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Just wanted to let everyone know that it seems that men cant get enough out of trying to intimidate us and objectify they are deliberately staring at our breasts in a real obvious kind of way. What? They first discovered breasts? No...they keep doing things like that so that we slump down into our "place". I have never dated a man who lost control of his eyes like blatantly staring at the wrong part of a woman's body while she is talking. So I know something is up. Yesterday, my a/c was on the fritz and a service man came over to fix it. One of the first things he did when he entered my house was to stop doing what he was doing and stare at the wrong part of my body.

Mind you, I had been mowing the law for about a half hour before I was sweaty and in yard clothes - not a pretty picture. I hope his wife kicked his butt when he got home last night, because he deserved it. Just add this to the list of atrocities that the male species has heaped upon woman kind for the last 10 years of this organized harassment against women. No replies are is necessary. This was just an FYI...

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Your question was: An FYI....

Now the woman does it to a man...and it is still not cool. I couldnt believe my eyes. I have now seen 2 women degrade men on national tv. Last night I watched the Craig Ferguson show and an actress named Rachel Nichols reached over and grabbed Craig Ferguson's belt/belt buckle a couple of times...for no reason. That was lewd and inappropriate. Her demeanor was one that you could tell she thinks she's "special" and boy she is not special.

If I were him, I'd never ask her back on the show again..until she learned to grow up. The other woman I saw do something like this was Chelsea Handler (comedian) and she did it to Robin Williams on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She also demonstrated no class...

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I'm curious to hear the experiences of other women, their experiences, their reactions, their suggestions. How should women handle these scenarios?.


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I went to dinner on a first date using once with a guy who could barely make eye contact. It's funny, Snafu, that you say that the guy wouldn't take you seriously. I'd never considered that this guy didn't respect me or take me seriously, because I'd quickly dismissed HIM as a dating (online dating with prospect. If he's dumb enough to talk to me as if there are microphones in my bra, I don't take HIM seriously!..

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Blondie0506, normally I would respond in a similar fashion as you if this were a dating (online dating with prospect. However, this man was my A/C repair man. I needed him to correctly service my unit and to take my complaints and my requests seriously, as the guy who came the day before did not and created a watery mess for me inside my home - he just kept staring into my eyes in an eerie kind of way, but did not stare at any of my body parts. The company sent out the boob guy the next day...

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Hey Snafu,I definetely understand your flustration. I have been in many similar situations. I, especially, hate when construction workers start discussing you while you are passing by without even trying to hide it. That used to get so much on my nerves, I thought I was going to b*tch them out so badly. Such men usually make you feel like a piece of meat. However, I have noticed that the best way to deal with this is just to ignore them.

I still get flustrated myself, especially, when much older men blantly stare at me, and that totally gets on my nerves, but if I don't pay attention, I at least don't get angry and just move on...

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Yeah I know what you mean. I didnt treat the guy any differently but it annoyed me cuz he did it twice, like I'm some blooming idiot. Old men act so brazenly because they think they can get away with it. Like we honor them a "pity ogle"...

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Yes classless behavior is classless behavoir no matter which sex is engaging in it!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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