Any one ever buy and use a detox drink or product from VitaminShoppe and passed a urine drug test?

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My first question is: Any one ever buy and use a detox drink or product from VitaminShoppe and passed a urine drug test?.

My next question is: I bought Jintropin, it will be 6 months cycle. 3 iu in the morning and 2 at night..

I was wondering, is it overkill to do more then that.

I know it is really expensive but besides the price, would it be that much better to do, lets say, 7 or 8 iu's a day?.

Is it dangerous to do that much. I know there are almost no side effects and it is probably the best stuff you can take..

So, any info on the matter would be great...

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Your question was: Any one ever buy and use a detox drink or product from VitaminShoppe and passed a urine drug test?.

Dint know that dude....

Its still as common as fook tho....

I said it at the time but I was shocked at the majority of physiques at the finals....

Seems to me if you can suck it all in for the compulsory poses you dont get marked down for it....

If they were pikey and KP wouldve been placed much much higher!.

I was also extremely impressed with bodyworks size and shape when I saw him at pudsey the other year.....

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Distended stomachs are not just down to drugs if they where everyone who uses the drug would suffer from it other things like genetics/training and even food quantity comes into play......

To the OP about GH....yes you can get sides from high GH doses but these are normally 15iu's+ daily for a fair amount of time to get any real bad sides and even then not a certainty...

The length of the GH cycle is more important than the dose so 5iu's ed for 6 months is better and more productive than 10iu's for 3months in my opinion but in saying that EOD shots using a larger dose (daily dose x 2) in my opinion is better than daily doses for BB purposes.....

There is no need to split the dose either, in the morning or before bed in one dose is fine you will see little difference in results......

I have used GH for the last 3yrs in many different ways and in my opinion EOD before bed shots give me the best results......

Comment #2

See I am currently running generic blue tops at 4iu ed but now you got me thinking of trying 8iu eod instead hmmm might give it a bash since I'm early into it thanks Pscarb..

Comment #3

You could end up with a big lollipop head as HGH could make your head grow too, although it's not a problem when your body is getting bigger, in years to come, when you stop bodybuilding, obviously your body will get smaller, but your head wont follow suit, and you'l be left looking like one of those Big head footballer figurines!lol!..

Comment #4

Yes you are correct abuse of GH can cause growth in the forehead and jaw bone but if you look at the data stating this side effect you will see the amounts used I much more than most bodybuilders use.......

Can I ask what experiances you have with GH or where you read this info from?..

Comment #5

Absolutley no experience with it at all buddy, although I'm not opposed to the idea of giving it a blast along side all the necessaries(insulin etc) if I had enough cash to do so, alas the NHS pay isnt the best!lol!!. I cant off the top of my head(pun intended)remember where I read about this, I have a sneaking suspicion it was in the book 'The works: A key to unlocking true physical potential with steroids and without' by Chris Wormley and Martin Coleman, I can remember seeing photos of someones hands that had suposedly been effected by HGH, and they were like shovels on the end of his arms, and I can remember a comment about the author knowing of at least four ex-pro's who sported lolipop heads from years of HGH abuse(note like you said ABUSE, which at pro level is all too common).

Im no expert on HGH PScarb, and dont claim to be, I'm merely providing a bit of recalled info for Mike should he choose to research it further...

Comment #6

That is cool and large hands and forehead are side effects but you have to seriously abuse GH for long periods to get this, it certainly does not apply to 99% of the guys using GH..

Comment #7

May be hearsay but I belive HHH had his brows shaved a few years back...

Comment #8

Yeh that monobrow was making him look a bit like noel gallagher!(sorry cal, couldnt resist lol!!)..

Comment #9

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