Am I gaining weight on Medifast?

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Week one was going great...Week 2 not so much. And now week 3 is just there.

I'm not losing. I think I may be gaining....I'm sticking to the 5+1, drinking water and staying active (I hit the gym with the trainer 3x/week, Cardio at least 2-3x/week and just started Pilates 1x/week).

Ugh. I'm frustrated with scale...I weigh my self and it jumps 5 pounds within 5 min. Maybe the scale is broken(?) I'll weight myself 3x in a row and get: 186.5, 193.5, 191..

My clothes den't feel much different, I don't look much different...I'm losing my mind and resolve to stick with it...

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I would definitely get a new scale. You shouldn't get that kind of difference. Oh and that sounds like a lot of exercise, maybe you should check with nutrition support???..

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Get a new scale!!! It shouldn't fluctuate like that....I'll pm you with one that I really like. It keeps the same number, no matter how many times I get on and off...

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The scale is probably off.....but maybe you should stop weighing so often. Go by how you feel and how your clothes fit. One of the ladies here at work gave her scale to her husband to hide for her and she lost over 90 pounds (not on this plan) simply because when she looked at the scale and hadn't lost or lost enough she ate. I am trying that. I weigh in once a week at the doctor's office and dust the scale at home, or not, as the case may be...

Comment #3

Don't get discouraged. Just think in a month from now you could have either.

A. Lost more weight because you kept going..


B. Not have lost weight because you gave up..

Give it another 4 weeks, your body is getting adjusting. And when, in a month, you see your weight loss, believe me!, you will be happy you didn't give up.

There were many, many times when I first started out that I wanted to give up because I didn't see the scale moving down quickly enough. But here I sit less than 4 months later with a 36 pound loss!.

So, DON'T GIVE UP! We are all here to support you! Keep up the good work!..

Comment #4

Girl or Guy I am not sure am in the same boat. I am on my fourth week only lost 10 pounds. I wanted to kill that scale. I however, do feel my clothes loser in fact am into a smaller size already I am wearing 14 and my 16 is too big. So I know am doing something right. I like the suggestion of hiding the scale, am seriously thinking about doing that...

Comment #5

It's the exercise!! STOP!!! Did you exercise before starting the plan? If not, don't start for 3 weeks... If so, cut sown to only 230 min a clip!!! I had the same problem.. ANd don't cheat, you will regret it!! I started losing, once I stopped exercising. I am going to start exercising within another week. Good Luck!!..

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Hi All: thanks so much for the replies. I feel so lost these day. I'm frustrated and impatient. Its so easy to put the pounds on and yet insane to pull them off. Grrrr!.

I've been exercising like this for YEARS. Love seeing the trainer, it's so hard some days but I feel fantastic afterwards, he really kicks my butt! And the cardio is just walking, nothing hardcore like running as if I'm fleeing a burning building. But I will check and see what Nutritional support has to say, maybe they've got something I hadn't considered...starvation mode, again, has been on my mind..

I'll look into a new scale, dinkadoo had a great recc I'll have to check out..

You're right if I don't stick with it it'll be taking a few steps back and then I'll really be frustrated.

OK I'm done with my rantings. Thanks everybody you guys are fantastic.

(((((((((((((( all of you))))))))))))))))..

Comment #7

I would definitely get an accurate scale. You know yours isn't accurate because your weight doesn't change that much in 5 minutes!.

Also, you could be doing too much exercise. Medifast recommends not starting any new exercise during the first 3 weeks of the program and, in fact, cutting your exercise in half during the first 3 weeks. Beyond that, no more than 45 minutes of exercise per day is allowed..

Hope this helps! Don't give up!!!..

Comment #8

Yes kick the scale.

DONT stop exercising. You need to exercise for life. It helps heart, lungs, metabolism depression etc etc. The recommendations are, if you havent exercise, dont start until week 3 but if you exercise, take it easy until your body adjusts.

Scales are one form of measurement. ALL scales lie! (jk) LOL your scale is not accurate at all.

You need to measure, it's more accurate.

Week 3 is kind of a weird week too. I think many people can share a week 3 story. Dont get discouraged. The plan works if you follow it. You can do this.

I am happy to see your Stick to it attitude, this tells me you will make it to goal..

Comment #9

Kick the scale, throw it out the window and go buy a new one...

Comment #10

This is why I only get weighed once a week at Weight Watchers. I use the same scale there every week so I know it is accurate. If I try to weigh myself at home I get obsessed when it doesn't read right (my scale does the same thing-I have the biggest loser scale). It's worth the $12 a week for peace of mind...

Comment #11

After you get a new scale, contact nutrition support (the exercise thread) and tell them about what you've done in the past and tell them about what you're doing now (how many minutes, intensity, how many times a week). They'd be the best ones to consult with in regards to hwo much exercise is good...

Comment #12

Well everybody....I kicked that sucker this weekend and did replace it with the portable WW scale. Not that I plan on carrying it around. I really can't give up the exercise, for me it's all or nothing and if I let it slide a little...I'll slide all the way to the couch and never get off. I like the accountability from the trainer and the guys at the gym..

I also treated myself to a new gargantuan mug to make my soups/chili/oatmeal in for work (the ones at work kinda skeeve me out)..

OK beginning WEEK 4 (omg has it already been that long!).

Onwards and upwards!!! (or downwards?)..

Comment #13

Good for you!! I'm glad you are not going to stop exercising. Exercising is a must!.

Good luck on week 4!!!..

Comment #14

I hope you gave that old scale a good kick before you canned it!..

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