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My question is: Any free promo code?.

My 2nd question is: I met a guy who is 29 and i'm 32 we both divorced and have kids. We had a really good time for the past 3 weeks and he saddened drop me out of nowhere. I never called or text him to ask what happened but e-mail him that I really like him and what to know if he wants to keep seeing week went by with no response. He finally text me last Saturday and told me that i'm immature and really sarcastic when I text him and that hurt his feeling and he couldn't see me anymore and wish me luck so I told him that he was being sarcastic too and I did not get mad because I knew he did not meant to hurt my feeling and when we hang out we always nice and sweet to each other and always have a great time. It just stupid text that went overboard and I apologized him for that and I told him I wish we could get over that so we can move on but I will respect his decision which he said it twice that he didn't want to see me anymore so I stopped text him that night. He text me the next morning and invited me to go to his place for cook out like nothing had happened...??? but I had plan so I replied him nicely and told him that I will try to make it next time. We hadn't had sex yet and I don't really know what he wants from me now..he just told me the day earlier that he couldn't see me anymore..did he change his mind? Two days now that I haven't heard from him..should I text him or just let him contact me again?I do like him and because I know him only a couple weeks so I want to give us a try again but I don't know what to do.....

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Sounds like neither of you really get the meaning of sarcasm... I think that once he told you what he didn't like about you, having you basically say "I'm sorry, I'll fix that" made him change his mind and want to give you a second chance. Or, on the more rare possibility, he was not inviting you to the cookout as a potential love interest but as a friend.He wouldn't be worth it to me personally, a guy that says "I can't go out with you because of X Y and Z" after 3 weeks is better off finding someone else...

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Thanks guys for the input...yeah I think the fact that he is an underwear model and very successful in his full time job that make him has a lot of egos and expects all the girls to worship him. And when I teased him that he's a little bit short to be a model (5'11) that really upset him. And also "language barrier" that makes it worst because i'm a foreigner and my English is not very good and when I text him that make it sounds sarcastic.....

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One minute he calls you immature, the next he invites you to his place - for what, a bootie call? And why not pick up a phone? texting, emailing, can all be misconstrued. I would let this one go by but in future don't rely on texting as main way of communicating.


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No..we haven't had sex and I don't want to have sex with him..too soon..yeah I think I done my part by apologized to him.. I just text him cuz he's at work so will see if he wants to talk....

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Lol why did you text him?  you must really like him.  he told you twice over that he didnt want to see you anymore and you're still chasing after him...

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I do really like him and I did really hurt his ego.i text him because I wanted to know why he invited me to the cookout..we did hang out was my first time that I initiated to meet up and we had a great time..but will see what's gonna happen tomorrow....

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