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Medifast Product Develpment answered an email of mine and mentioned a new product to be introduced mid-December. Does anyone know what this is? Dying to know...

Comments (88)

Was there anything in your email to give you a clue? Maybe what you were talking about has the answer in it. Hope this is something great!..

Comment #1

Nooooo no clue at all. I know there have been requests for certain things. But no idea what it is. After how great the beef stew and vanilla pudding came out, I am pretty excited to see what this is. How do we find out?????..

Comment #2

I bet it's some type of muffin or cookie! Lots of people have been asking about that. Anyone wanna put some money on it?? lol..

Comment #3

Lydiaa, you read my mind. The only hint I got was "it's not like any other Medifast meal." Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Mental wheels spinning...

Comment #4

Hmmm ... here's a "wishlist" of things I'd like to see. {double wink}.

Pre-packaged lean and green meals (flash frozen).





Candy ................okay, I'll be behave now.................

Baking mix.

Unsweetened, unflavored shakes.

Unsweetened, unflavored pudding.

Unsweetened oatmeal..

Comment #5

I don't want to ruin the surprise for everyone. It'll be our Medifast Christmas Present, after all. But Defrag now you really have me on pin and needles with all those ideas. Hope it's something you wished for...

Comment #6

Can we get a Date how soon in December??..

Comment #7

All I got was Mid-December. So hopefully before the holidays in case it's something great to get us through it. Sigh. I hate surprises...

Comment #8

Bettina, N/S was really toying with you! LOL Nice to see a sense of humor over there. I'm betting it's some kind of ready-to-eat meal, like a cookie or muffin. Very exciting stuff!..

Comment #9

Nobody is even close.............. muhahahaha *evil laughter*.

OK, sorry... we are having too much fun with this!..

Comment #10

Hehehe.... If we get close will you tell us or at least say we are 'getting warm'?.

Come on everybody ... BRING IT ON!..

Comment #11

Oh Medifast, if you don't tell us Santa will put COAL in your stocking. HAHAHAH. Well, it was worth a try.......

Comment #12

Just to clarify ... from what I understand it is not even close to any of the following exiting Medifast products: shakes, puddings, soups, oatmeal, and bars.

So here are more guesses....


Ice cream.





Comment #13

An email said the re-formulated Choc Mint Bar was coming out in mid-Dec.....

BTW, I think the new Chocolate Bar is FABULOUS!!! That really tastes like Dark Chocolate!..

Comment #14

I can't STAND this...I am so nutty over this that I actually googled "Medifast Product Development" for the answer. Nothing, nada, zilch. Hey, let's start a betting pool. If we do, some smartypants might come up with the answer...

Comment #15

Hmmmmm....But Medifast has said "it's nothing like anything we have already had." So would that mean the new bar? Hmmmmmmm......

Comment #16

Hmmmm..... nope!.

And not a bar either, dmczap. Although you are right - new Chocolate Mint bars are out in mid-December...

Comment #17

Medifast, you really need to have sympathy for those of us who might have a heart attack from the suspense. Really, I could DIE if I don't know for a month. Would you lovely folks want that on your head? (Did that work just a little, the guilt?)..

Comment #18

Maybe it's Medifast Peanut Butter. All the creamy goodness, none of the guilt...

Comment #19

Nice guess Carla. C'mon guys who has more ideas? Someone out there is going to be genius enough to figure this out...

Comment #20

I bet it is the syrups....they probably see all these recipes calling for SF syrup and figured that they should be profiting from it rather than these other internet sites. I would buy them with my monthly order! It would be cheaper and less time consuming than going from site to site. How convenient would that be?..

Comment #21

I am going to bet either some kind of ready to eat L&G (since they discontinued the essential meals) or salad dressing (since they discontinued that, too)..

Maybe a ready to eat pudding?.

I, however, would LOVE a non-sweet oatmeal!..

Comment #22

I vote for pecan pie! I'm really going to miss my pecan pie during the holidays, but it will be there next year!..

Comment #23

Fiber supplements?.

Hair loss supplements?.

Stripper hose for Paula?..

Comment #24

Gosh I hope it's not a Medifast fruitcake! Ugghhh, I'd rather drink French vannila shakes from now till doomsday! Maybe they got rid of the yucky s'mores bars......... and have replaced them with a new yummy bar?..

Comment #25

Well Bettina... You sure opened up a can of worms!!!!! Thanks for dragging us all into the suspense train right there with you. My vote is for the Medifast peanut butter...

Comment #26

They said "product", right? So do we know if it's a meal or a snack?..

Comment #27

I have no clue what is IS ... but I'll take a couple of guesses about what it's NOT..

Muffins or cookies much as I would like to see this, I would think that developing any type of a product that required baking/cooking prior to purchase might have overwhelming production costs.

Sugar-free syrups not all that profitable, very high shipping/damage collateral. Unless they offered them in teensy plastic bottles. Might work with that approach..

Unflavored oatmeal don't think there's enough consumer demand for it. Yeah, I know we want it on these boards, but would the rest of the general population actually buy it?.

Baking mix I dunno, though I'd love to see one, I'm not sure (a) whether they could come up with one low-carb enough to suit the weight loss plan (b) it sort of doesn't fit with the basic philosophy/brand of MF: no mess, no fuss, no thinking about food..

My money's on some sort of RTE meal, though I can't imagine what it would be. Although the ones they used to have apparently weren't very successful so who knows..

I'd love to see them develop a line of foods for transition and maintenance. I'd expect these to be subcontracted out to another company or the R&D companies would be enormous. Might make a logical product line extension and keep customers buying after they achieved their weight loss...

Comment #28

That is a wonderful idea!.

I'd really love MediFast syrups in smaller containers than I can purchase in the current brands. Then I'd keep them in my my my my


Comment #29

Did someone say PEANUT BUTTER? I would have that for all of my meals! LOL..

Comment #30


2nd how did any one know about this, where was it posted that we are getting a new product?..

Comment #31

How about a cereal bar? Need something else besides oatmeal as a choice for breakfast!.

Although, the peanut butter idea is a GREAT one (she says as she just finished a banana pudding with smooth peanut butter added )...

Comment #32

Ok, I say it has to be Medifast stripper hose! LMAO What I really need is a full body hose, what about it MF??? hmmmm? Or candy canes, either way would be fine with me...

Comment #33

Oh my God Judy Stripper Hose for Paula? HAHAHAHHAHAHAH....I thought she already got her own. Great guesses guys. I think it's cookware for Orangeblood. Seriously, now what? Do we wait, or break into Medifast headquarters and steal the files???..

Comment #34

OMG! Something NEW??!!!.

I am going to die of suspense!! DIE! LOL Seriously, I'm the most impatient person EVER!. something!!..

Comment #35

ROTFLMAO!!! Judy and Bettina!!!. money is on a "Custard" or a "Flan", something that can be mixed up with water and nuked or baked.

I have tried to come up with a custard recipie using the shakes and puddings and no can do...

Comment #36

OK how about noodles...I can spell MediFast noodles..

I would also vote for peanutbutter..

Comment #37

OK, I'm going crazy here!! Maybe it'll be a cold cereal that you add water to and magically some milk appears?? But why would they introduce a cold cereal in Dec?? Hmmm...dunno!.

Well, at least this will take my obsession off wolfdogs! Last night at a tax appt my bf's cpa had the most intriguing wolf dog hybrid. Looked like a very thin tall husky. Had the wolf legs and face and everything. She was curious and came up to us and sniffed us but didn't want us to touch her. She was gorgeous!! Since then I've been obsessively researching wolfdogs on the internet......nut now my obsession will be back on what the new Medifast product is!..

Comment #38

I go to class for a few hours and this is what happens, huh...mutiny! I am having the greatest time laughing at you all...MF should learn that whenever there is drama, just mention a new food and we lose our minds!.

I am totally excited...I LOVE the new stew and pudding (even if the pudding isnt diabetic friendly) How many of you were supposed to be working and instead were trying to figure out what this mystery is!.

Okay here is my guess....even though I started late and you guys took all the good answers:.

MF Fruit Snacks.

What ya'll think?.

By the way...if they were smart, they WOULD start selling Stripper Hose...(say that 3 times fast)..

Comment #39

I think a good idea is a cold cereal or breakfast bar. But it would not seem right to put it out in December unless it was a hot food. I vote for the ready to eat meal since people are talking about taking food on the go being a problem sometimes. Or traveling. It has to be something portable, which is going to be awesome!!!.

This is so fun & I have no life following this so closely...

Comment #40

This is toooooooo HIGH-larious. Now what? I think the guesses are all great but...they said something they never had before. I got it....Soy-Edible-Undies.....

I need mental health care. This has pushed me over the edge, even for me. Paula the prude is blushing now..


Comment #41

Kiss my grits, Bettina!.

(wow, I just proved I am old!).

Funny thing is I was going to say edible undies...of the fruit snack variety...

Comment #42

Oh Paula....Prude does not = old for chrissakes. You are on your way to 4th of July hotness with me, my Medifast sis'. Hey, where's BT in all this?..

Comment #43

Dunno...BT is probably out having a life...tired of us and our blue

The old remark was more about using the pharase "kiss my grits"...only an OLD person would remember Flo from Alice (Mel's Diner).

Hmmm...pehaps the new food IS peanut butter...oohhh a Medifast PB&J!..

Comment #44

Paula I am 44 and I remember Flo and Alice and Mel and KISS MY GRITS. We are not old silly goose egg. BT is not out having a life. She's coming up with some new muffin or something. Kisses!..

Comment #45

Listen Little Missy....we'll see who's OLD in July. And just for that, you have to show up in the pic wearing ONLY little packets of Medifast food. Yeehah...

Comment #46

ROTFLMAO!!! Oh, yeah!.

I HAVE been in the kitchen trying to come up with something else!.

How did ya'll know that?.

Ok, ladies, ya'll missed my post back on page 4!.

I think the new product is a custard or flan, something that can be mixed with water and nuked or baked..

Haven't been able to come up with a custard recipe yet, darn it!.

Hey! I'm 44, too, except I'll be having a Bday next Tuesday *cough*cough*.

Would love a pair of those edibles, though. LOL.

You two are a hoot! I love ya ladies !!!!..

Comment #47

I have no idea what the product is, but it better be good enough to get all of our "behinds" in those July 4th bikinis. I would agree with Queenbee, something portable, and good for traveling..

I'll give my vote for the stripper hose though. With my full list of participants, we should get a group discount...

Comment #48

Thats hot..

Actually, if I am skinny enough for those packets to cover my unmentionables, they better make me the Medifast poster girl for LIFE!..

Comment #49

Oh my God...I have to make sure I am next to the potty next time I read you gals's posts. You know, at my AGE, the bladder thing can get sketchy. Yikes. BT, y'all dream us up another masterpiece and I'll love you for life. Dbb UH OH, how many peeps are showing their "behinds" on July 4? They sell stripper hose by the GROSS, are we there yet? And, my lovely Paula, I just can't STAND it...the new Medifast poster is Paula wearing stripper hose, Medifast fruit and granola bars covering her "girls" and the new Medifast edible undies well, you know. I am ROLLING...

Comment #50

Ladies, I am on EST, and I weigh more when I don't get my proper beauty rest. You have given me some really good laughs tonight. Goodnight...

Comment #51

I am just dying of laughter. Thanks for starting my day off with mystery and intrigue-NEW PRODUCT ANYONE? and a good honkin' belly laugh!!! I agree, I need to be near a potty when I read posts like this!! LOL.

I'm OLD too ladies-43-and PROUD of every achin' bone I have earned over the years. BTW, I LOVED Flo and Mel and Alice. They just don't make TV like they used to-Thank GOD for TVLand huh?.

Hey... my vote for new product: they are changing packaging to tube-thingys so we can get them into a water bottle???.

Have a Blessed Medifast day all!!..

Comment #52

Okay, seriously... I'm sorry I missed this thread last night, but what a thing to wake up to. Paula's got my vote for poster girl too. And whoever thought up her wearing nothing but Medifast packets? Y'all are sick (which is why I love you)!..

Comment #53

Oh My Gosh! You all have given me such a laugh this morning! this is a great thread! I have to say, I was hoping for a muffin or a cookie from MF.... but obviously they are having way too much fun with this to say what it is!.


Start 8/06 188.

CW 160 BMI 29 yeah!? (now I'm just overweight).

GW 118..

Comment #54

Well, this *HAS* been fun! Got us some truly demented minds out there, yes we do..

How about:.

Medifast Latte?.

Medifast powdered flavorings?.

Something (ANYTHING!) to replace the Mine*gag*strone?.

Exercise tapes?.


Veggie Chips or some other snack?.

Medifast Jerky!.

Some medifast noodle-y dish (miracle noodle based)?..

Comment #55

Uhhhhh Paula? You haven't answered. Is that because you are in front of the mirror pasting Medifast packets all over the hot bod? Hmmmmmmm......

Ladies, NONE of us are OLD. FIFTY is the new FORTY, remember? It's amazing though that when you lose weight you tend to look younger. Just think of July 4th and the fact that our pics will all rival something from the Charlie's Angels set. Yippiieeeeeeee...

Comment #56

Judy, it's not dementia....It's survival. We have to laugh while we chef up that mine-gag-strone, right? I love all the creative guesses about the new product but I can't for the life of me figure out what it could be. MF=Meanies. They should TELL US...

Comment #57

Wow, I logged off the Internet early last night and decided to try to get some work done this morning before checking the board. Good heavens! Has this thread took off. It took me awhile to eyeball scan the growing number of pages..

Okay ... we know that MyMedifastSupport is keeping an eye on this thread, so let's toy a little with her/him too, shall we? hehehe.

WHAT IF ... someone on this board guessed it, MyMedifastSupport. I realize you probably can't let the cat out of the bag {poor kitty}, but what about making a contest out of it? If someone guesses it, they get $50 in Medifast food free or whatever.

In return Medifast gets LOADS of feedback/ideas on potential foods and future products that customers would like see developed.

Bettinav, Did Medifast specifically state that the new product was a "food" product? If not, then we may just have food on the brain and we are guessing in the wrong direction, which might explain why we aren't even close..

So how about it MyMedifastSupport?..

Comment #58

Defrag here is the Medifast response from the "ask the nutritionist board:".

Sorry... you will just have to wait and see.

One hint though... there is no other Medifast Meal like it.

I would imagine that means it's a MEAL, right? I agree there should be a contest, especially if they are going to toy with us for a whole month longer. I am soooo dying of suspense here. Ugh...

Comment #59

Yep, I'd agree. I'd also agree, it's very exciting!..

Comment #60


Actually...I am diabetic, so it would have to be the chocolate or peanut butter cruunch.....

Comment #61

Paula, thanks for being such a "sport" about all this...

Comment #62

Just rememer Bettina....revenge is sweeter than a Medifast Lemon bar....muwhahahahahaha..

Comment #63

Oh please Paula, don't get out that kinky WHIP again and relegate me to the KITCHEN. I was being nice, now the gloves are off. "Hi, Medifast, I have a great idea for the TV infomercial...It's this hot chick who wants to be on TV wearing nothing but Medifast packets on her privates...whaddya think?"..

Comment #64

You guys are all so off the mark: they are introducing the new "Medifast Mirror"!!.

You look in it prior to eating each meal and it shows you how you will look when you reach goal. I heard it also eliminates cellulite, thereby reducing the need for stripper hose..

If you get really desperate, you can eat the "Medifast Mirror" for even quicker results...

Comment #65

Oh yes, they have a diabetic version as well. Not quite as sweet. LOL!.

(i hope "they" are reading this.....)..

Comment #66

OK guys, my vote is for some kind of trail mix/chex mix. THAT would be awesome...

Comment #67

Well, if Medifast makes the "edibles" (See earlier posts if this is unclear ), would they be vitamin enriched? I presume we would have to log these as a PRIVATE food? ROFL.


Comment #68

One thing's for sure, they'll be high in soy and protein.....

Comment #69

ROTFL about Abby's mirror!.

Maybe they're embarking on a whole new line of beauty/skin care products Medifast-branded skin tighteners and "fat defiers.".

The stripper hose work with their current tagline. They make you "easy, fast ..." They could call even them MediFasteners. "Holds you in when you want to bust out." "Cuts your thighs down to size.".

How about Medifast-branded exercise equipment? Partnerships with Cybex and Curves? Junonia for weight-loss-friendly exercise wear? Banner ads on the Medifast site offering discounts to Medifast users (and banner ads on their sites)? (And why aren't they already testing banner ads and Google Adwords already for some of these?) I've got lots of ideas to grow the franchise. Where's their Marketing Manager?..

Comment #70

LOL...would they then be marketed as "EasyFast"? Seriously though, I thought that is what alcohol was for! Ohhhh wait, that's right, we can't have alcohol on the plan..."Hey baby, you just might get lucky tonite...I've got my EasyFast".

You know someone is gonna come and snip this thread, right. We are havin waaay too much fun...

Comment #71

Paula, I've been gone for how long and you are in trouble again? Easy Fast? Oh my God Robyn...

Comment #72

How about a cooking show for our Medifast chef extrodinaire: OrangeBlood!!!!!!.

For the christmas season!!..

Comment #73

Hey now, there's the ticket. A cooking show with Ornageblood, but do you think he would wear stripper hose? UMMM... You all didn't know just how deranged I really am now did ya?..

Comment #74

Ok I thought I was sick...But between Farrell and Judy talking about the vitamins, soy and PROTEIN in the edibles...Unicorn wanting to see the MEN in the stripper hose, Paula and Robyn talking about EASY FAST????? Oh Lordy...I wonder if it's the SOY doing this to our brains? You gals are soooo fun. I think we should get a party together and ask Orangeblood to do the food...

Comment #75

Wait, wait.....who was the guy with the man-boobs?? He will need EasyFast for Men.

I was crying over the getting lucky line.......

Comment #76

And I hope you know that I was totally kidding so please don't be offended. :-)..

Comment #77

You guys are CrAzY!!! Just know we are taking notes... even of the "unique" guesses! And there are plenty to go around! You had our whole team DYING with the stripper hose and "Private Foods" comments! LOL..

Comment #78

I have to tell you all. I have been hysterical reading all of this sillyness. This is what dieters need to keep thier heads straight. Keep it up you guys.

As for a new product. I hope it is some kind of noodle product because that is my biggest cheat. I miss my macaroni.And when I miss it too much,I go out to eat..

SHAME ON ME!!!!!!!..

Comment #79

P.S. - Medifast will be accepting applications for "Medifast Poster Girl" starting next week... HAHAHA just kidding of course... what a concept though... wow!..

Comment #80

Lemme guess! At this year's office Christmas party, ya'll are going to draw straws on who gets to wear the stripper hose at the party!.

Man! I can only imagine what ya'll think about us deranged medifasters on the recipe forum ! ROTFLMAO!!!!..

Comment #81

Medifast, now that we have so AMUSED about a wee hint? Just a little one? I think the Medifast Christmas card should be the STAFF in the Stripper Hose. How about that for ecouraging us to stay on track???..

Comment #82

I predict they will come out with a Candy Cane Shake or Gingerbread Latte! I found the True Lemon in a bottle! Added some to the vanilla and what a difference. So YUMMY!.

Aloha, Tracy..

Comment #83

How did you guess our plans? Now we gotta think of something else! LOL.

Hint? Hmmm... well... we will have to see about that...

Comment #84

Deranged? Aren't we all... As for the Christmas Party: We shall put that gem in the suggestion box!..

Comment #85

Popcorn???? Better yet, Caramel Corn?????.

Robyn - Medifasteners I laugh everytime I read it. It would be awesome if they worked like a tummy tuck and boob lift...

Comment #86

Hmm...I miss all the wacky banter today!.

Dang....that is what I get for studying..

By the way...I am only slightly embarassed by our antics...

Comment #87

Paula, if you're only SLIGHTLY embarassed, can you get the outfit on, take a pic, and send to MF? That'll get us our hint, for sure, poster gal...

Comment #88

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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