Any vegetarians doing Medifast diet?

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I'm feeling a little removed from any veggie MFers and would love to just get a head count so I could see who's out there. I already know about a few, but I bet there are more I don't even know about. We need to energize this board and use our collective wisdom and support!.


I'm Monica, I'm a vegetarian, and I've been on Medifast for five weeks. (I also have an awesome seitan recipe!).


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I'm not a vegetarian. However, I eat exclusively vegetarian options 5-6 days a week. I don't know what you call that, but I do it simply because I prefer it...

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Hi Monica, I'm Bry. I'm back on the Medifast wagon after having decent success being on it for three months before...but then..well...let's just say i'm back, happy with week one, and ready to forge ahead to my goal!.

I've been veggie for twelve years and was vegan for two before getting pregnant and being put on bedrest a couple years ago(it's much easier to expect omnis to make one veggie meals, oh well). I'm vegetarian since and while on MF, but hope to get back to vegan in the future.

I have a bunch of great seitan recipes, but haven't had any time to try and come up with which one I can work with to stay on plan. Care to share yours? I'm so craving some seitan!.

I'm dreaming up a tofu based, homemade veggie patty as i'm also craving tofu but want a fun way to enjoy it on plan. I'll be sure to share whatever I come up with..

Great idea for a thread, so nice to know others are out there!.

Much love,.


Comment #2

Really? Only one so far? I know I've seen several others Nocountry? Msdeb? Others?..

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Another veggie piping in!.

I have actually been vegan for the past four years and have reincorporated some eggs and whey protein in order to follow MF. Before my diet was over-reliant on carbs because they were quick and easy, plus my doctor was concerned that soy was a problem for my thyroid, so I only got protein from beans and nuts. Not surprising that several large handfuls of nuts a day would pack on the pounds....

I would also love a seitan recipe! Or tofu! I'm just starting my third week, so I haven't experimented much yet, but would love to hear some ideas!.

Thanks for starting this thread - veggie pals stick together!.



Comment #4

I am a pescatartian. I eat mainly vegetarian, but I do eat some kosher fish..

I think figuring out which vegetarian burgers are on the plan was a big challenge for me..

I goofed and bought some gardenburgers my first day. Please post your seitan recipe!..

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I'm PJ,.

I'm vegetarian, but never been the "over zealous" type. I don't quiz my relatives about what is in the mashed potatoes at thanksgiving and never prostelytize to my friends.

I have been on and off Medifast because I am a bit of a cheater. The good news is I have lost weight with this and I am continuing to loose but just a bit more slowly than the non cheaters..

I probably don't post much because I don't always follow the rules and I don't want to lead anyone else astray. I love to read though and I will answer a question if I think I know the right answer..

I also love homemade seitan. Please post your recipe! If I have an on plan version I might be better about staying on plan that day..

I have always loved to cook. I think that is why I cheat. How can I refuse to bake fresh banana bread for the kids when they ask? Then I eat some.

Anyway I like this board over all, and I will help make the vegie boards more active. Just don't judge me, just spread the love!..

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I was a vegan, but am now a diabetic. I do not take drugs, I exercise and eat right. Some of the healthier foods like sweet potatoes, brown rice, beens and whole wheat pasta are big time raisers of blood sugar, as is good old fashioned oatmeal, granola and many other healthy cereals...

Comment #7

I'm a vegetarian, well, technically a pescatartian since I still every blue moon do eat fish (I grew up in Seattle & sure do love salmon!) I've been doing Medifast now for 6 weeks now. I miss cooking though! I'm afraid to experiment too much with any of the meals but am starting to become a little more adventurous...

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Hello all....

Vegetarian here....9 years and counting. I'm in maintenance now...but did the 5/1 as a veggie. I was pleasantly surprised that the diet had vegetarian options. I did have to make sure I logged my food beforehand and watched the carb count since it was much easier to creep up over 100 carbs if you weren't paying attention.

Veggie Hugs,.


Comment #9

Hello Everyone!.

I have been doing Medifast for a few months...then sort of fell off durnig the holidays, and now I am back. This time around I am doing strictly vegetarian. I've been having a hard time finding some of the Boca and MSF products. I think I might have to venture over to Whole Foods....I bet they have better options. I live in LA where everyone seems to be vegan, so I know they are out there!.

Thanks to everyone for their advice! Looking forward to the journey!.


Comment #10

Hi there Christine~.

I am doing a Medifast Vegan plan. It is pretty limited, but it is not forever, so I figure I can live with it while I take the weight off. My Green is usually the most exciting part of the meal. That will be a good habit to have!..

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I began Medifast this week. This is day 5. I am a vegetarian. I would love to have support from other vegetarians. I do not eat eggs. I eat tofu and tofu products. Any suggestions will be appreciated...

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I could post my seitan recipe, but it's not easy without someone right beside you showing you how to make it. My recipe is from theppk.comthe Post Punk Kitchen website. Just do a search on their homepage for seitan. So glad to see there are other veggies!..

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One more here...I do eat fish and eggs. I don't love cooking, and the rest of my family eats meat, so I prepare quick meals for myself. Only been OP for 12 days; I'm a first time member. My favorite meal so far drool, are the sausage links. I like eating them blackened. Delsih!..

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Vegitarian over here!.

I'm actually a nervous wreck it's my first day on medifast and I'm really worried about what I can and can't eat. Like someone just told me that pudding was made from ground up animal bones and that I also wouldn't be able to have the shakes. Is this true? Keep in mind I'm not a vegan so I can have byproducts like eggs and cheese, I just don't eat anything that was alive or had a face.

Also regarding the chicken noodle soup I noticed that it contains no chicken at all in the ingredients does that mean it's safe to eat?..

Comment #15

I'm a vegetarian as well... well. sort of, since I added fish to my diet a few years ago and now am really eating it on MF. I haven't tried the chicken noodle soup but didn't like the tomato. I just assumed the chicken noodle was off limits. I'm on week 5 or 6, have lost 12 lbs, 7 the first week so it's a bit discouraging, esp.

I sure hope you're wrong about the pudding as it's something I eat twice a day usually. I like the shakes as well... I add ice cubes to make it thicker and to take longer to eat. I'm amazed at the people who have recipes for the food.. I need to do something with the oatmeal I have which I detested....

Anyway, hope you'll hang it there with this program. I'm getting married and going on a cruise in May and would so love to feel good about my body for a change. judy aka veggirl57..

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I'm a veggie head! Count me in. It's only been wk1 for me and it's been alright, but I can tell I'm getting tofu bored.

However, I am eating way more good greens then I had in the past two years..

Comment #17

I was raised a vegetarian, but recently started eating chicken & fish & eggs for protein and health reasons. I'll always be a vegetarian in terms of preferences, but the truth is, my body feels better when I eat animal protein...

Comment #18

Hi there,.

I'm brand new! I got my food last night and plan on starting tomorrow, very excited! I'm also a vegetarian, but a newbie in that area as well. I've been vegetarian since last July. I was thrilled when I found out I could do this plan and stay meat-free. =).

- Tasi..

Comment #19

WOW! I'm so glad there is a forum here for veggies! I'm a pescatarian, trying to get my way back to veggiehood!..

Comment #20

Yep, I'm a Pescatarian ~ I tried being a vegitarian about a year ago, but my doc said I needed more iron and protein so now I eat seafood (no other meat products though). I've been on Medifast for about a month now and their vegetarian options are ideal. My favorite L&G.

Is my own Taco Creation:.

My 'taco meat' is really MorningStar crumbles (sauteed on the stove) with a dash of salt and some herbs, and to replace the taco shells I use fresh Romain Lettuce leaves (they're the perfect shape to keep in the crumbles, and sturdy enough to act like a bowl)... then I sprinkle a bit of soy mozzeralla (Veggie Shreds) on top and a touch of lite Ranch dressing, and tada! An amazingly delicious alternative to tacos!..

Comment #21

Hello all,.

I'm also a vegetarian- have been for 14 years and I'm only 25!.

One thing I'm really enjoying about Medifast is how to cook veggies in ways I had never thought of (zucchini pasta, using radishes for potatos, etc). So far it's been a fun, but challenging ride!..

Comment #22

Just starting again.. this is the only way for me lose weight post menopause anymore......

Comment #23

My name is Linda and I am also veggie. I love medifast! I lost 42 lbs last year and am back to loose a few that have crept back on. I am just planning to do a month of medifast in the spring every year to get off the holiday/winter lbs so they never stack up again..

I love the fact that the plan is soy base. I am very careful with combining my veggie products and my medifast products. I find if you watch it you can easily hit the 80-85 carb mark. A good trick I found orignally on the boards, is the diabetic shakes only have 10 carbs and they taste as good as the regular ones. That has helped me alot with keeping my carbs down.

Good luck all you veggies out there. Stick with it, it is so worth it!!!.

By the way, I only need to loose 10lbs, I do not know how to change my weight!..

Comment #24

Vegetarian for 15+ years. On day 4 now. Not too bad but I'm eating the same thing every day for my lean and green. Does anyone know why the MSF Veggie burgers on not on the meatless options list? I love them!..

Comment #25

I am not a vegetarian...but I really hate most meat...

Comment #26

I have been a vegetarian for 30 years. I'm considered to be Lacto-ovo. I eat no animal products but dairy. My love for cheese and bread has brought me to MF.

I have just completed my first week. I did pretty good until day 6 & 7. Then I started to feel hungry and weak. I hope this will pass so I will not start making bad choices. I like this plan because you dont have to think so much about what you are going to eat. With other plans I felt like I was thinking about food all the time.

I have to keep telling myself that food is for nourishment, not for pleasure. This keeps me for going out and having a big fat cheese pizza.

I need a major change in my life and I believe this plan will help!.

One day at a time..

Comment #27

I have been a vegetarian for 10 years now..

I started one week ago and have lost about 12 lbs or so (weigh in tomorrow officially).

I am glad to see other vegetarians here..

Comment #28

I'm a vegetarian and I've been on the program since July. I've lost 45lbs so far. =] Ello!..

Comment #29

Hi Everyone!.

I became a vegan last March after reading the book "Skinny *****". But since I hate to cook and I have NO idea what to do with tofu - I found that I was eating too many carbs, and I was not losing any weight. In Nov I decided to go back to eating fish and unfortunately cheese on occasion. I've only been on Medifast for a week but I've lost 5lbs. I do intend to go back to a vegan diet after I lose the weight. Maybe I will even learn to cook...ugh!..

Comment #30

Just started Medifast today. I've been a vegetarian for about 15 years - but I can't cook, so the lean and green meal has me a bit worried. Thanks to everyone who has posted recipes, and if anyone has anymore lean & green veggie recipes please send me a link to them or pm me with them. I'm a noob at both medifast and learning to cook...

Comment #31

Hi I am vegetarian, no eggs nor fish but am contemplating eating eggs again just while I lose weight, I don't know yet. Bought egg beaters the other day have yet the courage to try. I was wondering if it is healthy to eat all processed food for our lean meal. I love them don't get me wrong but was wondering if they were contributing to my weight gain. Has anyone had any issues? Life would be very boring without them and I think I would go nuts so I could use anyone's input. Nice to meet everyone!..

Comment #32


I have always been a vegetarian, but am a ovo-lacto kind. eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt..but that's it. I have been doing pretty well on MSF burgers, sausage bits, cottage cheese, eggs, etc...started at 277 , dropped to 227, left MF, came back at 238, dropped down to 200 , left MF, am back AGAIN (Yikes!) at 238, currently at 230.....

Comment #33

Hi! I'm Jenn and I've been vegetarian (more or less) for 5 years. My relatives are pig farmers, so sometimes it's hard to get away from that... but I always feel healthier when I stay away..

I'm just started the Medifast program, but so far I'm fairly happy at the meal options for us!..

Comment #34

Hi! My name is Denise and I just started MF. I was hoping to find some great ideas for going "meatless" on this plan..

I have a question, why do the eggs fall under the vegetarian category, but the cream of broccoli soup doesn't? Anyone know??.

I'm on day 2 of the plan - wish me luck!..

Comment #35

I started Medifast in Jan '07 and lost down to 230 from 270. I stayed there until recently. Then gained up to 247 which brought me back. In the process I decided to go back to being a vegan. So now I am investigating the Medifast plan anew. One of the MAIN things that helped me was these boards, so now I want to join up again.

I am glad to be here to join you guys! Let's do this.......

Comment #36

" I have a question, why do the eggs fall under the vegetarian category, but the cream of broccoli soup doesn't? Anyone know??".

My guess would be that the broccoli soup is made with chicken stock... I don't know for sure but I have seen veggie soups with meat stock listed as non-vegetarian before..

I just started on Medifast this week and am a lacto-ovo vegetarian - if you are still taking a count! It is good to see a group who can address the issues of a non-meat diet on the plan - I am concerned about getting the lean and green portions correct with soy and other meatless options...

Comment #37

Hello, all! I was veg*n (as close to the vegan end of the vegan-vegetarian continuum as I could get without driving my omnivorous family crazy) up until starting Medifast three weeks ago. Nice to meet you!..

Comment #38

I feel so much better eating veganeven more so now with all that oil in our ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #39

Hello to other vegetarians and vegans,.

I am returning to Medifast after two years. I lost 40 lbs. the first time and have gained 20 it's time to start again! Two years ago, vegetarians were asking Medifast for more veggie options; I'm not sure the message board is the right place to get their attention. I found the plan easy to follow even though I wanted more diversity. I've already lost 8 lbs. this time, so it continues to be a good program for me..


Comment #40

I called Medifast and the only soup that has no chicken stock is the cream of tomato. I was a vegetarian for 5 years but missed the fish so added it in 24 years ago.

So many more options today than when I started almost 30 yrs ago and I love all the meatless options with MF.

Good luck to everyone and have a great week!.


Comment #41

Oh dear goodness I have no idea what I am doing- not a facebooker, or a myspacer, tweater or blogger... BUT... I AM A VEGETARIAN. I lost over a hundred pounds a few years ago going veg... and I haven't looked back. Anyhow would love to meet more friends for inspiration on this plan! being a vegetarian is always a challenge with diets, so I am excited to see so many others...

Comment #42

I am experimenting with being a pescatartian or near Vegetarian. I am learning. I have always been a meat lover, but have recently had a change of heart. Anyone watch "Food Inc.?" I believe that whole foods are the way to go, and that fast food and processed foods are not good. I really just want to eat good nutritional food and be at a healthy weight...

Comment #43

I have been a vegetarian for 31 years....starting when I was 8 years old..

Almost finished with week 4. I have a hard time going out to eat on MF. I think it would be a lot easier if I liked meat, then I could have a piece of chicken and call it done, but man o man is it hard to figure something out (besides a salad) when I go out..


Comment #44

Saw Food Inc, more disturbing yet, watch Earthlings. That was when I quit meat but due to a decline in health put fish/seafood back in. I dream of being vegan but don't know if I can do it, and for sure not while I am on MF!..

Comment #45

Another vegetarian, I've been a strict vegetarian for 20 years, no fish, seafood either. Going vegan, but waiting until I get the weight off with MF. Too hard to be vegan with MF. Looking for ideas other vegs are doing for the lean and green meals...

Comment #46

I did a quick page with a weight ticker, but it didn't show up??..

Comment #47

I am a vegetarian. Just started Medifast today. Hoping that this will work!..

Comment #48

Vegan here (until I had to bend for the Medifast program...and since I can be honest here, I also bent for the cookies, cupcakes, pancakes, bread, etc.). I'm glad Medifast has vegetarian options!.

Prior to Medifast I ate all (most) of my protein through lentils, quinoa, beans, nuts, grains and vegetables. I was working toward a 100% organic, non-GMO diet. This has now been put on hold until I can get down to a healthier weight..

In the meantime, I'd like to share the L&G lean options I've found for myself thus far (quick and easy): Meatless meatballs (I haven't tried them yet but figured I could eat them with steamed bell peppers/spinach/tomatoes), Boca vegan patties (MF suggested, quite good I thought), Smart Dogs (45 calories, 0 fat, 1 grm carbs per dog!), and - of course - tofu (drained, cut up, marinated in vinegar & herbs, then baked to add to salads... little "tofu croutons").

I'd sure like to have some fruit (preferably in the form of sorbet...)! I guess I can look forward to a piece-of-fruit-reward during transition!.

Good luck my little veggie friends. Would love to hear others' protein choices - fun (yummy?!) foods they've found to meet the lean requirement!..

Comment #49

Txdoglover, The ticker is funny - you have to copy the url that's shown underneath it when you save it, go to Discssion Forums, go to "edit Profile/settings" and then "edit signature" and paste it. You need to do that every time you update the ticker, too. Hope that helps...

Comment #50

My first post didn't seem to appear. I've been veg for 20 years, was going vegan, but Medifast isn't realistic for that. I am looking for ideas for meals here. I like the Gardein products, they have maybe 6 of them, chik'n scallopini, wings, a chik'n stuffed with "cheese", etc. Really good, in the fridge or freezer section of health food stores. Some big grocery chains may have them...

Comment #51

I have found found Gardien products at Publix supermarkets in the produce section. I think Publix are throughout the Southeastern United States. I have found Medifast good for vegan diets, but it is certainly restrictive. A friend, who had to restrict soy due to throid issues, had real problems with the Medifast diet! I would love for all of us to mount a campaign with Medifast to get the company to increase their vegetarian, and vegan, options!..

Comment #52

Hey Katetall,.

Maybe you can help me with my ticker issue!? I have never been able to copy the HTML code when updating my ticker so that I can paste it into my signature. I can see it for a split second and then it changes to xx. Any ideas?..

Comment #53

Add another lacto-ovo vegetarian! I love the egg beaters option for the lean & green and it's so much I have to do a split L&G but thats perfect for me..

Comment #54

Semi-vegetarian here, lacto-ovo and eat fish. I just ordered the Medifast plan today so I'm on my way!..

Comment #55

I have been a vegatarian for 24 years! Since I was 14! Today is my 1st day of medifast, so far so good..

Comment #56

Im a vegetarian, too. Only 3 years though. Not nearly as long as some other veggie vets I would love some good tips on what to eat/not to eat as a vegetarian on MF. I have heard that there are even some foods on the meatless options list that you should try to avoid in order to have better success with the program. I havent started yet, but will be soon. Thanks much!..

Comment #57

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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