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My question is: Any special offers for 2010?.

My 2nd question is: Okay so my boyfriend just recently broke it off with some girl FOR ME!.

We've known each other forever and decided to give it a try. I go online to myspace and his page pops up (he forgot to log out) and I see 'NEW MESSAGE'. Okay, so I just want to be noisy and decide to click on it. The first thing I see is a new message from her titled 'A SERIOUS LETTER'. Now, I close my computer and think about not doing it..

I even flip a coin.. lol.

In the end I read it. In the letter this girl is so sad and is pouring her heart out. I get a little sad and now I feel stupid for reading it and I feel like I should tell my boyfriend what I did and let him think about actually what he wants. We are good enough friends that if he said 'Hey, I want to get back with her' I would be upset but still want to be friends with him, because he is amazing...

...but what should I do? Should I let him read it? Or should I be like 'He's mine?!'.


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""...but what should I do?""How about being honest and trustworthy? Everyone deserves their privacy... if you start this relationship (thru off like you have, it is not much of a relationship. You just couldn't resist reading his email (this is a cop out), means you are untrustworthy, so you can't expect him to be trustworthy." Should I let him read it?"Of course he should read it. it is his email not yours, it is really none of your business. Again this makes you sound dis honest untrustworthy and no respect for him, the relationship (thru or yourself."Or should I be like 'He's mine?"He is not YOURS, he is a person that should be able to make decisions for himself, again this is really none of your business so stay out of it. He needs to know that you read his email so that he can make an informed decision about whether he wants to be with someone that is a snoop...

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What happens when she follows up after hearing nothing, and he has no idea what Email she's talking about? He'll rightfully be suspicious of you.Mark it as unread, don't mention it, let him read it and make his own decisions. If he feels close enough to you he'll tell you about it...

Comment #2

Yes, you should "let" him read his own email and you should confess to what you did and apologize..

A relationship (thru that starts out with deception and secrecy is not worth much IMO..


Comment #3

Let your bf read it and let him make a is a valid point that you tell him about reading honest that you read out of curiosity...

Comment #4

Just say you know it's a difficult time for him and if he needs time alone or feels he has to go back to her you'll be sad, very sad, but understand.


Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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