Any Medifast pork chop recipes?

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Hi all - was hoping that someone/anyone might have any really healthy OP pork chop recipes? Would like a change from fish/very lean red meat/chicken (already). Seems like every recipe I've searched is either stuffed,or with gravy, breaded, sauced, etc. Hoping ya'll might have something yummy for me. Thanks..

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I put salt and pepper (sometimes some mrs dash) on them and throw them on the grill. Takes on a really yummy taste! Really really good this way!..

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I either Gril, or Roast in the oven. For the oven I make a mix of Liquid Smoke, EVOO Onionpwdr, Garlic Pwdr, Cumin and Dry Mustard amd Paprika, or Cayenne. I dont do measurements..since I usually feed the whole heard, it's quite bit. Brush this into the chops and Grill or roast in the oven with a roaster pan. I put water in the bottom of the pan to create some moisture in the oven. keeps the chops from drying out...

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I throw boneless pork chops in a skillet with a can of diced tomatoes with green chilis and let it simmer until cooked. They come out so tender and flavorful with jsut the right little kick...

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Trim off all fat, place chops in crock pot. Pour a can of diced tomatoes, fresh mushrooms and peppers Cook all day, delicious and super easy..

If you like mustard, spread your favorite mustard on chops and bake, for nonmedifasters sprinkle with bread crumbs. Bake with Pam or a little evoo..

Marinate chops a few minutes with soy sauce and favorite spices and bake...

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I usually use something like Montreal steak seasonings. But I found a Salt Free Organic seasonings that I have been using, and then bake them in the oven till done...

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Marinate in FF Itln. Dressing & Grill along with some zucchini, tri-colored peppers & red onion...

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Great ideas everyone. Thanks. I seem to have trouble getting the chops to be "fork tender" no matter how I cook them. As for grilling, how long should I cook on the grill and at about what temp (med, med high, etc). Last attempt I made at chops on the grill, they ended up more like burnt hockey pucks. I ended up the other evening baking them in one of those brown and season bags.

Any help appreciated as it's nice to deviate from chicken, lean red meat, or fish...

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When I do my chops on the grill, I usually do them on medium heat and let them cook a little bit slower. I have never had them be fork tender. I wish I could...

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I pan-braise mine. Throw the chops in a skillet on medium high heat, salt and pepper them well, brown on both sides, then add water to cover. When the water is gone and they start to sizzle, turn them over and add more water and do it again until the water's gone. I usually keep repeating this process several times until the chops are well-caramelized. Thinner pork chops are always fork-tender with this method none of those dried out leather things I ate as a kid, so tough you nearly choked (and my mom is a good cook!). Thicker-cut chops don't seem to come out as tender, though. Maybe I should try cooking them even longer?..

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I slice mine (boneless) thin (1/2 inch or less) at an angle, season with salt, pepper and a little onion powder then cook in a non-stick pan sprayed with a bit of cooking spray until no longer pink. Remove from heat when they are just barely done; don't overcook. If you let them rest a few minutes while you dish your veggies or get something to drink, they should be done perfectly when you sit down to eat..

For the bone-in variety, I cook in the crockpot. Season with salt and pepper, put them flat in the slow cooker and add water about halfway up the side of the chops. You can add a little boullion to the water for more flavor but I skip that due to the sodium. Cook on low until done - depends on thickness of the chop. I rotate them once about halfway - bottom chops to the top and vice-versa if I have more than one layer. You can add veggies to the slow cooker at some point if you like...

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More great ideas! Thanks! I'm ususally such a decent cook and normally would bake the chops with apples and onions. Obviously THAT method is NOT on plan so won't be doing that. Perhaps the trick is thinner boneless pork chops. Didn't even think of that so will have to try. Goodness, but the 2 pork chops I had to eat to get the right amount of protein the other day felt like I was trying to stuff them in. Sometimes 5-7 oz of anything seems like too much.

Hopefully I can get to expert stage with them based on the great suggestions...

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I buy the thin cut pork chops with the bone, season them with a bit of Montreal steak seasoning, and then pan fry them with pam spray on medium high heat. Only need to cook about 3 minutes on each side. We serve them right on the bone and eat them like you would a rib. My kids love it!..

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I grill 7 minutes per side on med high heat. Flipping only once and that is for medium thick steaks...

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Krista - I wanna come to your house for dinner!!! You always seem to be cooking up great stuff/making great things and sharing your info. Thanks!!..

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