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Are there any promotional codes for 2011?.

I also got a dilemma... I am new to the dating (online dating with world. I have been in one relationship (thru for 15 this is all foreign to me..

I was out with friends this past weekend and met a man. After we wound spending most of the night dancing to the band, he asked me for my number. He phoned me the next day and asked me to dinner. It was fun, we got along well..

Every day since Monday he has sent me a text, saying hello or asking me how my day was, etc.  I am responding back being friendly.

But here is my question? What is up with the texting?? Don't men call anymore?.

I am wondering what to make of this man..does he want to date me or text me? He has not asked me out for this coming weekend either. What is the "norm" on asking a woman out? Do they call or text? Should he not ask in advance IF he is going to ask at all?.

Thanks so much for anyone who can give me some you can see I am a complete newbie at this! I am in my early 40's..boy has the dating (online dating with world changed...

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Yes, there is a pretty good promo code for If you click here, you can get a 20% discount on a subscription. it's a limited time offer though, so hurry. About your dilemma... Wow! he's texting you!.

Well I think that texting has become so much easier than a phone call, you know. He is probably nervous and doesn't really know what your he texts. He seems nice and if you two had a good time, then alright! I think he is really into you because most men don't waste time texting..i think this is a good sign!..

Comment #1

Texting is good..

Yes, of course he should ask in advance.  It's improper to ask someone out last minute.  Today by the latest for the weekend.  Mayeb he's busy this weekend which is why he hasn't asked. ..

Comment #2

It is all so new to me..yikes..

So, is it ok if I don't text him first? I guess I am "old fashioned" but I think if a man is interested in me, he should contact me..I mean if he likes me then he will find me..

I just feel uncomfortable texting a man to let him know I am interested in going on a date using with him? Is that ok?.

Thanks so much for the is sooo helpful!..

Comment #3

IMO Texting is ok as long as it is something short and to the point...running late, just to say hi things like that, but to carry on conversations, ask you out on a date using that would totally turn me off, especially just meeting someone. If you can't take the time to make a phone call for 5 min to ask me out then I must not be worth much of your time... If you prefer to be called then let him know that, he can't read your mind.There is a difference in letting someone know you are interested and actively pursuing someone. The problem comes when YOU are the one that is doing most of the work, asking him on dates and things like that. If a guy is interested, usually they will let you know, you won't have to question it..they call, ask you out, want to get to know you. You just met the guy, just because he hasn't asked you out for this weekend doesn't mean anything.

Continue on with your life just like before you met and if he calls and you don't have anything going on and want to go then go(I prefer a couple days advance notice, not last minute) if you have something planned already don't change that just suggest a different time to get together. Don't sit around waiting for him to call either...

Comment #4

The bottom line is you don't care for texting..

I think you should let him know. All you have to say is "You know, I really don't do texting". You don't have to explain or anything, just state your preference.  After letting him know, stop answering them and only answer if it's the phone.  He'll get it..

And, YES, men are into texting these days. They'll do anything you let them do, if you let them do it.  Your job is to accept what you want and express it in a sweet manner..

I don't like texting myself...I am not good at answering back.  My new bf told me flat out NO TEXTING.  So I don't text!  By the way, I am in my early 40's too..



Comment #5

I have to say I agree with you.  I love texting but I do that with my friends, I find texting great for quick messages when you can't call the person but not for having actual conversations.  I've just started dating (online dating with a guy and we text all day while we are at work which I love but after hours I would rather talk to him.  I have to say though he does call me more often than I call him but we probably spend more time texting.  I was with my husband for 12 years and I can't believe how things have changed.  Technology is great but I sure miss actually talking to people. I am on the same page as you, but I guess you have to go with the flow...

Comment #6

I agree. The texting thing gets out of hand. Respond to a text by saying you're better at talking than typing. Can the two of you have a phone conversation?.


Comment #7

And about your other question... Yes it shows interest but it's better to move it along to something more personal.


Comment #8

Yes, last minute is not the best scenario.


Comment #9

Yes it's fine to wait for him to make the first contact!.


Comment #10


Texting, emailing, IM-ing - these things can all be miscontrued. You can't read the tone of voice, etc.  Speaking to each other is the best, but yes, you have to let your feelings be known.


Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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