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My first question is: Alternative to VitaminShoppe for Buying Supplements?.

My next question is: Alright lads,.

Am starting my first cycle of roids soon and need some input on levels to take and length of time really. This is my first cycle so am looking to ease myself in. I am pretty slim but have been working out for around 3 years now and have am aiming to gain about a stone and a half. I eat as much as I can or when my job will allow as I have pretty hectic working hours. Am looking to start off with DBOL followed by Deca and then the clomid and nova. Reason I have chosen these two is dbol is good for putting on bulk and mass albeit with alot of water retension, and deca as I want something again to boost the growth and mass but safely and from what I have read deca is one of the safest. Things that scare me a bit are baldness and acne which is slighly what puts me off testosterone, or can someone tell me is deca just as bad for these sideffects?..

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Your question was: Alternative to VitaminShoppe for Buying Supplements?.

Thanks PSCarb. I eat roughly 3000 calories a day currently and feel I can improve this. In the past I have gone on high calorie diets , 4000 a day and unforuntatly have not experienced the gains I wanted, it just seems to come straight back out without taking the extra nutrition from it.

Gazz how much would you recommend per day on dianabol for 6 weeks and nova? I ordered a test source from a web source and they look to be good, however did not come in the original packaging which makes me sceptical, they are the yellow anabol 10mg. Very hard as in do not crush in your hand and logo looks well done so believe they are real however being a new source do not know for def...

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Deca and dbol .... ???? are you sure...?!.

Id never ever even think of running deca alone as an injectable , if your doing deca you gota do test.. or get a blend. Trust me when you get deca **** yourl regret it...

First time on aas id do a simple cycle :.

Test e 300-500mg per week.

1-8/10 - test 3.

10/12 clomid - 100/100/50/50 nolva 40/40/20/20..

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I think simply adding in a 1000 extra cals will make you fat..

^^^^ cycles makes sense..

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Just run with the dbol, it's a good 1st timer and easy to take... you will soon know if they are gen and if you respond good to then, if all goes to plan you can run them again on your next cycle and then possibly add a little something else... if you mix 2 on your 1st cycle you will not know which one your body has responded to.. this is a good way of getting to know your body.....

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Thanks for all the repsonses lads. Cocobench, I take it you are not a fan of deca? I am very tempted to run with a cycle of test however feel I need to ease myself in and hear test is a pretty hard core steroid to start with, however I'm sure you lot know alot more than me..

I like alec's idea as it will help to identify what by body reacts to best. Am thinking of 6 weeks of dbol on 30mg per day followed by the nova. How much nova should I be taking after my dbol cycle and for how long does anyone know?.


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Im with coco on this one as your 1st..but if you wanna do the deca do it with test e. And run it for 12 weeks,stopping the deca at week 11. The d/bol for 6 weeks. Pct- nolva/clomid/ sounds ok..this will give you great gains if your diet is in check..train like a beast..all the best with it..your choice....

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30mg a day on dbol for 6 weeks. Don't bother wth the Deca mate it'll shut you off down below. Run the Nolva after. Eat well and train smart or it'll be a waste. Too early for you to be tinkering with Deca and Test. See how you get with dbol...

Comment #7

Test.e will be fine as it's a bread and butter cycle, ideal for the 1st cycle I would say....

Comment #8

Will I need the nolva if I run a cycle of test e?..

Comment #9

Yes you will need the could add proviron to the cycle while your on it to harden the muscle and keep water to a min... nolva also can be used while your on cycle..nolva for pct as well ..2 weeks after last shot of test..start your pct of nolva @40/40/20/20 mgs per day (4weeks). take a look at the pct section if your not sure....

Comment #10

I disagree with you all, 12 weeks is too long unless you want to shut yourself down..

Keep your course to 6 or 8 weeks but jack up the dose a little. I personally and many people I've known and coached do shorter, heavier courses and we've seldom experienced shutdown..

A male body responds better to heavier, shorter courses and a womans responds to smaller amounts over a longer period..

Coco, can you please explain your aversion to deca? I'm intrigued to find out why you don't like it so badly...

Comment #11

Well suppression begins within the first week of a cycle the doose and duration dictates if the person becomes shutdown completly but on any cycle you will experiance a degree of suppression......

Comment #12

Gents what do mean mean by shut down exactly? Sorry to ask such a beginners question...

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Hi new to this site and just wanted some advice a 23 yer old hu is a slim build.weigh 8 n half stones.last 6 months I have been weight lifitng and eating to a specific diet.the muscle build up has been quite can any1 advise wot type of roids wud b best rather put on some size wid roids wid a few cycles and then keep it goin myself afta dat.o wud dis be a further problem 2 my health.we all gta stop sum tym so how wud dis be accomplished widowt d ill effects.and I prefer oral roids.also if ne1 can advise on a gud site to get these items as it is hard to find one dat I am able to trust.thanx guys..

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