Any good Medifast recipe for Brownies?

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Has anyone come up with a good brownie recipe? I want to make something for a diabetic family member...

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Here's some recipes I found on the boards. You've inspired me to bake some brownies this afternoon..

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I don't know why all the links came up the same. I found three really good recipes. Oh well, just do a search for "brownie" and they'll come up...

Comment #2

I made brownies the other day. They tasted ok except next time I think I'll cook them longer..

4 packets maple cinnamon oatmeal.

3 packets choc shake.

1 packet choc pudding.

1 tsp baking powder.

1 tbsp cinnamon.

1 1/2 cups water.

Mix it up and pour it into a pammed brownie pan. I baked it on 350 for either 10 or 15 minutes but it wasn't long enough. they stuck together and I was able to eat them and everything but I think they'd be better cooked longer...

Comment #3

Do you know who makes SF oatmeal? I am trying not to buy anything right now since Ijust got an order. I want a brownie!..

Comment #4

So...that recipe is equivalent to 8 meals....My problem would be that I might eat the whole pan at the same time. Did you divy them up into 8 meals and freeze them??? It would be waaay too much temptation for me to cook that way..but I'm glad others have the will power.. many brownies did you cut that recipe into???..

Comment #5

Quaker makes Weight Control oatmeal packets that are surgar free with extra fiber. It's good, but obviously not on program...

Comment #6

I saw something in the store that Quaker makes, it may be the one you are talking about. I read the box and yes, it WAY off program. Seems like someone would have some sort of SF/lowcarb/low cal oatmeal. I mean, isn't oatmeal supposed to be extremely healthy?.

One of the turn offs for me is because I had to eat it everyday when I was grwoing up and now I gag at the site of it. There are soooo many great recipes, I wanted to try some out and get away without ordering till January..

Comment #7

Since oats are a grain it's hard to make it low carb, but it comes close if you add extra fiber. Back in the day when I was on Atkins, there was a company that made a hot cereal that was "oatmeal" with flax and other lower-carb things in it, I forget who makes it...

Comment #8

Does anyone know if there is a brownie recipe for a single, or double serving only? I, too, worry I would eat too many at once if they were good. I am a chocoholic. Just wondering..

Comment #9

Janice, if you look at the label for Quaker Instant Oatmeal, the plain kind, not flavored, it is almost identical to the Medifast oatmeal. I have used it in a pinch. XOXOXO..

Comment #10

I love the brownies. I make them in a 9 x 13 inch pan. When they are done I cut them into 8 equal pieces. I eat 4 one day and the remaining 4 the next. This has really helped when I get a sweet tooth craving. I think you could make the recipe in half if you only want it for one day.

Don't forget your 5th Medifast meal for that day...

Comment #11

I always thought it had a lot of sugar, I need to label look a little closer. My husband eats oatmeal almost every morning, I might steal some of his...

Comment #12

I usually only bake when I need a lot of portable meals. So, I divided them into 8 meals and then ate 4 one day and 4 the next (I was working a party Saturday night and then singing at a festival on sunday). You could probably freeze them but I tend not to like frozen baked goods, I won't even put bread in the freezer...

Comment #13

I just made the brownie recipe. The batter was soooo good. But I added a couple of things for flavor and texture:.

4 Medifast MBS Oatmeal.

2 Medifast Hot Cocoa.

2 Medifast Chocolate Pudding.

1/2 tsp. Salt.

1/2 tsp. Baking Powder.

4 TBSP. Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup.

1 TBSP. Davinci Toasted Marshmallow Syrup.

1 TBSP. Davinci Chocolate Syrup.

1 tsp. Chocolate Extract.

3 TBSP. Canola oil.

1/4 cup Egg Beaters (deduct from L&G) For 4 meals it's 2 TBSP of Eggbeaters..

Mix the dry, add the wet and enough water to make into brownie batter. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes...

Comment #14

I really would love to try and make this. but i'm scared I might not like them and there is so many packets of food involved. I tried making those muffins and cookies and I found them just awful. Will these brownies be any good?..

Comment #15

I think the hardest things with the muffins and all that is getting the texture right so they are not mushy. I totally get what you mean though. My poor dogs have eaten more of my bad experiments. I don't know if there is a brownie mix that uses less meals...Hmmmm. Can you tell us why you didn't like the other cookies or muffins and maybe we can help you?..

Comment #16

Bettina, are your dogs gaining weight lately? : )..

Comment #17

Hi Angel, two of my dogs are little porkers. And the little baby Loo, well, she eats like a PIG all day long, she's old, and is way skinny. Even dogs have unfair metabolism..

Comment #18

I guess it's the taste and the after taste of the muffins is what I really didn't like. I'm sure if it was the soy, but it tasted pretty gross and I tried the hot as well as cold..

But I am going to attempt these brownies, since i'm really curious to see how they'll come out. I'll post if they came out. They're cooling down as I type this...

Comment #19

Okay well here's my tip...Make sure you cook them all the way. And don't freak if they are a little mushy in the middle while hot. You can leave them in the oven for 10 minutes with the over turned off and then put them in the fridge. Much better. And for a treat, I just nuked some Walden's Raspberry Spread and drizzled it over them...

Comment #20

The raspberry spread sounds good. Wish I had some! I just tried my brownies. They were much better then my muffins, could still taste the soy or whatever that taste is but it was atleast tolerable this time. I had to alter the recipe a bit since I am running low on some of the products, but it still turned out...

Comment #21

Whew! Glad you like them. I do too. I have made soooo many muffins and cookies that this was a nice change...

Comment #22

I think I'll try this latest brownie recipe. I made a batch the other day that didn't come out so good. They were tolerable but I want better than that, lol. My dog is too picky and won't eat my MediFlops so I have to force them down myself or let it go to waste. Even my rats only like my shake cookie flops, everything else they turn their little noses up at...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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