Any Medifast pizza recipes?

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For Mine I put fresh chopped chives, rosemary, and thyme into the crust. I made the crust into to pizzas - because psycologically it makes me happier to eat the whole thing - and then added three tablespoons of very low carb sauce ( 45 cal, 6 carbs no fat for a half a cup of sauce so - adding two carbs and about twenty calories) I didnt add cheese on top cus I felt it was cheesy enough but added mushroom, a little ( couple tablespoons) of trader joes frozen grilled peppers and onions mix, 3 chopped olives, and just a sprinkle of fat free feta ( abou a half oz of 30 cal no fat 1 carb TJS FF feta). it was rediculously good but a little salty..

Also added garlic paste, and powder to the crust....

Also - I needed a little more lean like about two ounces and about a half cup more green so I had a little snack later of a thin grilled swordfish fillet and some spinach..

Im thinking.

- chicken, broccoli, FF feta and pine nuts?.

- healthy ham, chicken, garlic and mushroom and olive.

- eggplant, mushroom, olive and garlic....

What are everyones delicious concoctions that stay on plan? I deally I'd like to have a side salad too I think so Im bearing that in mind .......

Wow - holy cow - I didn't believe it till I ate it!..

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I put a wedge of LF laughing cow cheese on the "crust" and then topped with mixed spring greens dressed with LF bleu cheese dressing and then added shredded chicken on top. It was heavenly...and I make my crust really thin because I like the "crunch"..

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Oh my! You must go back a page and see the discussion about the cauliflower and cheese pizza crust. Its absolutley phenomenal and ten pages of replies to the thread with everyone except for one single person raving about it attest to it. I couldnt believe it but it is TO die for. Unbelieveable..

There are several variations but mine is:.

A half a cup riced (cooked and then grated with a cheese grater) cauliflower.

A half a cup Low fat mozzarella ( half your lean in the meatless options).

One egg white.

Chopped herbs : oregano, parsley,chives,thyme rosemary I used.

A little fennel is recomended but I didnt have any on hand.

Pureed garlic ( also my addition).

Some good pepper.

Dash a salt.

Mix well but dont over mix.

Pam spray your pan very well( I used a cast iron frying pan cus it's what I had).

Into a very hot oven - I did 450.

Spread the crust pretty thin so it's gets crunchy.

Cook until the edges are brown brown brown almost burned, and there are browned spots on top..

This was my way and it come to half a lean & green leaving you half for toppings and a side salad..

I cut the original recipe in half, added herbs and garlic, made the cheese lowfat and used egg white and no yoke. If you do a google search for "cauliflower pizza crust you'll find pictures and info..

Since parmesan cheese ( 1 TBLS) and Pine Nuts (40) are listed as a flavor enhancer not to be counted as a fat - you could encorporate either of those two..

This is ABSOULTLEY incredibly delicious and OP. However, you have to modify from the original only recipe or the crust comes out to being a full L&G. Delish!!!!..

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OK, THAT is awesome. So creative. Thats what I'm talking about!!!! hello gourmet!.

You're a genius..

Did I mention that I am in LOVE with medifast??????..

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First, I halved the recipe..

Then, when making it, I omited the spices and kept out a bit of cheese.... not really a spice person, so I don't miss them.... and spread it really thin because I like the crunch too...

I used 2 tbsp salsa as sauce, and topped with 3 oz of chicken , and topped with the rest of the cheese....

Threw it back under the broiler and let the cheese get nice and brown.....

It tasted very much like chicken nachos....

Had a spinach salad on the side to make the rest of my green, and salad dressing for HF.....

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I also halved the recipe when I made it. I put oregano (the pizza herb!) and garlic in the crust. I sauteed baby portabello mushrooms first in a pan with some olive oil spray. I added garlic and a bit of salt and pepper. I cooked a MSF veggie sausage in the microwave and then crumbled it over the pizza. Ohand the sauce I used is a no-sugar added, low-carb spaghetti sauce I get from Whole Foods. It only has two carbs for 1/2 cup! So after the sauce, I added the mushrooms and the sausage, then sprinkled the top with Parmesan cheese...

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