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My question is: Any promo code for 50 percent off?.

My 2nd question is: So things were going really good and was hearing from my guy every day this week.  Now I haven't heard from him all weekend long..

I know I'm probably just being silly (read: irrational).  But I can't help being on alert mode and looking for signs that He's Just Not That Into Me so I can protect myself.  I have a tendency to be distant and don't really have a problem letting things go. .

Of course I dont wish that things go bad (because I do like him alot), but I so want to avoid getting hurt.  I suppose I try and cushion it by anticipating the worst.  I dunno..

He knows I've had a couple of stalkers before, so I know he is wary of "bothering" me and calling too much.  But I've made it clear that I love hearing from him (he is out of town for work)..

Ok, so if I dont hear from him then I guess that's it. .

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You have every right to be cautious because people can be so unreliable, fickle, and flippant..

Listen girly girl, you did the right thing before and you're doing the right thing now.  Do not under any circumstances call this boy.  If he truly wants you, he will fight for you.  So kick back, watch some Jonas (it's hilarious!) and just chillax because even if he doesnt call you, I mean, so what, you know you deserve the best-someone who knows your worth and will shower you with love.  So maybe it's not him, then good riddens!.



Comment #1

Haha.  Blair.  you are awesome (!)  but you will kill me.  because I totally just texted him lmao funny..

And he texted me right back but whatever already.  it just seems like he is deliberately trying to piss me off.  like testing me or something.  yah, not cool. .

Plus, he said something to me and less than a week later, he's already not holding it up.  so yah.    .

How old are you?  I think we are similar ages maybe..?..

Comment #2

Wow..we did have the same situation accepted I text him yesterday and never heard from him since..i won't text him anymore..if we wants me we will contact me or I have to move on....

Comment #3

Have you contacted him? Or are you just waiting to hear from him?.


Comment #4

I hadn't heard from since Friday afternoon.  I texted him last night (Sunday night) and he texted me right back.  I haven't replied to his text because I'm not sure what to say to him right now. .


Comment #5

Ok so I wrote him back a little bit ago and haven't heard anything.  Ho hum.  Oh well.  At least I saw his true colors. ..

Comment #6

Question:  How long have you been dating?.

I just hate texting... why not pick up the phone and call him?.


Comment #7

We have been dating (online dating with a couple of months.  It was going in a nice pace that I liked.  I'm not super slow or anything.  But he sort of speeded it up by telling me out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago that he loved me! .

Basically, I'd like to hear from him often while he is away for work.  Not everyday and def not constantly.  But then I didnt hear from him for 3 days, which to me is too long. .

I dont mind texting.  But I do think that a call is of course more appropriate for certain things such as NOW lol  However he is really adverse to phone conversations.  But that was something I was willing to compromise on, even tho I would prefer to talk on the phone.  In any case, after the text I sent last night, the ball is in his court.  But he has yet to respond and I doubt he will at this point..

What I wrote to him was kind of harsh.  It was polite, but very direct and honest.  I dont regret anything I wrote. .

On the one hand, I am a little disappointed because I did like him.  But then these problems with simple issues tells me that he is not the right person for me to date using anymore.  Plus definitely if he just cold doesnt respond to me anymore, which is the feeling I am getting.. def shows me he is a person of poor character.  So you tell me you love me but then 2 weeks later cold drop me?  Whatevers..

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Comment #8

Katie-Elle, I am 19 years old. .

Ok, yes, I said not to write him.  But he was the last one to text you so if you didn't write back then he could've thought you were ignoring him.  So good now that you did reply and good for you to be honest and state exactly what you want.  If he is not willing to meet these simple needs, then byebye.  Really a text here and there does not require much effort.  You are already accomodating his wishes by not talking on the phone since he doesnt like it.   .

And yes, if he doesnt respond then what does that say about his so-called interest or "love" for you?  That doesnt hold much weight.  And it has been 24 hours now or something.  If he received the type of text you described and really cared, he would have responded by now. .

So it does appear like you are going to be cold dropped out of nowhere, which is disrespectful and cowardly on his part.  You dont want someone like that anyways. .

I guarantee you that in 1-2 months, you will get a text from him saying hello as if nothing happened, thinking that since time has passed that he can work himself back into your life.  This is standard with such people.  When he does this -and I mean it this time- do not respond to him lol.

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Comment #9

Well, now he just texted me that he misses me and calling me lovey names etc .

Now I just think Im being straightout played lol.


Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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