated thanks...

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Your question was: Anyone buy a detox from a VitaminShoppe store?!!!!??!!!hellp!!?.

Personally I think the 7 pound gain (from just 200mg Deca every 5 days for 9 weeks) would have been a good gain....had you have kept it all. But I get better results from pro-hormones!!!.

I noticed you mentioned how strong you are but NOT your eating habits, which, along with your inability to hold your gains, suggests it ain't up to par. Are you eating 6-7 meals a day with protein at 1.5g per LB (min) and carbs at 3g per LB (min) ???.

Lee has it spot on with the 'Holy grail'..

Oh, and good to see ya back Paul mate! How did your guys fair in the comps?..

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Non have competed yet Neil I have been away with work which I have just finished tonight.

I have 4 guys competing this year....

2 at the UKBFF finals.

Stuart Core.

Venetia Grouxe.

Then 2 at the NABBA Britain 2 in November.

Del Honyman.

Pete Nurse(training partner).

All have everychance of doing well plus prepping keeps my mind off competing myself.....hope you are in good health Neil I hope to see you at one of the above shows this year??..

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Thanks for your honest replies,my reasoning for wanting this to be my last cycle is I did`nt want to become dependant of gear +keeping side effects to a minimum.Lee - what would you suggest to take with enanthate?pscarb-you mentioned muscle shrinkage are you refering to age related because i`ll be training until they tuck me in for the big lay-in.thanks again.(maybe this wont be my last cycle but i`m sure everyone starts their path this way.)cheers...

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No mate nothing to do with age or how much you train, steriods do not produce new muscle cells they make the existing muscle cells larger so in time when you have come off gear they will shink back down maybe not to what they where before you used gear but not far off....

I have been using gear for 18yrs I am not dependant on it to exist if that was the case I would never come off I am not trying to convince you to continue to use gear just trying to understand why you used it in the first place..

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Hi mate ive stayed away from gear all this time (age 37-22 years training)because when I was 18 I had a major illness (had to have a course of chemotherapy).but from the age of 20 everthings been o.k but in the back of my mind I was always conscious taking gear and their side effects would cause illness to return,but as ive got older and wiser I think f***k it you only live once .anyway sorry to bore you ,any advice about enanthate take it on it's own or stack it .LeeB doesnt rate taking it on it's own.what does it stack well with?..

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Well, on previous performances you have two 'bankers' in Stuart & Venetia, both would be worthy class winners at the British, Venetia looked absolutely amazing in her qualifier, as soon as I saw the pics I just thought "Oh my god, she could turn pro!"..

I know what you mean about work mate, I've been on overtime every day for the last two months...i'm shagged out!!!...never mind, just thinking of the money LOL.

I'm doing really well healthy wise (touch wood) had a good 'clean out for the last 4 months, and I feel so much better for it. Hopefully, if work permits, i'll do something over christmas and mybe do a show early next year.

Hows your offseason going?? All good I hope..

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Someone I know was telling me the best way to keep muscle after a cycle of gear is to get yourself 30ui of growth this will help to keep gains. I've just aquired my self some enanthate 250 10mls I also have boldernone deca 50 and deca 250 how should I stack these?..

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