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My question is: Any trial promo code I can use?.

My 2nd question is: Hello Everyone.....

I just need some feedback regarding my relationship (thru with my SO.   The backstory is that I am in a committed relationship (thru with a smart and witty guy.  He is attentive enough, but I am confused as to the attentiveness I get from him is appropriate.   Mind you, he has already told me he loves me and wants to marry me.   In fact, he talks about us moving in together and getting married all the time.   Anyhoo, back to his attentiveness... for the most part he is on other levels, but I feel like it's all physical.  He gropes me wherever we are at in a restaurant or any public place.   When I say grope, I mean grope.  Stick his hands down my pants, put his hand in my top, grabbing crotch etc...all in public.   I am not quite sure how I should feel about it as I am way into him and have been happy for the most part.   I hope this makes sense.   Any thoughts?  Suggestions?.


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Are you okay with him groping you like that in public? If not, would you be okay with it if you felt there was more of an emotional/spiritual balance in the relationship? Have you told him this bothers you? Can you tell me how old you both are and how long you have been dating?..

Comment #1

That would be a big NO NO in my book.  At some point in time I am asumming you in some way old him that this was OK or we would be doing it. Groping in public like that not only is disrespectful but God knows I being the public dont want to see it. I am sure he cares about you and if you let him know ya know can we save the gropping fr private.....PLEASE. Tell him how you feel...

Comment #2

If you need to set some boundaries then just tell him that you'd like him to cut back on the groping when you are out.  When he is groping is he doing it in plain view like while you are out at a bar he just reaches under your shirt?  A butt squeeze or grope is one thing but to grab your crotch in full view of everyone is too much - it's one thing if his hand is under the table or under the table cloth .. etc...

Comment #3

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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