Any suggestions on weighing yourself during Nutrisystem diet?

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Hi everybody! I really hope I am posting this question in the correct place. I know you should never weigh yourself everyday, I weighed in at my Doctor's office last Friday, I was going to go there this Friday to weigh in. They have a really good scale and they said I am welcome to come by every week and weigh myself. Is it a good idea to weigh in every week? Do you ever suggest buying a scale for at home use? If so, what kind? I ask because I honestly cannot even remember the last time I owned my own scale and I thought I heard that home scales are wrong alot. I would need to find one that won't read "To be continued" when I step onto it either. It would have to go up high in numbers,( I will spare you the horrible details. ) Thanks...

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Your question was: Any suggestions on weighing yourself during Nutrisystem diet?.

I think the weighing mindset is different for everyone. I'd always heard you shouldn't weigh every day...just once a week..

But...I'm into my third week, and I have weighed every morning. The first two weeks, watching the numbers creep downward, was making getting up enjoyable (I am NOT a morning person! ). Now, if there's even a 2/10 of a gain (and I know our bodies fluctuate daily), it just makes me determined to stay on program all day and up the water intake..

It's becoming routine. But I do it about the same time, with the same clothes (or lack of, if you prefer).

Several years ago I bought a Weight Watchers digital scale at Wal-Mart. It wasn't super expensive, but I think it's a good scale. I'm with would end up being too much effort to go into the doctor's office every week. A home scale is a good investment if you want to chart your progress...

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I only weigh once a week...the fluctuations make me crazy. I have a digital scale. I think I paid about $30. It wasn't very expensive and it works great. One piece of advice...use the same scale every week. They are not all the same and it does make a difference...

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I weigh myself like 10 times a day. There's a scale near our restroom at work...

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Hi There,.

I have been on the program since Dec. I weighed myself every week at first but would get too discouraged when I hadn't lost anything. I then started weighing every 2 weeks. This was easier for me to take. I have lost the amount I wanted to and now am on the Flex plan. Since I have reached my goal I weigh myself every day.

I suggest that you buy a scale and weigh yourself same time with same clothes on or none each time you weigh. I bought mine at WalMart. Good luck to you!.


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Thank you all for your advice, I really appreciate it. You are right, making myself go to the Doc's office everyday probably will get very old! With a home scale it is the same scale, NO EXCUSES either, I must weigh in. I like the every 2 weeks idea too. Depending on how I do this first week, I may weigh every 2 weeks. I think anything more often then a week will make me crazy!!! I am very nervous and impatient unfortunately...

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