Does Murad Resurgence cause anxiety panic attacks?

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I woke up today and had a bad panic attack. I have no idea why either. I thought it was never going to end. I have always had anxiety, but this is giving me anxiety just thinking if the Murad Resurgence is the problem. How do I settle down when I have these feelings without taking medacine for it? Does Murad Resurgence give you guys any anxiety or panic attacks? Thanks..

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Http:// Those are some suggestions from the Mayo Clinic for generalized anxiety disorder but they do apply for panic/anxiety attacks as well. The previous page in that link will give other treatment and drug options. The link itself shows non-drug interventions that you can try on your own.Briefly:Joining an anxiety support group. Here, you can find compassion, understanding and shared experiences. Taking action. Work with your mental health provider to figure out what's making you anxious and address it.

Letting it go. Don't dwell on past concerns. Change what you can and let the rest take it's course. Repeat as needed. Breaking the cycle.

Taking care of yourself. Get enough rest, eat a balanced diet, exercise and take time to relax. Avoid caffeine and nicotine, which can worsen anxiety. Don't turn to alcohol or unprescribed drugs for relief. Sticking to your treatment plan.

Keep therapy appointments. Consistency can help keep your treatment plan on track. Socializing. Don't let worries make you isolated from loved ones or enjoyable activities. Touching base with others offers a healthy diversion.Other suggestions: practice long, slow deep breathing.

I remind patients: Smell the roses, blow out the candles to help them remember in midst of an anxiety attack how to breathe to help the body and mind relax. Of course the 'blow out the candles' is slow and not forceful. You should discuss the increased anxiety with your derm and your psychiatrist/counselor. You may need a modification in your other medications if you are on any besides Murad Resurgence currently. Anxiety disorder sucks but you CAN (and will ) cope with it...

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I really love when people care about other people. very compassionate advice, Wynne...

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I cured my anxiety attacks without medication, I don't have them anymore. Take deep deep breaths in, and hold them. Slowly release the air do this several times. Put your head between your legs while in a sitting position. Tell yourself, you'll be okay, and believe it is the key because you will be okay and you will get through it!! I would jog in place, or even start running if the anxiety attacks got bad takes your mind off and releases chemicals that stop the attack. When you've done both of those and you still feel like they are not going away dip your head into a sink full of cold water this will set off the "fight or flight" signal to your brain and will absolutely stock the panic attack..(this last one was what a psychologist told me to do).

Good luck. PM me if you have any more questions, if you do these things I'm sure you will be able to get over those attacks. Pray, god helps those who ask him for help...

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Wow you guys are awesome. Thanks for the advice. Yeah it's not really a serious problem but it kind of just gets in the way. I don't take any medacine for it nor do I see a psychologist. I just deal with it on my own. I just hope Murad Resurgence won't make it flare up real bad...

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I'm sorry that you are getting panic attacksthey are truly awful.I have not gotten anxiety from Murad Resurgence, but from another medication.What really helped me was figuring out what caused more anxiety and what helped to relieve my anxiety. I would end up on the floor of my shower in my dorm crying and hyperventilating. Note to self: don't take showers when your anxiety is bad.What really worked for me was to wake up and go running every morning. It was "safe." (And I was usually very calm afterwards leading to showers which resulted in just showering not hyperventilating) Until I noticed I would be running 3 or more times a day! So I took up yoga. Even just stretching at times. So my (not so expert) advice, try and figure out what causes your anxiety and what you can proactively do to relieve your anxiety. Good luck, I really hope your panic attacks minimize!..

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I think all the suggestions you've gotten are awesome, but I also wanted to let you know that if it's not enough, medication IS an option. I kind of kid about using Xanax, but it REALLY helped my anxiety. On the weekends when I don't have to interact with anybody, I usually don't use any. But if I know I'm going to have a high-stress situation at work or whatever, I take one .5 mg about a half hour before and it totally mellows me out.Another good piece of advice I've gotten is that if you find you are short of breath, it's actually a sign you have TOO MUCH air in your lungs. So try breathing in for a count of 4, then out for 8 a few times. This helps me a lot.Good luck!..

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Medication is an option, but you have to understand what it does to your brain. it controls what part of the brain produces stress, but depressing this part of the brain affects other reactions. you won't be very happy or sad. just cognitive in a very limited way.when I researched wiki about psychoses and disorders, I realised nobody is abnormal if they understand that part of themselves. I was in my bath shaking because I was scared that the universe was being torn apart. haha that's common in panic attacks. when you understand, isolation fades and you can feel better...

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You guys are great. Everyone of these posts seem very useful. It also makes me realize how common anxiety really is...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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