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My question is: Any coupon codes for a renewal?.

My 2nd question is: I've met all types of men; actors, rockers, fat, skinny, balding, wall-street, marketing, and even lawyers.  Yet they have never shown the qualities of a true gentleman..

When is the last time a man brought flowers to a woman before a date using - just because....


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Hi Puddy,.

Welcome to the board!!.

I too don't believe in a prince charming, but there are lots of good men out there.  They open doors for us and give us their arm on the wintery sidewalks, they call the next day to say thanks for a good evening. .

I think that common curtesy is more important than romance in the beginning of a relationship.  This will last a lot longer than all the effort a man puts into initially romancing us.  Today's manners are lacking sometimes.  I think the best way to have someone treat you with good manners is to do the same first..

Don't be discouraged.  A good one will come along!!.




Comment #1

I must have really gotten lucky.My boyfriend brought flowers on the first date, and continues to send flowers to me at the office. He's a true gentlemen and treats me very well. Apparently he's one of a kind.However, we were friends for a few years before we starting dating, so I already knew what he was about.Still, he's my prince charming. If there are more like him out there I don't know where they are hiding.A~..

Comment #2

Hi amberlotus,.

Welcome to the board!!.

You make a great point.  I think we all define our prince charming differently.  So they can exsist to each of us..




Comment #3

Oh my sweet, sweet girl.  I was EXACTLY in your frame of mind not too long ago.  Though I am only 26, I was completely jaded by men...scratch that, BOYS.  It seemed that no matter who I dated, where I looked, if I was friends first, or had only just met them...they were all pretty worthless.  I ended up dating (online dating with a person for on average around a month, or sometimes less, simply because I never felt a connection.  They were all just a bunch of useless jackasses.  I even had a young man who was my first and only love and had been a friend for literally over a decade, assault me.  It was devastating and after thatI decided: NO MORE MEN.  I would rather be alone than deal with such sub-par candidates.  BUT THEN.....a few months after joining the celibacy boat, I met someone who completely changed my world around.  He was eveything I was looking for, so naturally I did the only thing I could think of....I ran from him.  I was absolutely terrified of being dissapointed...AGAIN.  And you know what...he was patient.  He was kind.  He was understanding.  And yes...he brought me flowers.  Several since that first date using actually.  They are out there.  You just have to look past the jadedness long enough to recognize when someone is genuine and is a true gentleman.  It isn't easy, and it never will be.  But I never thought that I would find someone like him.  EVER.  Also, I never really thought I deserved someone like him.  Part of me still doesn't.  Hang in there sweetheart, they are out there. ..

Comment #4

It happens all the time. Believe that kind of man exists and that you deserve him and he will show up in your life. Good luck.


Comment #5

Well so far it looks like I may have met myself a gentleman - bit of a contrast to my previous boyfriends.  He walks me to my car, even if it's parked only two parks from his, on our date using the other night, he paid for everything, including my parking.  He always tells me how glad he was that I took the time out of my day to see him, and will follow that up with a text message when I get home.  He's told me he wants to take things slow so that we get to know each other properly before we get intimate too soon.  And he's very conscious of making sure that I'm happy, and not upset about anything.  He offers back massages without expecting anything in return, and without having to be asked..

Will it work out for us?  Well, it's too soon to tell, but he sure as heck hasn't put a foot wrong so far..


Comment #6

Hi xploziv1.


Welcome to the board!!.

Congrats on finding someone that treats you so well..



Comment #7

I agree, having the Hollywood image clutter up your mind about what constitutes 'Mr Right'  will keep you from appreciating that diamond in the rough right under your nose!.


Comment #8

I think you are being overly idealistic. This isn't a fairly tale. There are way more important things than whether a man brings you is he honest, trustworthy, intelligent, interesting, financially stable, lifestyle-compatible, good in bed, etc.I don't judge a man by him bringing me gifts or "tributes". Flowers are over-priced and useless anyways.Really, if you're judging whether someone is "Mr. Right" or not based on him bringing flowers, that sounds pretty shallow.Oh and if it's a first date, I think flowers are incredibly cliche and cheesy. Shows me he has NO imagination whatsoever.The first date using is about two buddies getting to know each other.

Edited 4/10/2008 11:23 pm ET by thestral..

Comment #9

A "Mr. Right" is different to each of us.  I dont think you ever meet someone completely perfect. there are always things that you have to tolerate or accept about a person if the relationship (thru is going to work.  Hollywood's definition can be unrealistic or even dysfunctional so it is best to have your own ideas about who is right for you...

Comment #10

Mr. Right (or Miss Right) can not exist unless a woman (or man) is willing to bring respect and acceptance to the table.  Great relationships are equality-based and mutually-beneficial and as such can't happen when there are secret expectations in play...

Comment #11

Yes it's about treating someone else the way you want to be treated.  When you respect yourself you respect others as well.   Good luck.


Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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