Anybody else just do V8 juice for their veggies on Nutrisystem?

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Hi everyone, I'm a newbie so I'm sorry if this has been asked before. With my work schedule and constantly being on the go with my 4 year old daughter, I just don't always have to time to prepare the veggies so have just been using V8 for most of my veggies. Anyone else do that?..

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Your question was: Anybody else just do V8 juice for their veggies on Nutrisystem?.

I drink a low sodium v-8 two-three days a week. However, I get in lots of "real" veggies at dinner time...

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V8 should be a crutch for when you don't have the time or resources to make veggies you need. AWESOME for traveling! At the airport you can get V8 and at the 7-11 you can grab a V8. A couple times I was in a position where my Nutrisystem food was not available and I drank a V8 on the go I picked up at a gas station to curb my appetite till I could go home and get my Nutrisystem foods. WAY better than the alternative...

V8 rocks!..

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I buy a case of low-sodium V-8 from Costco and drink one probably once a day. I still get in lots of veggies, I just love V-8! When I'm on the run with no planning time I fall back to snap peas and baby carrots - no prep...

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No way Costco? Sweet! I will check out the one over here and see if they have V8. Thats pretty awesome! Thanks for the tip!..

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Ours has randomly dropped it but then brought it back. I've checked other Costco's when I've been at friends. lol Good luck!..

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I do. I drink it almost everyday for lunch and eat veggies at night. I admit, I have days when I ONLY use V8 due to time restraints. I guess it's better than no veggoes at all...

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I drink V8 when in a hurry or on the go, keep one in my cooler...

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The juice doesn't provide much fiber. So as others have said it is a good once in a while substitute, but really isn't as good for you in your healthy new way of eating...

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Many people have busy lives and crazy schedules and still manage to get some vegetables in during their day. It just takes a little bit of time and planning once or twice a week..

Prep some fresh veggies into ziploc bags for each day. Steam or grill some other veggies and pack them for each day. Big bags of salad fixin's and you have everything you need for a whole week. Then add the V8 in once in a while..

It is only as big a deal as you make it. Besides, doesn't your family have to eat their food?..

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Is okay to use the Light V-8 that has fruit mixed with the vegatables?..

Comment #10

I love v8 and drink it a lot. But I don't have a problem with veggies, I just like v8's taste and convenience...

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I have been roasting lbs of zuchinni a week!Going to try asparagus next. Love frozen spinach with garlic in a little olive oil. L/S canned french style string beans with a dinner poured over them...

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Because of the fruit and higher sugar, V-8 Fusion regular or light is counted as a fruit by NS...

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I use it pretty much every day for my lunch veggies. (The low sodium kind) btw: I get the big cases at Sams..

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I can't stomache the low sodium V8- so ger regular- but keeping an eye on if too much salt in diet - like swelling. So far so good. I drink it a fair amount..

I also take a can opener and can of veggies and eat it in the car. A bit tricky opening the can while driving! but can do it- that is when I am stuck in traffic for a long time like rush hour- much on veggies in the can like beets, green beans or carrots. Not real found of them-but keeps me occupied while sitting there and get my doses in..

LOVE the FUSION- used to drink half a bottle every night- now only get a cup, or half- bummers. Don't do it alot- save it as a treat for me- fresh fruit better..

I make fruit smoothies and freeze them in popsicle thingys and they are ok to snack on too in place of ice cream...

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~With respect~, please don't do this while driving, especially opening cans while driving- that sounds dangerous!..

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Please, please include fresh vegetables in your daughter's diet. Please don't raise another generation of folks who don't know and enjoy the great variation of foods we are lucky to have. They keep us strong and healthy...

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Also most canned veggies have a ton of sodium...

Comment #18

Yeah- it is kind of stupid to do that- I should open it and rinse it (like another gal said- I keep forgetting to do that) and put in zip lock bag or container. Probably not a good habit to get in to...

Comment #19

I know what the label says but when I called and asked, Nutrisystem told me to count it as a fruit only. Counseling needs to talk to dietary. I love V-8 Fusion...

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I use V-8 low sodium as 2 of my veggies per day. I looked at the label and found there are seveal veggies in V-8 I would never eat as a to me it helps my "rainbow" of veggies. Yes many will argue because it doesnt have as much fiber it doesnt fill you up as opinion that is what unlimited veggies are for. Do what works for you, you can always share carrots and other basic veggies with your daughter as snacks to get the other 3 servings per day you need...

Comment #21

I've seen various responses to that question, so I understand your frustration. There is a difference between Fusion and Splash it appears...

Comment #22

Question for those who use V8 regularly as a veggie serving.....

Do you plan to continue that once you reach goal? Cuz it feels to me like you guys are just subbing that in while in weight loss mode in order to check off the little boxes. That will work for you, but what about maintenance? Cuz you know you aren't done when you get there, right? You'll gain it all back if you don't continue to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle..

That's why I encourage veggie haters to try hard to acquire a taste for them. Because there is life after goal, and you will do yourself and your health a big service by continuing to eat fruits and veggies...

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I have a Low Sodium V-8 A few times a week to substitute of one of my veggies...

Comment #24

I plan on a cup a day till I die. I had to aquire a taste for V-8, actually if I skip a day or two I dont like it again. Why dont you think people can't drink V-8 for life? To me it will make it easier to incorporate more veggies into my new life...

Comment #25

I've always drank V-8. I love it. I'm luckier than others because my mother raised me with a love of most veggies. We grow what we can and at times have grown everything. V-8 is a yummy drink to me that just happens to fulfill some requirements when I'm short. I don't do fruit juice..

Think of it less as a veggie and more of a supplement - even though it doesn't have the fiber, it has the vitamins and nutrients that you need...

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It isn't that I think they can't. It just seems to me that some people are just forcing it down to meet the Nutrisystem veggie requirement. While that is better than skipping it, I think they are doing themselves a disservice. Fresh veggies are so much better for you to incorporate into your healthy new lifestyle. I was just wondering if those like you that are really forcing it down are going to continue once you reach goal. Ideally, you would train yourself to like veggies while on Nutrisystem so that life after Nutrisystem is more healthy. If you aren't trying to change your tastes to like them now I worry about what will happen after goal...

Comment #27

When you use V8 is it considered unlimited or a veggie serving?..

Comment #28

1/2 cup of low sodium V8 is one veggie serving...

Comment #29

V8 with a little tabasco and horseradish over ice makes a great Virgin Mary cocktail...

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