Any thoughts on VitaminShoppe Cobra supplement?

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My first question is: Any thoughts on VitaminShoppe Cobra supplement?.

My next question is: I'm not sure if I got the real deal or got bunk shit. No batch number either. Please help. pics below. Pro.chem. 50mg winstrol x60 tabs. Thanks...

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Your question was: Any thoughts on VitaminShoppe Cobra supplement?.

I believe they where just shipped that way. They do come in a cheap looking white bottle though. The label is from the bottle.....I hope...

Comment #1

Are you sure they're ok? I just heard PC labs winni comes only in white capsules. The blue speckles and cheap pill press have me a little worried......

Comment #2

I'm 9 days in today and felt them kick in over the weekend with a vengence. Mine are in a cubed white pot though with that label on. Why are yours in a sealy bag? Your tabs look the same as mine but a bit large. If they are bigger than the green 'actual size' indicator dot on the label then chuck 'em because they are totally flush in size when compared mate, not bigger, not smaller! That's all I can think of to help sorry!..

Comment #3

They are in the sealy bag for shipping purposes. Im 5 days in(50mg/day in the morn) Im feeling moody...I'll do the size test I suppose. Thanks Gazz.......I'll keep you posted...

Comment #4

I did the label size test and the pills are slightly bigger than the indicator. Im not sure what to think. Would an UG lab worry about precise accuracy on the size? Every batch? Maybe yes, maybe no. 3 things are for sure (5 days in, 50mg/day).

1) I feel more aggro/on edge..

2) The muscles feel a little more tense/tight..

3) A deeper sense of vitality(no noticeable strength gains).

Perhaps it's all placebo. I'm not sure exactly what to look for at this point. I guess clinically speaking I have up to 14 days(from day 1) to truly notice the benefits. We'll see, I'll give it a few more days. Peace..

Comment #5

They have been switched by your source as Pro-Chem do not ship any of their orals in plastic bags.....

The tabs look fine but it is hard to tell by the pic it certainly won't take 14 days to see winny work.....but from what you have indicated above they have all ready started to work..

Comment #6

I'm just as concerned for you mate I don't wanna see anyone be damaged by fake gear laced with god knows what. The problem is we're all in quite a vunerable position with PC labs at the moment because of this change in branding. The general consensus is that there are no fake's at present because it's to early in the change for scammers to be knocking them out yet, or is it? I've heared all sorts of yarn's about these Winnie's, that they are batch run off's that have been contaminated with Oxy's and have ended up in circulation! I find that hard to beleive seeing as i've got the Oxy's aswell and they're nothing like them! As with all oral's you will know when they kick in. An agressive sense of euphoria and vitality and urge to train or bone anything in a skirt,especially about 20-30 minutes after taking one if you're taking them tab at a time. You're feeling something and that may be a good sign albeit risky. I hope they turn out ok...

Comment #7

If a tab does that to you I can guarantee it is NOT an anabolic steroid. what the hell kind of gear have you been taking Gazz ?

Comment #8

I always feel my tabs entering my bloodstream after taking them don't you?..

Comment #9

Like I mentioned earlier Im just starting to feel some of the effects. Its day 9 now, 50mg in the morning. They might be slightly under dosed, an inconsistent mixture or I might not be taking enough. My first experience with winnie was taking the injectable form orally, drinking it. I cant remember the dosage though. I felt the effects relatively quick and strong compared to these pills.

I hope thats not disrupting the process. Im also in the works of sending a sample of my batch for a mass spec analysis through my school's chemistry depot. So, as it stands right now the effects are mild to moderate. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for all of your help...

Comment #10

You should not feel winni tabs "kick in" in my opinion...

Comment #11

You ever thought your diet is lacking?? a member on UKM has mentioned he had these tested and they came back just above 50mg.......

As Extreme has pointed out you should not feel winny kick in unless you are talking about your strength getting better??.

Can I ask what you are expecting?? as you do come across as if something special should happen......

Comment #12

I feel my diet is excellent. My goal: I just want to get back into good shape. During my first run with winnie I was doing minimal weights, just compound exercises(flat bench, standing military press etc). The majority of my workout was push ups, pull ups, dips, sit ups, running and swimming. Basically the run of the mill "commando" regiment. I wasn't interested in massive gains, just hardening up and gaining endurance.

My issue now is that.

1) I feel much different now as opposed to my first run with it. (2004).

2) I've gotten mixed reviews on PC. (mostly positive though).

Over all, Im feeling ok though. Better as time passes...

Comment #13

Anabolic steroids will not do that to you mate...

Comment #14

You say your diet is excellant can you post up a typical days eating?..

Comment #15

Maybe it's just me then. But I always feel orals about 20mins after ive taken them. And i'm 100% sure thery're real. Mind you I get off on a cup of coffee!..

Comment #16

1- 2 cups of steel cut oatmeal, 8 egg white/1 yolk omlette. 1 multi(foodbased), 1 liv-52. water.

2- Optimum nutrition all natural whey shake(25g protien) made with 5oz water and 5 oz lf milk. fruit (bannana or nectarine).

3- 1 cup brown rice, 1 chicken breast(olive oil), small salad, fruit (bannana or nectarine).

4- same as line 2.

5- (pre workout) Brown rice, bannana, shake(water).

6- (post workout) shake, bannana.

7- Chicken or fish (35-45g protien), large salad. 1 multi and liv-52.

8-Maybe low fat cottage cheese..

Im 33, 5'10 193lbs. I want to get down to 175-180...

Comment #17

Now I am not being picky but in my opinion no ones diet is excellant.......

Below are my opinions of your diet but only my opinion mate........

1 - good start to the day although I would increase the yolks to 2 and drop the oats to 1 cup.

2 - drop the fruit and add 25g of peanut butter or almonds increase the whey to 2 scoops.

3 - make sure you are having 200g chicken breast.

4 - same as line 2.

5 - this would be better being 1cup of oats and the whey shake.

6 - have something like extreme Build and recover a banana is not going to replenish glycogen stores.

7 - add some good fats like olive oil or have salmon.

8 - I would give this meal a miss if you are after losing fat.....

Like I said mate only my opinion I would do this along with adding cardio for at least 45min a day 6 times a week before looking at drugs.......

Comment #18

Consistent diet and exercises are paramount, no doubt. I think my mistake this time was taking 2 months off of traning and eating properly, then jumping back in with winnie. Aside from that, my diet did look a little carb heavy once on paper. And the last meal I could drop for sure. I love peanut butter, I usually put it on rice cakes. Drop the nectarines then? To much sugar I suppose.

Monday I'll make the changes.....My diet is excellent when compared to the average American, Mc donalds, Burger King and Taco bell. A relative term for sure! Your advice is much appreciated. Thanks, I'll check in soon...

Comment #19

Sire, I made the changes, I feel good but I'm STARVING!!! Overall though my strength went up significantly, and the muscles feel great. The gear is fine. What should I do about the hunger? any other suggestions?..

Comment #20

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