Am I using VitaminShoppe supplements like amphetamines?

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My first question is: Am I using VitaminShoppe supplements like amphetamines?.

My next question is: Hi fellaz I need your help , I'm looking to make the right choice so need help I'm 6ft about 12 st 6 p iv taken dianabol before got a little gain but this was 6 month ago and I'm looking to get some serious gains now , I'm pretty new to all this ( as in gear iv never injected ) but was wondering what might of been the best stxxxxx to take , deca seems to be the in thing but what about when people mix it with growth it all confuses me why peolpe do that , iv also heard of things to minmise side effects the bald one definatly concerns me , well my aim is to bulk up and look cut but not too cut prob about 15 - 15.5 stone , anyone willing to help me I know I need a lot of work..

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Your question was: Am I using VitaminShoppe supplements like amphetamines?.

30mg of dianabol for weeks 1-4.

500mg of test e weeks 1-12.


Tbh at 6ft 12stone you could gain for quite a while still naturally..

I`d suggest posting diet and training routine somewhere..

Are you squatting and deading hard?.

If not gears not the answer...

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Great pics mate I can only dream , my diet is ok I think loads of friut and vegtables fresh and boiled with every meal , white meat chicken fish and a little red although when I read trough the diet section I may change this , my work out is pretty simple split into two halfs , 6 days per week.

1,,,chest , biceps , delts 5 sets 8 - 10 reps.

2,,,back , triceps , legs 5 sets 8 - 10 reps.

Mon 1 , tue 2 , wed 1 , thur 2 , fri 1 , sat 2 ,.

I alternate the excercise eg ,, bench press one day then flys the next.

, I like it this way but once again may look to change this once I do a bit more research , I also go swimming for about 20 - 30 minutes everyday to loosen up ..

I actually have some dianabol left over which will last for your recommendation , I just wondered why people recommend test enanthate for your first course I was actually considering decca or suss because iv read on their popularity but I'm want to take advice on peolple who have been there and done it so I can make the best choice , any advice on side affects would be very welcome or ways to minimise them , I know I'm new so I appologise for some of my questions but for me I'm doing the right thing buy seeking advice before I go ahead ,,,, thanks mate..

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Test .e will give you what you want..its used for starting off and will give you great have plenty of time for other compounds when you move up..sides on this do differ with everyone so cant really say you will/wont get any from it. but using something like proviron with the test will keep water and sides at bay...keep doing that research ....add the d/bol @50mg p/d for 4weeks and you will see the new you .diet is the key so eat clean and well and train like a beast..research your pct for this too....

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You know I must say I totally think it is great that a bunch of lads can get together and offer advice and share information and experiance to people they dont know or will ever meet it's not as if you have to , I am getting a lot out of it believe me , think am going to crack on with diet and training for now make sure it's as good as it could be see if anything is missing , than ill come back to this cos I think I'm asking too many questions on something I know very little about , going to have a look at some websites to , and iv decided I'm going to read every post and comment on this site on every section may take a while but still valubale information , once again thanks for taking the time..

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